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Monday, March 3, 2014

Learn to cook Shoyu & Honey Glazed Fillet of Chilean Sea Bass with Horseradiah Aioli with Samsung Galaxy Life

Recently I came across a new FREE Samsung mobile apps i.e Samsung Galaxy Life where Samsung users like me can enjoy exclusive rewards and privilege by using the apps. Very easy, just install it at Google Play Store at .

Once I opened the Samsung Galaxy Life apps, it would search for some good stuff or me! 

I registered myself on the apps so that I could enjoy daily surprise deals with discount coupons, promos and rewards. 

There are many categories to choose from Life, Entertain, Learn, Play, Connect, Work and Surprise.

If you have been following me on my instagram or facebook, you will realised how much I love to cook at home. But I only know how to cook Chinese cuisine so I am always on the look out to learn western cuisine or even learnt to bake. But the thing good cooking class is not cheap especially when the Chef are really famous & good. 

Am so happy to find this Buy 1 pax FREE 1 pax cooking class by Starhill Culinary Studio at Samsung Galaxy Life mobile apps. So quickly call to reserve for a western cooking class last week before I click REDEEM!

So last week went to Starhill Culinary Studio which is located Muse Floor. Beautiful set up! 

Guess what I am learning to cook looking at the ingredients ?

Also we are going to cook this huge piece of Chileam Sea Bass! 

We are so lucky to have Chef Wai to teach us how to cook because he is an award winning Chef who has served for many local and overseas in the past. Besides he is also a Corporate Executive Chef for the restaurants in Starhill Gallery! All thanks to Samsung Galaxy Life promos ! 

Excited to know that we are learning to cook Shoyu & Honey Glazed Fillet of Chilean Sea Bass with Horseradiah Aioli! 

The ingredients needed for 4 pax are: 

4 x 160gm fillet Sea Bass , skinned

Sauce Ingredients
60 ml light soy sauce, Kikkoman
45 gm soft brown sugar
15 gm manuka honey
15 gm ginger puree
15 gm garlic puree
3 sprigs coriander root, crushed

Horseradish Aioli
80 ml kewpie mayo
25 g freshly grated horseradish
dash of Tabasco to taste  

Lobster Sauce ( this was pre-made by Chef Wai)
Lobster head
Red Celery root
Tomato paste
White Wine
Taragon herb
Fish Stock
Swiss brown mushroom
Sesame Oil
Walnut Oil
Balsamic vinegar Oil

First Chef Wai showed us to skin the sea bass.

Looks easy ? 

After skinning the fish then must cut into fillet

I can tell you that it's not easy because not only you must be really precise but you must own a really sharp & good knife to do this! Gotta to start saving money to buy a set of this Global Knife from Japan already!

After that mix and stir all the sauce ingredients well until the sugar dissolved, then place the fish fillet cut side down in the sauce mixture. Place the crushed coriander root next to the fish and marinade for 2 hours in the fridge. 

Tips : You will notice Chef is using a piece of kitchen cloth to dab dry the fish before soaking the fish fillet. This is to ensure the freshness of the fish is preserve. 

While waiting Chef Wai showed us how cook risolto as our side dish. Stir onion before adding in risolto, chicken stock, cooking crem, prawn, coriander root, paramesan cheese and a pinch of salt.

Bake the glaze marinated sea bass under salamander until crisp brown on the surface with 200 celcius (top heating).

Tips : If the surface is not brown after few mins then take the pan out and add on a little bit brown sugar on the top and continue baking for another 2-3 minute

As for the Horseradish Aioli 
Mix & Stir all the ingredients well, keep at room temperature for half an hour before serving

Wooylaa my Shoyu & Honey Glazed Fillet of Chilean Sea Bass with Horseradiah Aioli is ready! 

The sea bass is so freaking nice! Just like those I had in fine dining restaurant, crispy on the outside and savourly sweet on the inside with the lobster sauce or horseradish aioli!  

Finally a picture with Chef Wai, now I am also a Master Chef like him after learning how to make my favourite dish! :D

I like how the cooking class is conducted in small group, where it was more cosy and I get to know better other participants! They also love cooking like myself and we have actually asked Chef Wai so much cooking tips and he is generous enough to share with us :) Met Cik Lily Putih there as well :D 

I have learnt so much and can't wait to cook this back at home.. (in fact was hungry by looking at the pictures I posted here!) . Definitely I can't wait to go more cooking class like this in the future so any of you want to join me ? 

