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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Review : Biomedics 1 Day Extra Daily & Sign up for free trial lens!

Just last year I found out from my Optometrist that my eyes are pretty dry of level 2 hence I usually carry non-preserved artificial tear with me all the time to moist my dry eyes. I was told me that I should cut down wearing colour lens as it's more drying and stick with clear lens. And I should stop wearing any lens if my eyes are red and it's best to wear daily lens as it's more hygienic and comfortable. Since then, I have been trying out different brands of contact lens.

And just few weeks ago the kind PR people in CooperVision sent me 2 box of  Biomedics 1 Day Extra Daily to try. I have tried their Biofinity monthly lens before and I think they are quite good. 

Each box of Biomedics 1 Day Extra Daily comes with 30 daily disposable contact lens is priced at RM80.
Before I tell you more how I feel about the lens, let me share with you the benefit of Biomedics 1 Day Extra Daily

  • 55% water content  Comfortable lens wear for up to 11 hours
  • Healthier eyes (replacing your lenses everyday regularly helps to promote good eye health)
  • No-hassle convenience – no need to deal with the cleaning and storage hassles of conventional contact lenses
  • Reduced effects of allergies - allergens have less time to build up on daily lenses
The Biomedics 1 Day Extra Daily contact len material is soft but does not break easily.

My review of Biomedics 1 Day Extra Daily contact lens 
So far I have pretty good experience in trying out this lens. Usually I start wearing the Biomedics 1 Day Extra Daily lens from the morning and only take out when I go shower at night (about 12 hours wearing them). My eyes are comfortable and it fits nicely. I was happy that I do not have red eyes or any infection while I was wearing them. Was really happy that my eyes feels really comfortable and my eyes does not feel drying at all. 

Out of so many daily lens brands I tried Biomedics 1 Day Extra Daily lens is one of the most affordable daily disposable lens out there of all as it's selling at RM80/box for 30 pieces of lens - which works out RM5.30 per pair compare to other brands which usually about RM6/pair. So I think I would be getting this in the future! 

And if you ask if I would prefer daily or monthly contact lens? I would pick daily contact lens any time because it's so hygienic as we throw away each pair after using them. Also wearing daily disposable lens cuts down the risk of having eyes infection from dirty contact lens casing ( as we supposed to clean the casing each time we store our monthly or yearly lens). And if you are someone who do not wear contact lens daily, definitely daily disposable lens are more cost efficient.

I love bringing daily disposable lens for my holiday because I always travel light and I wanted to save my luggage space for shopping bags!

I was told that Coopervision is running a sampling program in their website where each person are given 5 pairs either CooperVision Biomedics 1 Day Extra or Toric lens to try by filling up some details in their website. Click to redeem yours today! The sampling program would run until 30 April 2014.

For more information about Coopervision contact lens, visit

Saturday, November 24, 2012

I found a cheaper place to buy my contact lens at


Do you wear contact lens daily like me? 

Well it is A COST to maintain every month especially if you are wearing it daily right!

Have you ever secretly wish to find cheaper original contact lens?

Well recently I found which has the world's largest inventory of contact lenses with almost 10 million of stock promised that you'll get the same contact lenses your eye care professional prescribes, but at discount prices and delivered to your doorstep. 

They offer all of the major brands like Acuvue, Air Optix, Biofinity, Focus, Freshlook, Proclear, PureVision, and SofLens, as well as specialty toric contact lenses, colored contacts, and bifocal lenses.

 20/20 Guarantee is essentially the 20 promises that 1-800 Contacts makes to their customers in order to ensure a positive buying experience. 

I love how they promise to give:-

24/7 Customer service - Help is just a call or a click away ANYTIME! I used their Live Chat and I am very impressed with the customer service and it's 24/7 !!

No Hassle Return : Super like !!! Return anytime with free shipping if I change my mind about my purchases.. yay!!!

 Besides all this,what is more important is that the PRICE!

Well I counter check the prices of the Acuvue lens as I am currenty wearing this and happy to find that it is CHEAPER to buy at 1-800 Contacts than in Malaysia's optical shops!

