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Friday, October 1, 2010

I love my new eyebrow shape now , by Shu Uemura!

I received a letter from Cosmopolitan last month!

Thank you !!!!

Happy I won Shu Uemura's eyebrow shaping service, eyebrow pencil and eyelash curler!

Which all the above, I have NOT tried before ! Yippeeee

I always heard about how good is Shu Uemura eyebrow trimming service but always no chance to try, and thanks to Cosmopolitan I am able to try for free!

I went to Shu Uemura's Midvalley to see Lisa Yap as she is the Shu Uemura International Accredited Artist and Brow Stylist after letting my eyebrow growing like jungle for a month.

Lisa went on plucking~plucking ~ and after 10 mins she is already done with her art work !

p/s: In Shu Uemura they do not use eyebrow shaver for the reasons our eyebrow re-grow quickly after shaving.

Anyway am going to show you my eyebrow jungle!

p/s: love my eyebrow shape now, the shape is so sexy!

The whole process was a bit painful as normally I do not pluck or shave my own eyebrow. Normally my facial therapist or makeup artist who is doing makeover for me will shave it off for me.

Minutes later, I found my new looks (giggles.. as if I have seen myself before).. I love it, it loojed neat, tidy and stylish. And I feel my eyes is more awake with the shape that Lisa created. And yeh more spaces for eyeshadow for highlighting.

p/s: I have tried threading and waxing as well, but I think plucking eyebrow is still the best before the shape is more well define.

I was advice to go back for trimming 3-4 weeks later to maintain the shape.

My new ME!

My prize !

The eyebrow pencil ! I am learning to use this ! So far so good!

Lisa Yap eyebrow shaping service is RM50 while Shu Uemura Brow Atelier done by their makeup artist in-store are RM30 for eyebrow reshaping and RM20 for eyebrow keeping (i.e to remove the grown hairs)

I think Lisa's service is definitely worth it as this is the first time my eyebrow are really well-defined, clean and most importantly balance.

So what do you think ??

p/s: I think I am truly a convert now.. if in future I need reshaping of eyebrow shape, would look for Lisa ! And I think the price is reasonable for the skills that she has !

Note: Shu Uemura Midvalley number 03-2287 1764. Need to call for appointment.

Friday, September 24, 2010

FOTD : How to create Cheat Natural look

Early of this month I try my 1st attempt to create a natural look. But I think a bit too heavy the makeup..So thats the un-natural natural look.. haha sounds so confusing!

After several attempt to create natural (aka innocent) look... I finally found THE way !

With as little makeup as possible ( actually sound kinda impossible as I have so much things to cover!!!) , I try my best to look naturally good at the same time.

So here is my *cheat* natural look!

I use as little colors as possible on eyes, as this is natural look NOT rainbow looks.

Full front look

P/s: Have you figure how I cheated my look ???? Anything look different ?

Shu Uemura face architect smoothing fluid foundation #764
Lunasol loose power in #02 Natural Beige
Lunasol Nuance Change Foundation #01 Natural Glow
NARS blusher in Super Orgasm
Shu Uemura Tsumori Chisato duo color highlighter

Urban Decay Primer Potion
M.A.C eyeshadow in Nanogold
Givenchy Phenomen'eyes Mascara in Black
Shu Uemura gel eyeliner in midnight blue

Estee Lauder Signature Hydra Lustre Lipstick in Terracotta
Stila Pumping Lip Glaze in Berry Mint

Shiseido Eyelash curler
Laneige Facebrush for loose powder
Shu Uemura Liquid Foundation brush
Shu Uemura eyeshadow brush
Laneige eyeliner brush

Can see differece or not??????

If not time to get a spectacles!

Did you all realised my eyes looks so much darker and bigger... i.e dolly!!

Which I think because my eyes iris is darker looks more dolly, not much makeup needed to enchance my eyes.

I used FreshLook ILLUMINATE Dailies Contact Lens which I got for free from website!

Hehe , so what do you girls think ?

Please leave me comment to tell me what you think ya!

Friday, September 10, 2010

FOTD: My first try to create natural look !

Often when I go to workshop, the makeup artist would tell us that natural is the best look . And brown would be their favorite color. For some reason, I do not know how to work with brown. Well maybe it is just me, am not the natural type person.. kekeke !I am not saying my feature or body is not natural...I'm 100% that naturally born like this. What I mean is I prefer to have colorful eyeshadow instead of the natural makeup. Okay , enough of explanation .. hahaha.. too complicated!

Pictures time!

My full look !

(suddenly i discover the eye makeup like a bit not even!!)

Oh did I mentioned, this is my favorite blouse !!

Should have take the full length picture to show!

The close up picture .

This is my 1st time creating natural look. Hope this look like one!

(Alamak pic a bit blurrrrr.. I deleted all others photos..)

My ingredients

So what you think ?

