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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Stanzo Collection Launch at 1 Mont Kiara

Have you seen any coffee table that has a design like this before ? Not for me!

I named this "transformer coffee table" because this table design consist of an elevated table top and a side drawer. Elevated table top provides options of using it as writing or eating table. So cool right? 

Last Saturday I woke up early to to check out Stanzo Collection official launch in 1 Mont Kiara. I am always on the hunt for new furniture for our home that was renovated last year. The above transformer table is one of my favorite piece that I really like and the price is surprisingly reasonable considering it's design. 

Stanzo” or “Stanza” is an Italian term, which literally means “rooms”. Stanzo Collection concept store currently houses two tasteful brands, elegantly names “Songdream” and “Prostoria” that offer the best of East and West.

“We chose “Stanzo” because its translation as “rooms” in English very aptly befits the property showroom style we seek to adopt for our Stanzo Collection concept store. ,” said Ken Low, Group Managing Director of Stanzo Collection.

Ken emphasizes that the Stanzo Collection is aimed at discerning, affluent home owners who are passionate about designing their home interiors by themselves. To this end, he believes that this premium Collection is versatile enough to meet even the most stringent of requirements, no matter how diverse one’s tastes may be. Put simply, he believes that the Stanzo Collection is the perfect ingredient to create the most exclusive look for any home or workplace.

To highlight the showroom concept, furniture featured in the store will be displayed according to varying room concepts to allow customers to better visualize their individual designs. Each room’s setup will feature complementing furniture and fittings to replicate an actual residential or workplace setup

And I do like how furniture are displayed in room concept because it's easier for me to see how to mix & match the furniture back home and from there I can make reference to recreate my own furniture arrange.

The “Songdream” collection will surely appeal to those seeking a contemplative environment, with its modern, contemporary furniture selection providing a distinct Zen-like charm. It comes with complete range of sofas, coffee tables, room dividers, chairs, bookcases, dining tables and wardrobes.

Prostoria Collection bases its design along clean lines working in tandem with different shades of calm palettes, accentuated by bright shades such as passionate red and lively green. With a versatile collection of wood, steel and fabric furniture and furnishings, it is unsurprising the “Prostoria’s” multifunctional sofa model “Uplift” recently won the German Design Council’s prestigious Interior Innovation Award.

This chair has won the Red Dot Design Award, which most refer it as the Oscar of interior furniture industry. This award which takes place in Germany awards works that fulfill these criteria: design innovation, functionality, ergonomics, ecology and durability

Let me take your for a virtual tour here and show you which is my favourite piece!

"Study room" concept room

I love this bookcase design and colour!!! I think instead of filling up with books, I would prefer to display with souvenirs I collected from my travel adventure. RM5299 for this... hmm....should I get this ?

It also comes in white and walnut colour!

Very simple & sleek work place set up! 

"Living Room" concept room

I love this living room settle up by Designer AfroditiKrassa in collaboration with Stancco Songdream Collection.

"Bedroom" concept room

I think is is my favoueite bedframe and can add in side table  to have breakfast on bed!

I spotted this unique dressing table where it comes with a lift-up mirror. All made of medium-density fibreboard (MDF) with walnut veneer and leather interior! I would totally get this if the surface is bigger because I like to display more like show off and admire my beauty stuff on my table! 

Spotted some colourful bean chair..  not only it looks in style but it's really comfortable too!

Most of the furniture showcased in Stanzo Collection looks really cosy and modern to me! I'm sure you will be thinking that these furniture piece show must be really expensive considering the location of this store is in Mont Kiara. I was really surprised  to find out that the pricing were more reasonable than I thought as each of Stanzo's collection is sourced from the highest quality when it comes to design. 

I am now thinking if I should get the "transformer coffee table" or not.. it's RM2419 if I remembered correctly!

It's nice to catch up with blogger friends at the launching! Took all the pictures here using HTC One M8 camera... the pictures quality turns out to be quite nice that I can actually leave my dlsr camera at home for a while.

Visit Stanzo Collection (Showroom) today to find out more
Add: Unit 2-3, 2-3A 1MK Shopping Mall No 1, 
Jalan Kiara 50480 Kuala Lumpur 
Tel : 603-2856 9885 
Website : 
Enquiry :

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Preview of Spotlight Store Ampang Point. Officially opens today 12 July 2014

Ah you see lah, I'm so excited when I was at the Spotlight Stores Media Preview event few weeks ago until I forgot to take the picture of their entrance ( so when I went back Saturday to shop, I took the picture of the entrance finally).