I could now say bye bye to the hassle to buy in the optical stores, traffic jam, toll , parking fee etc!

I am currently wearing this 1-Day Acuvue Moist 30 pack. I paid RM100 for a box and it is selling at $29.99 (RM91.77) at 1-800 Contacts

And if I buy 24 box for a year supply, I could save up to $60 (RM183)..and even with the shipping fee of  $19.99 (RM61.10) which takes 8-12 Business day to receive, I'm saving $40.10 (RM122) !! 

And on top of that, when my order is over $100.00, I can use coupon code Deal10 for $10.00 off on my total purchase. So in total I am saving $50.10 (RM153.30) in total and that is really a lot of saving !!!

So go check out & start clicking on your mouse & shop for your contact lens!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Review : Freshkon Dezigner in Green & Pink Solitaire

Eyes often are said to be the window to our soul. So I believe different eye colours gives different feeling to people who see it. And wearing colour lenses nowadays is not only a trend but also allowing us to create our own signature style. I would say colour lenses allow us to Impress and Express ourselves freely, the way we wanted.

When I was given Freshkon Dezigner Cosmetic Colour Lenses to try out, I did not put on high expectation honestly… you know beauty often comes with a price! However I am glad to say that Freshkon Dezigner not only looked pretty in my eyes but it feels comfortable.

Freshkon Dezigner lenses have a hydrophilic surface and high water content level at 55 percent, allowing the eyes to “breathe” and ensuring optimum comfort for the wearer. For me, I can wear it up to 12 hours or more.

I wore this to my recent trip to Cambodia from morning 4am (to see sunrise) to night 11pm (after my night market shopping) and it feel comfortable on my eyes whole day with a few eye drop to clear the dusk from the road in Cambodia.

Base Curve of lenses – Median (i.e 8.6mm)

Diameter of lenses : 14.2mm ( which will gives a bit of the enlarging effect)

This Freshkon Dezigner range which features a multi-faceted diamond cut design that frame the iris and gives my eyes a sassy and goegeous look.

I have been wearing all my life (oh well since I am 12 years old). And sometimes I got bored with own eye colour (i.e brown) so I opted for colour lenses to express myself. I like to match my makeup and dress with the colour lenses I wear.

Here I am wearing Freshkon Dezigner in Green Solitaire. It looked stunning, the cut is beautiful and unique and does not looked too fake. It complement perfectly with my green eyes makeup.

Look into my eyes~

GREEN one of my favourite colours often said to give people a sense of sultry and sexy look. Here I am wearing Freshkon Dezigner in Green Solitaire. It looked stunning, the cut is beautiful and unique and does not looked too fake. It complement perfectly with my green eyes makeup.

Note : Featured in this look is Freshkon Dezigner in Green Solitaire. And makeup used are -Lunasol #03 Gentle Variation eye palette from Lunasol Auroral Purification 2010 Collection , Majolica Majorca King Lash Mascara, Empro's Diamond Black Eyeliner and Kate eyebrow pencil.

The Freshkon Dezigner lenses looked so natural on my eyes, as if my own eyes colour.

Freshkon Dezigner comes in 4 stunning shade – Pink, Aqua, Orange and Green. Pink Solitaire gives the “angelic princess” look, Aqua Solitaire gives a cool and freshness look, Orange Solitaire gives a warm and approachable look and Green a sultry and sexy look.

I cannot resist pink contact lenses so I went to buy Pink Solitaire as well, very beautiful makes my eyes looked dolly and bright! Looked so princess! I would next buy other colours to try too because it is so fun to match around!

Freskon Dezigner lenses are available at all major optical retailers at RM65 per box/pair that can last for a month. Currently Freshkon Dezigner having nationwide promotion of Buy 2 Free 1 box.

For more info visit , &

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Review : Acuvue Advance Plus with Hydraclear - a new bi-weekly contact lens

I have been wearing contact lens since I hit puberty. However I always keep changing contact lens brand as my eyes are sensitive and I can seems to find my perfect pairs because they always make my eyes DRY.Usually contact lens usualy maximum only can last me for 5-7 hours of comfortable wear and then my eyes will be teary because my eyes are dry.