Well all you need to do is to download the Samsung Galaxy Life from Google Play Store and start redeeming exciting deals & promos! 

I always think eating home is always the best if you want to have a healthy life because there will be NO MSG added in, plus they is a saying "The way to a man's heart is through his stomach"

For more info, visit:-
Samsung Mobile Malaysia Facebook Page
or Download Samsung Galaxy Life at Google Play Store at

Thursday, December 12, 2013

A Journey Through Time VII : Maitres du Temps' Launch Gala Night

Me in Dorothy Perkins Electric Blue Satin Dress

Two weeks ago thanks to my friend Choulyin, I had the privilege to attend Maitres du Temps Launch of the Chapter One Transparence Gala Dinner at Shook, Starhill Gallery. I was the first few people in Malaysia (or World) to see beautiful and limited edition luxury timepieces from Maitres du Temps. 

A little background about Maitres du Temps, it' a Swiss watch company. Founded in 2005 by Steven Holtzman, the brand is based in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland. MaĆ®tres du Temps originated in a determination to transform a dream into reality—a dream ofbringing together contemporary watch making’s greatest creative geniuses in unique collaborations.  It's vision is to inspire the creation of timepieces that will synthesize the traditional crafts of haute horlogerie with the artistry of today’s foremost horological visionaries.Each master watchmaker brings to the table his own ideas, his own style, and his own approach, and by providing the opportunity for them to work together, Maitres du Temps harnesses and maximizes their incredible talents. 

“Chapter One Transparence offers a glimpse into the world of the master watchmaker. The sapphire dial reveals the often concealed inner workings of the timepiece and its high level of craftsmanship. Looking into the movement—the soul of the watch—gives one an appreciation of how the watch was created, the human hands that touched it, the ingenuity that formed it,” says Founder Steven Holtzman.

The Chapter One collection is an enduring beacon of ingenuity and architectural form. As sublime as it is complex, the original tonneau case put the industry on notice to a new standard of excellence. Followed by a creative interpretation of the classic round case, Chapter One Round demonstrated the collection’s versatility. Now, with the advent of Chapter One Transparence, in both tonneau and round cases—the technical prowess of the collection is proudly revealed for all to see.

Mr. Steven Holtzman, Founder (L) and Mr, Christophe Viguerie, CEO (R) opening the case to reveal the Chapter One Transparence.

Chapter One Round Transparence comes in red gold with a transparent sapphire crystal dial Laser-etched sapphire dial revealing a manual-wind mechanical movement with hand-beveled cut-out bridges and a precious metal finish chronograph bridge, one-minute tourbillon, mono-pusher chronograph, retrograde date indicator, retrograde GMT indicator, day of the week indication on roller, patented precise moon phase indication on roller. And this is priced at RM1.9 Million and only have 11 pieces in the world.

Chapter One Tonneau Transparence in titanium (5th grade) and white gold was specially made for Starhill Gallery and A Journey Through Time VII. It is priced at RM1.8 million and this is the only piece in the world!

Guests can't stop admiring the Chapter One Transparence

While waiting to take a glance of the  Chapter One Transparence timepieces, we are served with fine food & entertained by music. 

I love Tre-belle opera singing performance, they are so good!

 They came all the way from New Zealand just to entertain us that night, we are so lucky!

Some food that were served to us that night

 Our table is so lucky that night because Mr, Christophe Viguerie CEO of Maitres du Temps came and sat on our table. He is humble and friendly!

 Just before I left, I met Mr. Steven Holtzman (founder of Maitres du Temps) and his wife and they happily pose for my camera.

His wife is wearing Chapter 2 Diamond

I went google for this and found out that this Maitres Du Temps Chapter 2 Diamond is embellished with 205 white diamonds! Not only that, it is housed in an 18K gold casing. I love rose gold colour and been looking for a watch in rose gold colour and definitely I could not afford this yet... lol!   

Currently Maitres Du Temps boutique is located in UG (Adorn Floor) Starhill Gallery, Kuala Lumpur.

For more info visit

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Launch of Bintang Walk's Stairway to Debenhams KL, Debenhams Cafe and Debenhams 2012 Autumn/Winter Collection fashion showcase

Last year, Debenhams moved from Lot 10 to Starhill and personally I prefer their location in Starhill for few reasons. It is much more happening area and a bigger floor than their previous location! Yes I always love UK fashion but there is one thing that always stop me from going which is the accessibility and I will tell you why.

