Monday, February 13, 2017

Shop for yourself this Valentine's Day at AirAsia Big Duty Free!

Valentine's around the corner! Have you got anything for your loved it your parents, siblings, best friend or your partner? Well why not get something for yourself this Valentine, after all we need to learn to love ourselves before loving others. 

Well the reasoning is pretty simple our ideal partner is a reflection of us. We will attract people that are like us. Not just in terms of romantic, sexual/physical attraction but through metaphysically - these people tend to turn up in our lives. Plus healthy relationships occur between two people who are comfortable with themselves (i.e knowing how to love themselves), in addition to one another. Love only develops after making your own happiness a top priority!

So for me I always took the extra miles to make myself happy because when I'm happy I bring positive vibes to people around me! To me dressing up, looking into and mirror and say "Hey why are you looking so pretty today", going for a  holiday I always wanted or even splurging for something you want occasionally is a way to show how you love yourself!

Shopping! Well that;s probably the best way to love yourself right ? Agreed? We shop cause we want to feel good, look good and be contributor to our economy lol... Oh well with the inflation, GST and petrol price hike, well I have to spend on petrol, toll, parking fee before I even get to shop! So now I prefer to shop online because of convenience, time & cost saving and plenty of choices.

Speaking of that I always enjoy purchasing duty free items because it's simply cheaper than in the city (why pay more when you can spend less?), usually I get on my AK flight and I start browsing through the in flight catalogue..and occasionally I make purchase in flight for special travel set :) Well I just realised AirAsia Big Duty Free who guaranteed lowest pricing has a website for easy browsing too at . I can now enjoy pre-book duty free items and enjoy additional saving! So it's like double savings lah! Somemore Online pre-book orders are accepted up to 48 hours before you fly with AirAsia. Your order will be reserved and ready for your collection on your selected flight. Not only everyone can fly, Now everyone can shop too!

There are more than 100 products to choose from on the website featuring luxury brands and merchandise which will be delivered straight to your seat when you fly with AirAsia. Super convenience for us lah! 

So I got myself a Lambretta Cielo Mesh Rose Gold Watch... been looking for a rose gold watch forever and I'm so glad to find it over at . It's has more than 30% off from the original  price, where it's  RM408.16 instead of RM658.33! 

And on top of that, use promo code "JSYBDF" you will get additional 10% off, hurry up use because promo code will be expire on 28th Feb 2017.

Tadaaa.... here is my beautiful watch & braclet!

Lalala.... I'm so happy with my new Lambrette's watch!

With the lowest price guarantee from Big Duty Free ,why need to wait someone to buy for you when you can buy for yourself? Plus some more can earn BIG Points every time we shop with BIG Duty Free..and accumulate lots of BIG points can go and redeem free air tickets!! Well join BIG Loyalty membership for free if you haven't!


Oh well, happy Valetine's people...I can't wait to love myself more (valid reason okay?) and buy some little gift to cheer up myself.. Go, go, go shop moreeeee! Don't forget to get additional 10% off when you key in JSYBDF ! 

Remembered when you shop at Big Duty Free, you save money and earn Big points somemore lor... so no reasons not to shop!

Happy Valentine's all my friends, remembered love yourself first ya! For latest updates on promotions and activities, visit

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