Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Stage Floral Fatale Gift Set worth RM390

Last week I received a letter to informed me that I won Stage Floral Fatale Gift set worth RM390!!! And yesterday my bf went to pick up the items from ACP's office on behalf of me as I was still sick till today !!!

Well here are the set !!!!!!!!!!

The Latest Stage Floral Fatale Set

One limited edition Floral Frenzy 5-shade shadow palettes, a green liquid eyeliner, a brow liner defining pencil in cinnamon, a wonderful lipstick in Rock & Rose and Nail polish in Vivacious.

On top of that , a Free makeover worth of RM80 and RM10 voucher (for purchase of RM50 & above )
. And I realised they also include bonus time coupon, where upon submitting entitle to RM10 Vip discount voucher (which I guess can only be used for purchase more than Rm50 &above)

p/s: I have a good time admiring at them, not sure what to do with it. Since I have so much of cosmetic from Estee Lauder's haul.

Happy Jess


  1. woah nice!!! amazing gift set!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! salivating....droll

    i got the rm10 voucher too from their women weekly's giveway freebie last month but din use it =_= already expire...

  2. NICE! I will be claiming my part of prize from u soon !

  3. whoa!!!! so nice!!!!! they are so pretty especially when they're free!!!! hahaha.... gratz again... wish i can win some prizes from magz too... ><

  4. Jess, congrats!!

    also wanna testing see if i can leave comment or not...


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