Monday, August 17, 2009

My studio pic from Shishedo Makeover

My free makeover & studio pic from Shishedo.

*Not easy to become model, the camera man asked me post this & that, I felt so unnatural and this is the only picture without dramatic pose*

I still think the picture taken by my hp camera is nicer than this.

Ah , I am going to show you girls how I look 10 yrs ago ...

The shortest hair I have ever cut!

I used to go salon to cut my hair every month until I was in Form 5 then decided to long hair to become more girlish and I never looked back from there!


  1. oh yeah you have not add another contest

    in your blog roll :)

    I am like you cut here every month when schooling

  2. wah the shishedo makeover very beautiful :) like your long hair too.

  3. long hair suits u better.. hehe

    its a pretty makeover.. :)


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