"Following a statistics shows that a majority of 57% of eyewear users in Malaysia uses spectacles only; 38% wears both spectacles and contact lens; while 5%aaaa wears solely contact lens. The main concerns of these non-contacts wearers are fear of application and comfort”.

And remember two months ago, I blogged about my most comprehensive eye test in my life at Vision Space Optometrists here to make sure my eyes are healthy for contact lens ? Well shortly after that I was given 3 months supply of ACUVUE® ADVANCE® PLUS contact lenses with HYDRACLEAR , a new bi-weekly soft lenses for review. And after 2 months of trying, I am happy to report my review here.


It is a new bi-weekly contact lens which promise to provide optimum eye comfort for first time wearers, and would have those who long considered contact lenses to finally give it a try.

ACUVUE ADVANCE PLUS with HYDRACLEAR features 3D Comfort that optimize comfort in three dimensions for new wearers from day one to 14, all day long.

Do you actually know most of the contact lens now in the market are made of Hydrogel which can give less than 20% oxygen to our eyes, hence making our eyes feeling uncomfortable/drying very fast.

In addition to 3D Comfort, ACUVUE ADVANCE PLUS contact lenses also provide breathability, UV protection and ease of handling. They are made of a this new silicon hydrogel material which is oxygen-permeable and provides 96% of available oxygen to the open eye.

As long-term exposure to UV radiation is one of the risk factors associated with cataracts, ACUVUE ADVANCE PLUS also comes with Class 1* UV protection, the highest class available in a contact lens that blocks at least 94% of UV-A and nearly 100% of UV-B rays to help protect against harmful radiation to the cornea and into the eye.**

Note : *ACUVUE® ADVANCE® PLUS with HYDRACLEAR® contact lens is one of the six lenses that received the American Optometric Association (AOA -- a doctors' group) "seal of acceptance" for Class I lenses, only achievable when the lens is tested by an independent AOA-chosen lab.

Also if you see from the picture above, the lenses are visibly tinted blue and marked inside out so that you can easily spot them in your lens case and insert them correctly every time.

This will be helpful as I always have trouble locating my colourless contact lens when I am not wearing glasses and ready to wear my contact lens.

My review : This is a soft lens and when I took out and wear , it actually feel fit and comfortable on my eyes as I was given 8.3mm base curve lenses to try as suppose to the common 8.5mm.

What I concern the most when I wear contact lens are the comfortability, because I wanted to feel as if I am not wearing one.

ACUVUE® ADVANCE® PLUS contact lenses with HYDRACLEAR gave me a very comfortable of 12 hours of wearing from day to night, I wore it without feeling drying and it is so comfortable that I don't even realised I am wearing contact lens. I do not experience any drying or redness at all for the 2 months of trying and there are days that I wore from morning 7am to midnight 12am, my eyes still feeling fresh and for that I must say this is the only Acuvue contact lens brand that so far gave me the most natural comfortable feeling on my eyes for.

I am also happy with the contact lens material
silicon hydrogel which is kinda durable as so far I have not break any contact lenses yet *proud moment*

Overall, I will definitely re-purchased this as I dont think I can survive without contact lens because with them I feel so FREE that I can do whatever I want without restriction and yet feeling comfortable as I don't think I am ready to go under the laser to correct my eyes.

ACUVUE ADVANCE PLUS with HYDRACLEAR contact lenses are now available by prescription only at all major optical shops in Malaysia. Each pack of 3 pairs or 6 contact lenses retails at RM69.

For more information on Acuvue's contact lens , visit their
Website at
Facebook at

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Check out my most comprehensive eye test in my life at Vision Space Optometrists

Recently Acuvue approached me to do review for their latest ACUVUE® ADVANCE® PLUS which is an all-new bi-weekly contact lenses with HYDRACLEAR® to provide optimum eye comfort for first time wearers. And before I was provided with the contact lens for review, I was invited to go try and tested contact lenses via an exclusive and personalized eye test session at Vision Space Optometrist in Damansara Utama. And I wanted to blog about this to share with you guys here about the importance of taking good care of our eyes and contact lens if you are wearing one!

