Thursday, April 17, 2014

Preview of Kanebo Lunasol 15th Anniversary Summer 2014 Collection

As promised this is the Kanebo Lunasol 15th Anniversary Summer 2014 Collection. This is a special preview brought exclusive for you readers here as the collection has not be launched anywhere in the world. Yes you see it here first!

The thing about Lunasol 15th Anniversary Summer 2014 Collection is that the colour gives can differ totally depending on the glow added to it. 

These are the products under Kanebo Lunasol 2014 Summer Collection at the event, the lighting is bad. So  I would be posting some pictures from PR to compensate.

“Double Lighting” Dazzling sparkles like summer sunshine and a dewy luster. 

 Lunasol 15th Anniversary Summer Eyes (2 limited edition palette) : RM185

A five-colour eye shadow set for this summer with the sparkling 15th Anniversary logo decorated on the center. Layer elegant sparkles and a dewy luster that makes the skin look beautiful to create eyes with clarity and three-dimensionality. A sleek yet defined look with a softly-nuanced shading e ffect. Off ers beige tones that impart a slightly cool impression and coral tones that evoke a warm, feminine look. Enjoy special anniversary eyes with a summery glow.

Kanebo Lunasol 15th Anniversary Summer Eyes EX01 Cool Beige Collection

Creates a sleek shading effect with mature colours.

Kanebo Lunasol 15th Anniversary Summer Eyes EX02 Warm Coral Collection

Creates a fresh look with bright pink and coral.

Among this 2 , this is my favourite one.. I tried their texture and I love them! The colours are so pretty and this would be a good everyday colours to use!

Lunasol W Lighting Eyes (3 limited types) -  RM93 

A limited-edition bi-colour eye shadow set featuring the 15th Anniversary logo design. Gently blend Lighting Colour, which contains large and small brilliant pearl pigments, over Clear Colour with a bright coloration. The eye shadow creates a summery, fresh look filled with dewy luster and clear sparkles. Play alone or together with other eye shadows to experience a summery, lustrous look.

Lunasol W Lighting Eyes EX01 - Lighting Purple 

Creates a chic, elegant and gorgeous look.

Lunasol W Lighting Eyes EX02 - Lighting Turquoise

Brings out a sophisticated look with fresh colours.

Lunasol W Lighting Eyes EX03 - Lighting Coral

Creates lively, fresh-looking eyes.

 Lunasol W Lighting Mascara EX01 Dark Purple × Lighting Navy - RM111
A deep hue and delicate glow for eyelashes. This is a limited-edition mascara that combines a Base Colour that provides colour to the lashes and a Lighting Colour that adds a sparkly accent. Accentuating every single lash with a dark purple and overlaying a navy blue blended with gold lame completes eyes with a mature look and unique nuance. Naturally curls the lashes and maintains the curl for hours. It is waterproof mascara that perspiration will not smudge. Enjoy the alluring look only available this summer.

Lunasol W Lighting Lips (3 limited types) - RM104
A limited-edition lip colour that combines liquid lips that delivers excellent adherence and a succulently lustrous lip gloss in just one stick. After applying a dullness-free, clear colour on the lips, layer a lip gloss with a succulently clear glow to create a rich luster and plump three-dimensionality that cannot be achieved with just one colour. The combination of carefully-calculated colour and luster adds pure, clear luster to the lips to create a special allure only for this season.

Lunasol Nail Finish N (3 limited colours) - RM56

Limited-edition nail colours featuring two different types of glow; luster and sparkles, that look perfect in the summer sun. Dries quickly. Will not crack or chip, helping to maintain a beautiful fi nish for days. The lineup of three vibrant colours are carefully selected according to the nuance of luster. Dullness-free, clear colours and carefully-calculated luster brings a summery, fresh look to your finger tips.

Compared to the Spring Sandy Beach Purification Makeup Collection 2014 , I prefer Lunasol 15th Anniversary Summer 2014 Collection more as the colours and texture are much more nicer. In fact the Lunasol 15th Anniversary Summer Eyes EX02 Warm Coral Collection is already in my wishlist now!

Lunasol Summer 2014 Collection would be available June 2014 onwards. 

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