Natural makeup look nice on me?

So what do you prefer, natural or unnatural (I mean colorful, intense) look ??

Selamat Hari Raya ~ and ~ Happy Holiday !

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Review : Loreal Luxury Warehouse Sale 2010

I was there around 8 something this morning, the queue was very long but not so long compare to last year. Was not feeling well the night before, so was kinda late to queue up.

But lucky Nicole and her lovely husband were there to queue up since 7.30am.

This is the queue at 9.15am

On the left side is the people with VIP passes , they went in earlier at 9.30am and the public was only allowed to go in at 10am sharp.

Just before we are allowed to go in , we are asked to fill up our particular by GME ( the newly appointed management to handle the warehouse sales). At first I am quite spectical abut filling up the forms, however upon further enquiry this was meant for their database key in. So that in the future if there is any warehouse sale, they will email to us.

Note : As usual those with handbag the management will tied up their handbag in a plastic bag before they allow us to go in.

This time around, we can see there is am increase of price in Lancome and Biotherm. And good thing is most of their products are pretty new in their manufacturing date.

I was looking around Kiehl's and there were was not in the sale!!!

Below are my haul!

Details up later, need go catch my much deprieved sleep already !

To be continued

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Redeem Shu Uemura Stage Performer Instant-Glow Perfecting Cream

This is Shu Uemura's latest products!

Shu Uemura Stage Performer Instant-Glow Perfecting Cream where it's a high-performance skincare products that create beautiful skin for beautiful make-up.

Click and print the form above and redeem from any Shu Uemura's outlet

Also there is contest in their facebook contest, be their fan and find out more!

Click here to be their fan!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Shu Uemura Beauty Workshop by Bella Magazine

This is spotted in Bella, a local chinese magazine.

Details of the workshop

Date : 9 October 2010 (Sat) and 10 October 2010 (Sun)

Time : Session - 10am - 1pm
Session - 3pm - 6pm

Location: Shu Uemura Atelier , Sunway Pyramid

Each session limits to 8 persons for registration

Fee : RM120 (redeemable RM100) and doorgift worth RM100

For more information, call 03-7875 4787

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Swatch : Shu Uemura Autumn/Winter 2010 Collection

I spotted the Shu Uemura's latest collection few weeks ago! Their pretty purple poster caught my attention.. its very pretty and sweet! Plus point when purple is also my favorite colors!

There is something I realized that this collection is launched as Shu Uemura Fluorescent Fall Collection 2010 in other countries while here it's launch as the Autumn/Winter Collection 2010, though the whole collection is the same one. So I will stick to the Malaysian version here.

Check out combination of products that has been used to create the model look above!

In this fall collection, they are launching 3 items here the eyes and cheek palette and the mineral loose powder and Feather Floral Fake Eyelashes.

(The other stuffs in the picture such are the latest UV Under Base Mousse SPH 17 PA++ and Nobara Stick if I am not mistaken)

Limited Edition Floral Shimmer Mineral Powder – RM130 for 20g

I tried it out, it's very fine and smooth in texture and gave my palm a little shine

Limited Edition Shu Uemura's Eye and Cheek Palette - RM198/each

Left is Dreamy Petal Palette and Right is Bloom Graceful Palette

Dreamy Petal Palette

Dreamy Petal Palette consists of black and purple eyeliner, 4 eyeshadow colors ( dark pink, pink, brown and gold) and a red blusher

As usual textures are pigmented as shown in the picture

Bloom Graceful Palette

Bloom Graceful Palette consists of black and purple eyeliner, 4 eyeshadow colors (purple, lilac, green and mint) and pink blusher

I like the combination as a whole here.. especially green & the mint and the purple and lilac..

I'm tempted to get this !!!!

p/s: Didn't manage to check out how much is the eyelashes under this collection

Also there will be a launching party for this collection.

Only Limited to the 1st 40 who RSVP for the event.
wink wink there will be value buy set and goodies bag available for the participants !

Sun 8/8/2010 - Pavilion - 3-5pm
Wed 11/8/2010 - 1 Utama - 6-8pm

Sat 14/8/2010 - Empire Subang - 4-6pm
Sun 15/8/2010 - Tebrau City, JB - 4-6pm
Thurs 26/8/2010 - KLCC - 6-8pm
Contact the respective counters for more information

Shu Uemura's 1 Utama - 03-7727 5023
Shu Uemura's Pavilion - 03- 2141 7386
Shu Uemura's Empire Subang - 03-5631 5626
Shu Uemura's Tebrau City, JB - 07-3545 682
Shu Uemura's KLCC - 03 2166 3838

Note : Shu Uemura's flagship store will be opened on 14 August 2010 , therefore I do not have the numbers at this moment , will update once I got it .

Dear readers: I'm not paid to do these reviews and the reviews are here just for the purpose of sharing with you girls. Hope you girls find it useful :)

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