This is Mr. Aw, a qualified Optometrist who attended me . And next he conducted the most comprehensive 2 hours eye test on me where I was being "educate" how to take care of my eyes. And it is truly an eye opening session for me.

First I did a vision test where, this is the most common eye check provided by most optical shop where it is used to evaluate eyesight. They measure the eye's ability to see details at near and far distances.

I looked kinda funny here :P

Looks like pirates eh !

And coming eye tests that I did can be done by a qualified Optometrist and not Optician, as an optometrist was qualified to examine eyes for defects or faults of refraction, and conduct tests such as measurement of visual acuity and refraction, visual field screening, and measuring intra-ocular pressure while Optician's job was to dispense spectacles as prescribed by the optometrists. However in Malaysia, we are lacked of Optometrist hence we can see that Optician are conducting the basic eye tests here. Read an interesting article here.

He started by using Slit Lamp Biomicroscope where it is used to screen eye's health condition at the front part of the eyes, whether is there any infection, swelling, dryness, injuries and etc.

I was kinda nervous when Mr. Aw did the test on me but immediately felt relief that when he told me that my front part of the eyes are pretty healthy! Phewwww.....

Look at the chart above, from the left (healthy) to the right (serious condition). Kinda scary when I looked into details this chart.

And according to Mr. Aw many people has serious eye problem because of the hygiene in handling contact lens and lack of oxygen in eyes after wearing contact lens. And he shared to me later how Acuvue Advance Plus is different from other contacts lens in the market because of the material they used. I will write about this a bit later!

Speaking about hygiene, do you know that we suppose to change the contact lens solution in the case every 2-3 days even when we are not wearing it so that would kill the gems!

Okay back to the eye test.Mr. Aw then used Keratometer, a machine which is used to measure the curvature for the cornea (which is the front transparent part of our eyes) which is essential in fitting in contact lenses so that we know which base curve lenses to wear.

And this is the first time I came to know that my eye's cornea base curve average is at 7.3mm. Also I realised that nowadays many optical shop just sell the contact lenses without giving any proper consultation and did not even asked what is my eyes base curve. And most of the time, the bigger base curve lenses was given to the buyers as these are the more common one.

For ACUVUE® ADVANCE® PLUS contact lenses with HYDRACLEAR® it comes with two different base curve for our eyes, one is 8.3mm and another is 8.7mm. And I should be getting the 8.3mm base curve one so that it fit perfectly on my small cornea eyes.

Next he used Tonometer , where it is used to measure the pressure of our eyes with a light air. And if there is high pressure in our eyes, there will be high risk that of glaucoma.

So what is Glaucoma?
It is an eye disorder in which the optic nerve suffers damage, permanently damaging vision in the affected eye(s) and progressing to complete blindness if untreated.

Normally eye pressure ranges from 10-21mmHg , and I was told I had 12mmHg and it's normal :)

Here comes the fun part where I was checked if I have colour blind.

Can you see the above number?

I got the first few page correctly without any problem

Until I was showed this and I was figuring out what is the number !

Can you see it ?

Actually there is no number in this picture, and this test is usually used on children to see if they are lying about colour blind.

And this is a Fundus/Retina Camera where it is used to capture photo at the back of our eyes (retina) to check for retina related diseases such as glaucoma, macular, degeneration, diabetes retinopathy, retinal tear and etc.

And if you have looked closer at the picture, you will actually see Canon DLSR camera was attached at this machine and I was told this machine price is equivalent to a new Honda City car (i.e roughly RM90k) . And usually you will see this super cool machine when you see an eyes specialist but here Vision Space also have one!

Check this out, my retina is pretty clear and no bleeding!

