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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Review : Philips Easy Natural Curler great for beginner!

p/s: Please excuse my no makeup face because I took this picture right after shower :D 

I'm blessed with very straight hair and although it's easy to maintain but secretly sometimes I wish I have curly hair. I feel curly hair is sexy and give volume to my hair and makes my face looks smaller. But honestly most curler out there are difficult to use and take too much time to do the curl. Agree ?

So when I was told this hair curler can makes your hair curl within 30 seconds whether you are short, medium and long hair lengths, I took up the challenge to try to see if it's true. 

 So this Philips Easy Natural Curler landed on my table for me to try. 

Building on 60 years of beauty heritage, the Philips Easy Natural Curler is Philips’ latest innovative solution to help women achieve stylish natural-looking curls easily. 

With its unique Tulip shape, the c enables women to create natural and effortless curls in just one simple step. 

The curler uses innovative clip and curl plates to automatically clip and hold the lock of hair while styling, allowing women to curl their tresses with just one hand, even at the back of the head. The styling plates are designed to prevent accidental brushes and burns to the hair. 

To reduce hair damage, the plates are coated with protective ceramic to ensure even heat distribution for shiny and soft hair. The plates can only be heated to a professional temperature of 200°C to further minimise hair damage. 

Clip & Curl your hair.

I like how the Philips Easy Natural Curler is very light to hold, compact and pretty easy-to-use design makes it easy for beginner to curl their hair. To be honest, it took me some effort to insert my hair into the thin gap between the plates. I think those beginner ; specifically girls with long & thin hair will benefit from the thin gap because they do not need to do segmentation while doing curling.

My first experience using Philips Easy Natural Curler. The curling plate heat up quite fast (less than 30 seconds) and able to give my hair some curl at my ends. Was disappointed that the result is not as curly as I expected... after all the name of the product is easy natural curler means it can give natural curls only I guess. And the good thing is I did not smell any burning smelling which sometimes some curler too hot to handle and over burn my hair. 

Nevertheless I think with my ends curl up, it makes my hair looks more volumize and face looks smaller. And bear in this this are loose wavey/curl so you do definitely need spray or product to make it stay.

I bought this Philips Easy Natural Curler to my recent hair to Hatyai and let Shannon my roomate from my trip to try out the product. She told me that she has been using Philips curling tong user for years every morning. She works like a pro, looks at her hair end result! 

She then decided to be more adventurous to try Korean perm style.. 

According to her feedback, she also think that this Philips Easy Natural Curler is really suitable for beginner and the gap between the hot plates on the curler is too small and might be suitable for girls with thin & long hair. And the heating plates are not hot enough and it took a bit of time to curl her hair compared to her usual curling thong. And personally she said she preferred her Philips curling tong with different heating level. 

The Philips Easy Natural Curler is available at major electrical and departmental stores and at a recommended price of RM169. For more information please visit

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