Monday, August 3, 2009

Past, Current and Future.

I want to keep track of my skin condition constantly from now on. And I only can only find out from skin test, however conventional skin test that just asked u a couple of questions are not accurate! What I'm saying is computerised skin test with complete pictures of our cell and then it will shows charts, analysis and comparison with ideal skin!

One day 8 months ago I pass by Shishedo's counter and don't even dare to get near them cos their products not only heard but seems expensive to me !!! However the girls there are so friendly and told me get a computerised skin test and see what the result. So I sat down with my curiosity and below are the result.


8 months ago , the skin test
result B, which was quite satisfying except for lack of clarity.

Skin care used : Clinique 3 steps and with minimal masks being used.


Skin test result : E
(fail liao..) Details of this skin test click here

Cause : A few months ago, I stopped using Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion and see the indirectly or directly cause my hydration level dropped by half! And moreover I am having a very unhealthy lifestyle like a cat woman in the night (sleep late) and bird in the morning (rise early)!

I was told my turnover level is in critical level and the only way to save it is to increase with massaging on the face! And I'm thinking if to go for facial and now Shishedo doing promo for 1st trial 50% of RM130 which is only RM65. *Thinking*


And recently bought the RMK Brightening set and Clinique 3 steps , I will do my skin test again in 1-2 months again and blog about it !

Note : I always visit Shishedo Isetan's KLCC counter for their excellent service, I look for Ms. Frannie and she is very friendly and not pushy in buying products! However I will try Shishedo's products next round because of the good service to their customers!

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