Debenhams KL is now currently located at the Starhill Gallery's Explore floor (2nd floor) and previously the only way to go to the store is that we got to walk through the mall (floor by floor) either by going up through escalator/lift to get to Debenhams. And for someone who has 1 hour lunch break and decided to go to skip lunch and go shopping in Debenhams will actually end up having 30mins to shop after walking 5-10 mins (considering that we are wearing heels and address arrive) through escalator to go to the store. Evem taking lift also need to wait right?.

 -Eric Eoon, Executive Director for YTL Land and Andy Jackson, Managing Director  for Debenhams Malaysia cutting the ribbon to officiate the opening of Stairway to Debenhams

So with that in mind YTL decided to enchance Bintang Walk by launching the new escalator which now allows convenient access to visitors straight to Debenhams directly from the street.

-Joseph Yeoh Vice president for YTL Land and Development; YTL Hotels and Properties Eric Eoon Executive and Andy Jackson Managing Director for Debenhams Malaysia

The new air-conditioned escalator is named "Stairway to Debenhams" is encapsulated  by a sleek frame which complements the contemporary design of Starhill Gallery. And it is located exactly on the right side of the building (just behind Sephora), which will takes you straight up to the store.

Entrance to the shopping heaven

 Eric Eoon, Executive Director for YTL Land and Andy Jackson, Managing Director  for Debenhams Malaysia posing for the camera!

Besides launching the Stairway to Debenhams,  Starhill Gallery also launched the Debenhams Cafe where we can relax with a cup of traditional British tea in the open air ambience of Bintang Walk at the foot of the escalator or another Debenhams Caffe on Starhill Gallery’s Explore floor right outside Debenhams. 

And this is perfect for tired shoppers to take a break before continuing shopping! And I think my boyfriend would be more than happy to sit and enjoy his cup of hot coffee while waiting for me to do my shopping!

The menu

At the launched we are served with traditional British delicacies daily, including a range of healthy salads, scrumptious Prawn Cocktail Sandwiches, traditional Ham and Cheese Toasties and delicious Steak and Chicken Pies which are served with a helping of Mash Potato. And all this is in their menu!

Besides that, Debenhams also launched their Autumn/Winter collection 2012, which comes from my favourite top British designer Julien Mcdonald alongside with Jasper Conran and Henry Holland.

 Debenhams A/W 2012 fashion showcase the latest collections for men and women with models with the first winter collection Army Theme with a military insipired look 

We have a showcase of checks and plaids Town & Country theme which is based on the strong British heritage of neat ‘hacking’ jackets, pencil skirts, trousers, shift dresses and coats that have been designed with colours of winter greens, dark chocolate and burnt orange.

Traditional winter dark colours along with stylish metal buttons and neat shoulder epaulettes has combined to create some of the most stunning designs of the season. Elaborate rich fabrics are a must have for the season with the Rich & Opulent theme which works well on shirts and dresses.

Leopard prints never go out of season!

Beautiful yellow print which is easy to match whether it is blouse, dress or tops!

For the men, this Autumn/Winter season they can go choose from nautical themed Cruel Sea which carries a range of stylish garments such as hooded smock jackets.
The English countryside can integrate with Malaysia as men can don clothes from the Heritage theme which includes brushed cotton shirts and cord trousers in earthy browns, tan and forest green colours.

Here comes my favourite designer, Julien Macdonalds which made sheer panels, lace details, exposed zips and peephole details on his Autumn/Winter collection is Star’ and ‘Diamond’ collections, all to give a sexy feel.

And this is my favourite dress!

Oh that's me before I cut my hair away!

Whisper : Debenhams KL still having their Ultimate Year End Sale till this 27 January 2013, and sale up to 70%.. I have grabbed a few good steals! So don't forget to check it out! 

Did you know... Debenhams KL is one of the largest store in Asia with 37,000 square-feet!

Don't forget to visit  Debenhams KL, located at Explore Floor (2nd floor) of Starhill Gallery, KL (remember to take the Stairway to Debenhams escalator!). They are open daily from 10am-10pm.

For more info, visit
Debenhams Malaysia Facebook Page  
Starhill Gallery Facebook Page
Official Debenhams website

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