So yes I am glad I had a healthy eye condition inside out and my eyes are ready to wear contact lens any moment :)

And Mr. Aw a professional optometrist actually suggested Acuvue Advance Plus contact lens to me as the lenses material they used is Silicone H as supposed to Hydrogel which can give less than 20% oxygen to our eyes. Silicon H is a new material which can gives 90% of oxygen for contact lens user. And I will review Acuvue Advance Plus contact lens soon after I I have wear the bi-weekly lens for exactly 2 weeks.

Thank you Acuvue and Vision Space Optometrists for giving me this opportunity to know more about my eyes!

So stay tune people for next post for my review on Acuvue contact lens and meantime do go for your eye check like how I did to make sure your eyes are healthy and beautiful!

For more information on Acuvue's contact lens , visit their
Website at
Facebook at

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Redeeem Free 1 pair of AIROPTIX AQUA contact lenses!

Thanks to my readers Lisa who just notified me at the chatbox that Air Optix is giving out a pair of AIROPTIX AQUA contact lenses!

For spectacles user who wanted to try contact lens for the longest time, this is your chance to get a pair to try out!

The new AIR OPTIX AQUA breathable contact lenses provides an ideal combination of OXYGEN and MOISTURE to offer a whole new level of comfort all day, everyday for a healthy, natural feeling.

Click here to redeem a FREE 1 pair of AIROPTIX AQUA contact lenses!

Just fill up the information and select the outlet which you like to go and redeem.

Then you will get a confirmation email, print out and redeem at the outlet that you selected.

Note : This redemption is available in Malaysia and redemption available at nationwide participating optical stores.

That's it!

p/s: Note AIR OPTIX AQUA lenses are available in the following parameters: -1.00 to -6.00, +0.25D steps and -6.50 to -10.00, +0.50D steps.

Monday, May 31, 2010

Youth'10 Goodies !

Well I been to Youth's expo since 2o08, that time the scale of the whole event was much more smaller compare to this time. And this time around I think they managed to get more sponsors and supports from big companies as well as the Government. Good jobs ! This is a very good event because it encourage and gives young people ( youth) a platform.

When I reached the entrance the Youth'10 photographer shoot a picture of me and pasted it on the wall of fame? And I'm allowed to take down my own picture on the way out . :D

Got 1GB free pendrive from filling up a form regarding our lifestyle.

Redeem Laneige's sleeping mask by showing the booklet and was given some other samples as well.

I got myself a pair of Freshlook Illuminate daily lens for trial and my bf and friend went and filled up a form and redeemed for me too *happy*! And unable resist good offer I bought normal disposable monthly lens at RM69 ( buy 1 box free 1 box) by showing them my old student card :D (hehe still manage to cheat with my young look!) and got another extra daily color lens for free. I got Freshlook Illuminate, grey, green and hazel color looking lens to play with now!

Bought 3 Ricola for only RM9

A lady just passed me a sample when I walked passed by , then she basked me if I wanted to buy the trial set... quite worth it but I reminded myself again and again I have tons at home!

Filled in a questionnaire and got a box of Libresse sanitary pads ! Libresse is a new brand in the market and they are promoting their brand.

12 pieces ! Wow how generous, well got to try all types of sanitary pads ! First time come across having so many samples for sanitary pads!

Took part in their contest , write a slogan and pose with it ..

p/s: Actually I want to do the Superman pose.. but seems fail lah!

This is the ugliest picture of the century, that should be burned!

p/s: Took part in Canon creative photo shoot, where they took our picture with fish eye setting. I love and proud my nose because its so small, now I hate this picture because it is so damn big ! okay lah you all please laugh.. i already expected that! I purposely post this hoping to make you laugh.. :P

Quickly applied KFC Snax card when the queue is not crazy long, got a pack of chips, a bottle of ice lemon tea and a complimentary letter (entitles for burger+wedges+drink). I think been 6 months or more haven't stepped into KFC or MCD,

Last but not least , I am the cover girl for Cosmopolitan June 2010 !

Don't forget to buy ya !

p/s: In my dream lah I am the covergirl.. hehe ! I just took a photo shoot at Cosmopolitan booth and they print out the picture for me with Cosmopolitan as background.

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