Can't blame me for being so excited when Spotlight Store is the Australia's largest fabric, craft, party and homemaker superstores has finally opened their first store in Malaysia! Spotlight Store will be officially opened to the public today on 12 July 2014, 10am at Ampang Point Mall (2nd floor).

Spotlight which currently has 117 stores located in Australia, New Zealand and Asia, will occupy 2,400 sqm of retail space in Ampang Point Mall. The store will house over 150,000 high quality products in 6 categories namely
  • Home Furnishing
  • Manchester (bedding)
  • Home Decor
  • Dress and Fashion Fabrics
  • Craft
  • Hobby and Party Essentials
The General Manager Marketing of Spotlight Jono Gelfand said that Spotlight Malaysia will become a creative hub that offers best value for home interiors, fashion designers, parties and hobby crafts lovers. I read that they are committed to opening 12 stores in the next five years with three more stores to fulfill this year and probably another eight or nine in the next three to five years. The next one should be in Mines Shopping Mall and next one would be somewhere in Damansara!

The first place I visited when I entered the store is the bedding section because I have been looking for new pillows and some other bedding stuff ever since our place was renovated 6 months ago. 

Honestly I have been hunting for bedding stuffs, I have a budget to spend lah and there are not much store that offer proper bedding choices (except Ikea which is not cheap).  I can tell you that Spotlight Store offers pretty good range of good quality at a very affordable price

I immediately pulled shopping cart and went around looking for one. I was glad that the staffs of Spotlight Store in this Ampang Point Mall is really well trained and friendly from the few staffs I talked too.

Although this is a fasting month but this Malay staff was really friendly and helpful to walk me around the store (it's huge mind you!) around to recommend me what to get. He even offer to help to push my shopping cart. 

! In the past, I have tried different pillows (including duck feather pillow) but it's too soft for my liking. And latex pillow is not cheap and not easy to find, and memory foam pillow is not cheap. But when I saw this Memory Foam Pillow from an Australian brand, Logan & Mason I tried squeezing and sleeping on.. I kinda like it so immediately bought a pair!

And after sleeping on this Memory Foam Pillow for 3 days I can tell you this is one of the best pillow I have ever owed! It's firm but not hard... and best of all it's RM45 each. BUT if you going to the opening today you can get this at 40% off at only RM27 each! 

All bedding products are having at least 30-40% off at least for today's opening!! So don't miss it ah! 

There are bed linens too

30% off for today's opening!

So many colours and types to pick from lah!

So many types of towels in so many pretty colours!

One of the must grab for the opening is the Emerald towels that would be selling at RM10 each (NP RM19.99) comes in varieties colours! I touched the towel fabric not bad eh... I shall go and grab this today!

Spotlight Stores has 24 sections and it can be break down into the categories below

For Home Gods and Goodness

From bed sheets and lines, towels and kitchenware to ready-made curtains and/or custom-made curtains - never the household deities lost for choice.

For Astute Home Decorators
Inspiring range of decorative touches such as rugs, candles, wall art and vases are available to grace your boring spaces - kitchen, dining, room and bedroom

For Avid Dressmakers
Comprehensive range of fabric in hundreds of colors and shades. The selection includes dress and fashion fabrics as well as knitting, quilting and sewing materials. From poplin, lawn, gingham, silky crepe de chines to beautiful satin and more, Spotlight prides itself that every sewer will find a fabric that suits their taste and budget.

For Passionate Hobbyists & DIY Enthusiasts 
Spotlight promises to make every DIY session as easy as ABC. Indulge in your creativity with your favourite choice of craft supploies and DIY producs including gift cards, cake decorating items, beading, doll & bear making & etc. 

Wah sounds interesting right, I want to learn how to make dolls & bear!!!! 

For Party Organizers
Was surprised that they offered a wide range of stuffs for party at quite an affordable pricing!

From cards, gift wrap, balloon, streamers, tableware, novelty items, costumes, cake decorating and more

So many different types of costumes available here! Not bad next time I can come here to get costume for costume party! 

 I spotted this shimmer mat, looks interesting ah... anyone try this before?

 I love this cute measuring tape ah!!!

There are so much to see cos the place is huge! 

Eh, realized my dress matches the store colour!

I was really happy with my purchase...I got myself 2 Memory foam pillow and a quilt set and paid less than RM120 for these 3 items. After trying out for the past few nights, I am pretty happy with the quality that they offered! And I'm going back today with my sister to get more stuffs! 

This is definitely a one stop center for the family because it has everything you need. It can caters to the needs of people from all walks of life with its versatile products. From fabrics, handicrafts, party good to soft furnishing there is something for everyone.

