Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Review of Diamond Coral Refined Filter Water System after two months usage!

Recently the weather is so hazy. It's best to stay indoors and don't forget to drink lots of water to flush out the toxins!

Speaking of that, I have been using Diamond Coral Water for more than 2 months and honestly it has changed my perception on tap water. I never really notice how dirty is our water until I opened up the filter to wash recently..

I opened using the tools given inside the box, just lock and twist to open.

OMG!!!! So yellowish... Nearly fainted when I saw this. So much dirt and soil..cannot imagine if we drink unfiltered water!

I began cleaning using the brush given, just brush lightly and those dirt is coming off...

How do we know when we need to clean our filter? When you feel the water pressure is lower which is about two months once you need to clean it.

Out of the 6 filters, we only need to wash filter A.

Besides drinking at least 8 glass of Diamond Coral Water a day, I have tried to practice a healthier lifestyle. I go for swimming occasionally and made home cooked food whenever I'm free.

I usually soak vegetables & fruits in Diamond Coral Water for 30 minutes to remove toxic agricultural chemicals. 

I can't imagine using tap water to wash rice and vegetables, it might further add dirt to it... Hahah...so please get a Diamond Coral Water filter yo!

I boiled my favourite watercress with pork and red dates!

I felt that Diamond Coral Water taste sweeter than my previous filter and it actually made me feel that my cooking taste better! Even white rice taste better, softer and feel less starchy with Diamond Coral Water. 

And one very interesting thing is that when usually I clean the seafood it has this fishy smell on my hands and Diamond Coral Water can actually clean away the fishy smells from my hands! So amazing!

I carry my Diamond Coral water in my bag everyday! 

I read that alkaline water helps the body neutralize acid in the blood, provides more energy, slows the aging process. Also drinking alkaline antioxidant water all day long will help you prevent and even reverse free radical damage. Not sure how true is this, but one of the biggest difference I have realized after drinking Diamond Coral Water at home is my digestion has improved and I do not feel "gassy" after meal compared to before. I used to have really bad gastric problem but seems like having this alkaline water seems to help neutralized the acid in my stomach. 

I guess although Diamond Coral Water is a little bit more expensive than your usual filtered but i guess some of the benefits I mentioned worth the investment. Since water is the daily liquid that we need to have to help our body to distribute essential nutrients to cells, such as minerals, vitamins and glucose in our body, it think it's importance for us to pick a good water filter such as Diamond Coral Water to provide us clean & healthier water for our body.

Diamond Coral is now available at RM2980 (WM) / RM3060 (EM) 
EM Filter Replacement Service Fee/year: RM994 (WM) / RM1020 (EM

Filter Replacement Service Fee is inclusive of: 
A) 3 Years Filters - Coral Mini series: Total 7 filters included the 3 filters come with the new machine - Coral series: Total 11 filters included the 6 filters come with the new machine 
B) FREE Maintenance 
C) Product Warranty Prices above are West Malaysia pricing exclusive of installation fee. 

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