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Thursday, October 12, 2023

MYAirline Announces Temporarily Suspension of Operations starting 12 Oct Until Further Notice

MYAirline, which began in 2021 and took off for the first time in December 2022 with leased Airbus A320 planes, has been making headlines for a range of issues. These include the sudden departure of their CEO, Rayner Teo, and difficulties in paying their service providers and employees on time.

Since 21 August, MYAirline reduced the number of available seats on domestic flights by 25%. They've also had trouble operating at busy airports, like Singapore Changi Airport, due to limited landing slots, even though they were given a two-year extension by the Civil Aviation Authority of Malaysia.

Up to yesterday, news broke that MYAirline is close to securing a new investor, potentially Abang Abdillah Izzarim Abang Abdul Rahman Zohari, the son of Sarawak Premier Tan Sri Abang Johari Tun Openg. This could provide much-needed financial relief for the struggling airline.

The recent suspension of services has surprised many. I haven't had the chance to fly with MYAirline yet, and I hope they can get back to regular operations soon.

The below MyAirline suspension notice was published in MYAirline's official Facebook page this morning. 


 Press Release


MYAirline Announces Suspension of Operations

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, 12 October 2023 – MYAirline regrettably announces the suspension of its operations effective 12 October 2023 until further notice. The airline has come to this extremely painful decision because of significant financial pressures that have made it necessary to suspend operations pending the shareholder restructuring and recapitalization of the airline.

In a statement from the Board of Directors, MYAirline said "We deeply regret and apologize for having to make this decision as we understand the impact it will have on our loyal passengers, dedicated employees and partners. We have worked tirelessly to explore various partnership and capital raising options to prevent this suspension. Unfortunately, the constraints of time have left us with no alternative but to take this decision."

We understand the inconvenience this may cause, and we are committed to assisting you through this situation. Kindly reach out to us at, and our support team will be readily available to provide their assistance. In the meantime, we are advising affected passengers to not head to the airport and seek for alternative travel arrangements to their destinations.

The Board, shareholders and all of us at MYAirline will be working tirelessly to resume operations as quickly as possible but at this stage we are unable to commit to any timeline. We reiterate our sincerest apologies for any difficulty and inconvenience arising from this suspension and will do our utmost to provide any updates which become available.


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