Sunday, August 17, 2014

Annoucement of the #JessyingxPerth giveaway winner!

Last week I ran a giveaway in my blog here to giveaway a pair of KUL-PERTH air flight ticket here as an appreciation for all the support that you have given me for the past 7 years! How time flies!!! 

I would like to thank every single one of you here for reading and commenting here for continuously sharing, inspiring, encouraging me to continue blogging. If you have realized I have been posting less frequent compare to my past because now I am really busy working, living a life and I do really want to produce quality blog post that worth you spending time reading it. I do not want to just copy & paste the press release to put in my blog because than this would not be called as a blog but a newsletter right? Each post you see here took me a lot of my time and effort to do research, take pictures, try properly before I could sit down to write down my thoughts here. Thank you once again for spending your time to spend my blog and I hope you will continue supporting me   Kamsahamidahhhhhhhh! 

Are you ready to find out who is the lucky winner who will win this pair of air flight ticket to Perth?

Waileng Wong!! Congratulation you won yourself a pair of air flight ticket from KUL to PERTH!!!!! 

In case you are wondering, I did not pick you as winner but did pick you as a winner out of 507 entries! Fuiyohhhhh you are one very lucky girl!!!! I will email shortly for you to claim your prize! 

For other participants, thank you for your participants and I promise I will have more giveaways soon (since my blog will be turning 7 years old in 2 days time!) . Usually I had my blog birthday giveaway in Oct in conjunction with my birthday but this year is my lucky 7 years of blogging hence I would be having another round of giveaway soon!!!! Stay tune and keep supporting my blog.. thank you!

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