Be sure to head over to Ampang Point today from 10am to 10pm for Spotlight's grand opening as there are great prizes such as gift cards and goodies up for grabs. Not only that, you will also be treated with mesmerizing magic and funny clown gags, craft sessions and face painting too. 

There will be a lot of great buys and hot price items starting tomorrow till 22 July 2014. Expect 30-50% discount and lots of best buy item... log in their website HERE to check their brochure.

And in celebration of the launch, Spotlight Malaysia is offering a lucky customer an incredible opportunity to win a 5-day trip for two to the Gold Coast, Australia. Visit for more details. To enter, all you need to do is to tell them why you love to visit Australia from now till 31 July 2014.  

And don't forget to sign up as a  VIP member for FREE at the store to enjoy benefits such as advanced notification of every sale, 10% off paper patterns, 10% off on your birthday and invitations to exclusive events)

Location of Spotlight Store Sdn Bhd
2nd Floor, Ampang Point Shopping Centre, 
Jalan Mamanda 3, 
68000 Ampang, 
Selangor, Malaysia.
Tel : 03-4145 1400
Opening hour : 10am to 10pm

Visit to find out more!

Note : Picture taken with HTC ONE M8 without editing or filter.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Melvita's 30th anniversary celebration : Baking Pavlova & Introducing Melvita's TOP 10 Best Seller

I celebrated Melvita’s 30th Anniversary last month in Nathalie’s Gourmet Studio, Publika. I remembered back in Dec 2011, I shared about the history about Melvita which was found in 1983 and in 2002 Melvita is the first brand to be awarded with the ecological and organic certification "Ecocert" in France. Read more about my this here.

There are a few Melvita products that I really like especially their Rose Nectar Hydrating Moisturizer, Floral Water and Brightening Cleansing Foam  and few others. My sister loves their products ever since I introduced it to her because she is really sensitive and her skin has been reacting positively to Melvita's products which is really happy.

In case you did not know, all Melvita products does not contains the following :-
NO Paraffin or Silicone
NO PEG (polyethykebe gkycol) or PPG (polypropylene gylcol)
NO ethoylated ingredients
NO parabens or pheneoyethanol
NO formaldehyde or chlorine
NO Synthetic fragrance or colors
NO diethyl phtalate or nitromusk

To make the 30 anniversary celebration a more interesting one with media & beauty bloggers, Melvita Malaysia took the effort to organise a french cooking class for us in Natalie's Gourmet, a french restaurant located in Publika! I love cooking but seriously I only know how to cook Chinese food, so I'm pretty excited to attend and pick up some new skills!

Chef Nathalie Arbefeuille the owner of Natalie's Gourmet is a self-thought chef. She handpicked all the ingredients and choose only the best. She separated us into 2 teams and I picked the dessert team (cos I'm a dessert person!) And we are going to do Rose, Lychee and Raspberry Pavlova for about 30pax. 

Here are the ingredients and recipe of Rose, Lychee and Raspberry Pavlova which I'm going to share (typing out the recipe word by word) in my blog because I knew a lot of you are so crazy about Pavlova. 

Recipe of  Pavlova 
(prepared for 15 pax)
200g egg whites 
400g sugar
1 tablespoon white vinegar
2 tablespoon boiling water
1 tablespoon maizena (corn starch)
10 drops of Rose Essence

The Coulis
150g raspberries
60g sugar
100g water

The Pavlova Filling
600g Whipping Cream (must chill it in fridge)
100g Icing sugar
5 drops of Rose Essence
300g of Raspberries
1 tin of Lychee
Rose petals

The key of making really nice Pavlova is that we have to make sure during separation of egg white and yolk, we must make sure that not even a drop of egg yolk fall into the mixture.

According to Nathalie the best way to separate egg yolk and white egg are using our hands. We must work it really work, left a bit of gap on our fingers to let the white egg fall into the bowl. This may look easy but seriously you  really because one to have really fast and careful at the same time.

Preparing the Pavlovas :
1. Pre heat the oven at 150 celcius (therm 5)
2. Pour the room temperature white eggs in a large bowl. Add the sugar, vinegar and maizena and helping with an electrical hand beat beater, start whisking slowly first for one minute then faster. Once you get very firm whites (after 5-7 minutes) add the boiling water and rose essence drops. Then stop whisking.
3. Prepare an oven tray covered with a buttered baking paper and pour your mixture in a thick rounds shape. You can use a large and high round shape to make it easier. Do not forget to remove this right before baking the Pavlova.
4. Once ready to bake, reduce the temperature to 130 celcius (therm 4)
5. Let it cook for 55 minutes. After this cooking time. Switch off the oven and leave it inside the oven for another 55 minutes. Then let it cool down on a wire cooling rack on the baking sheet but not on the tray.

Preparing the Coulis 
Melt the sugar with the water and let it reduce by three quarters. Pour the hot syrup over the frozen raspberry puree and blend everything together. Keep it aside till ready to serve.

Making Chantilly
Whisk the very cold cream with the icing sugar and rose essence until you get a nice and firm Chantilly. So it with an electrical hand beater or food processor. Once the cream is firm, stop immediately to whisk and keep the Chantilly aside in the fridge.

Just before serving
Garnish the pavlova with Chantilly cream, raspberries, lychee and rose petals Add a little bit of raspberry coulis and serve immediately.

Our delicious Rose, Lychee and Raspberry Pavlova, love this very much (usually I'm not a fan of pavlova but this is really really good) not too sweet and melts in my mouth.. and the coulis is just so mouthwatering!

Now that I have type out the recipe just for all of you.... do and try and make it at home! Tell me your success stories okay ?

The other team prepared us the main course for our lunch which is the Slowly cooked Honey Glazed Chestnut Chicken with Carrot Potato Puree, spring vegetables and short jus

From the name itself you will know how complicated and tedious is preparing French food. Well those details in cooking makes a lot of difference in term of texture and taste! The mash carrot & potato puree is the bomb! Miss this very much!!! Should try making this one day using the recipe provided!

Finally our group picture - blowing candles to celebrate Melvita's 30th anniversary! And thank you for organising such an awesome cooking experience with Natalie, we have lovely bonding time with Melvita's team too :)

And there will be many many more 30 years to come for Melvita!

And before I forgot, these are the Melvita's TOP 10 Best Seller which are worth looking at and should be considered trying especially if you have not tried anything from Melvita before.

1. Beauty Oil (RM70 - RM137) - Avocado Oil (repairing), Argan Oil (regenerating) and  Melvita Rosehip Oil (nourishing)

2. Nectar Bright Essence & Cream (RM215 - RM230) - For even toned & luminous complexion

3. Bio-Excellence Moisturizing Serum (RM188) - Fight Skin Ageing and Radiance Enchancer

4. Rose Nectar Hydrating Facial Gel (RM163) - For 24 hour radiance

5. Extraordinary Water (RM88) - as skin prep. Anti-ageing & moisturizing, soothing & softening and brightening

6. Floral water (RM122) - For toning & face mist . Anti-ageing & moisturizing, soothing & softening, eye care treatment (check out the review here)

7. Rose Nectar Milky Cleansing Oil (RM108) -  To remove impurities and stubborn makeup

8. Prosun SPF30 & SPF50 (RM140-RM150) -  For Broad spectrum sunscreen

9. Face cleanser (RM95 - RM107) - For Gentle Cleansing

10. Lips Rescuer (RM43 - RM62) - For Soft, Supple & Comfortable Lips

From the list above, there is a few things which I wished to try Prosun SPF50, Rose Nectar Milky Cleansing Oil & Lips Rescuer! So would go and check out these products soon!

In conjunction with Melvita's 30th anniversary celebration, Melvita is proud to introduce their best selling Extraordinary Waters in its eco-friendly packaging (previously in glass bottle) which is made entirely from recycled plastic materials (Polyethylene Terephthalate, PET) and is also 100% recyclable. Personally I prefer glass bottle because I felt that it is better in protecting the ingredients of natural skincare products however the downside it's not convenience to bring around especially for travelling.

The texture of the Extraordinary Water is watery/gel extreme. It contains soy based hyaluronic acid and organic glycerin to lock in moisture.There are 3 types of  Melvita's Extraordinary Water namely 

Rose Extraordinary Water (100ml) RM88 - For anti-ageing & moisturizing
Orange Blossom Extraordinary Water (100ml) RM88 - Soothing and Softening
Narcissus Extraordinary Water (100ml) RM88 - Brightening Care 

Have you try anything from Melvita ? 

What is your favourite Melvita's products?

Currently Melvita has more 50 stores worldwide and just in Malaysia alone we have 3 boutiques located in:-
  • Mid Valley Megamall - Lot G-001A Ground Floor (Tel : 03-2282 2166)
  • Suria KLCC C15B Concourse Floor (Tel : 03-2181 2161
  • One Utama F141 First Floor (Tel : 03-7710 1877)

Last but not least, if you interested to know more about Melvita , visit or follow them on their facebook at
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