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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Join Kiss Me Selfie Fixation Contest to win RM70,000 worth of prizes!

Are you a SELFIE QUEEN ?

Then you should Kiss Me Selfie Fixation Contest where there are 70,000 worth of prizes to be won! Grand prize winner  will get a brand new Sony Xperia C3 Smartphone, 1 year supply of KISS ME products and 100,000 Watsons points! 

Omg.. I want the Xperia C3 which is the ultimate selfie phone that comes with 5MP front camera!!!!

To join, simply just visit any Kiss Me Selfie Station at Watsons Pavilion, Watsons Mid Valley or Watsons One Utama and take a picture using the selfie machine! No purchase needed for you to join the contest!  

Just 6 simple steps to join! Remember to give your most charming smile, after that share the picture to your facebook! Automatically the picture would be uploaded to Kiss Me Selfie Apps in Kiss Me's Facebook! 

Pretty simple mechanism and if you have any questions, you can asked always ask the Kiss Me promoters for help! 

After you take the picture, you will be rewarded with some really awesome Kiss Me discount vouchers! I'm going to buy the eyeliner,eyebrow powder and mascara later!! 

And if you purchase any TWO Kiss Me products (with or without using the vouchers) you are entitle to get Sunkiller Sunblock for FREE! 

Not only that,  you will be automatically entered into their weekly lucky draw to win Kiss Me products worth RM100! 

Are you ready to win these awesome prizes? 

There are total of 3 rounds of contest where each round Kiss Me would pick one grand prize winner, one second prize winner and 10 lucky draw winner!

Round 1 : 1 Oct to 7 Nov 2014
Round 2 : 1 Nov to 7 Dec 2014
Round 3 : 1 Dec to 7 Jan 2015

Remember to put on your most charming smile when you take your selfie picture!

Grand Prize Winner for Kiss Me Selfie Fixaton Contest
- Each round, Kiss Me would pick grand prize winner would be chosen based on the most number of LIKES on their selfie picture to win one Sony Xperia C3 Smartphone, 1 year supply of KISS ME products and 100,000 Watsons points! 

Second Prize Winner 
- Kiss Me will pick  person with the number of SHARE in their Facebook on their Selfie picture to win 1 year supply of Kiss Me products! 

Weekly Lucky Draw Winners (entitled to join with min purchase of 2 Kiss Me products)
- 10 lucky winners would be selected to win Kiss Me products worth RM100 every week

Group picture with fellow blogger friends!

With Choulyin and we are doing our own "wefie" while waiting our turn to do the selfie :O

So what are you waiting for, go take your selfie at Kiss Me Selfie Station today at selected Watsons store (Mid Valley, 1 Utama and Pavilion!) and get the free gifts upon joining it!

To find out more about KISS ME Selfie Fixation Contest, please visit

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

L'Occitane 10th Anniversary #naturallyloccitane Photo Contest

2014 marks an important milestone for L’Occitane Malaysia as they are celebrating 10th beautiful years. To make this events even more meaningful, there are many interesting activities lined-up and to kick-start this, they have the #naturallyloccitane 10th anniversary photo contest which can grant you a chance to win L’Occitane Gift Sets & 1 ticket to participate in the lucky draw. 

Guess what, the grand prize is a trip to Provence, France like the picture above... and the view is so breathtaking !!! This is my dream holiday!

L’Occitane thinks that often our idea of beauty is often defined by celebrity shows, magazine spreads or music videos. We do a fusion of looks we admire and call them ours, and in doing so we let our natural self-fade to the background. However L’Occitane believes that the most beautiful look is the most natural one. It can be any angle, do limit yourself to just selfie. 

That’s what L’Occitane has always strives for – letting your natural self-shine through. So in conjunction with their 10 years of bringing confidence to our natural self, let’s take a moment to celebrate the natural beauty in all of us. Show the world our most natural self, let it take the lime light for once. You know you owe it to yourself.

For more info, visit or

Monday, September 1, 2014

Shell Easy Win Contest

Do you know you can win RM20,000 when you fill your car with Shell fuel?

3 Simple Step to join Shell Easy Win Contest
  1. Spend a minimum of RM30 at Shell. 
  2. Fill in the contest form and answer a simple question. 
  3. Attach your receipt and drop your entry into the contest box at any Shell station nationwide. 
 Weekly Grand Prize 1 x RM20,000 
Weekly Consolation Price 250 x RM300

You also get a chance to double our winnings by fueling with Shell V-Power (with a min purchase of RM30)!

So what are you waiting for ? Who knows you might be just like these 2 lucky winners ah!!! 

If I win this weekly grand prize of RM20,000 I am going to bring my family for a holiday trip and then with the leftover money I want to go backpacking - maybe in Thailand all the way to the north?

What would you do if you win RM20,000?

Before you plan what to plan with the money...hurry up visit any Shell Station today, remember fuel your car with minimum of RM30 either Shell FuelSave95 or Shell V-Power and submit #ShellEasyWin form ya! Contest ends 14 Sept 2014.

For more info, visit

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Win up to RM40,000 weekly with #ShellEasyWin

With the rising cost of living in Malaysia, we need to be a smart spender. While there are are a lot of expenses such as food, electricity consumption that can be reduced, my petrol consumption for my car could not be reduced simply because I need my car to travel too work and event daily. And  it's more convenient and accessible than our public transports!

Shell Malaysia understands the importance of making smart choices on the road and in life. In line with Shell’s commitment to promote fuel efficiency and smart mobility, Shell Malaysia is encouraging Malaysian drivers to be more conscious about their spending, so they can save on more than just fuels and can enjoy a better overall lifestyle.

Hence Shell Malaysia is giving back to its loyal customers with “Shell Easy Win”, an 10-week campaign beginning from 7 July, 2014 that aims to reward Malaysian drivers who make the smarter choice of spending with Shell.

Simply need to spend RM30 at Shell stations nationwide to be eligible to win cash prizes!

Weekly Grand Prize 1 x RM20,000 
Weekly Consolation Price 250 x RM300 

Do you know you DOUBLE your winnings by fueling with Shell V-Power! Which means if you are selected as grand winner instead of RM20,000 ... you get RM40,000! Wah more power!!!!

Winners for the Shell Easy Win Contest is published in their website here

Not only that, there is also Shell Easy Win Instagram contest!

  1. Just take a photo with the Shell Easy Win polaroid imagery available at Shell Stations*
  2. Write a your most creative caption to follow,
  3. Hashtag us at #ShellEasyWin
  4. Post and share it on your Instagram account! 

Stand a chance to win 10x cash vouchers worth RM50 up for grabs each week!

*Disclaimer: Please be careful while you are take pic and be aware of your surroundings.

I just fill up RM30 Shell FuelSave 95 for my car before I picked up the contest entry form at the cashier. 

Next time going to fill up  my car with Shell V-Power to double up my winning liao!!!

Don't forget to attach to the receipt together with the form before submitting the entry form. 

Oh did I mentioned that even you shop inside Shell Select with a min of RM30 you also can submit your entry form to win the cash prizes! 

You can either buy Shell Helix engine oil for your car

or buy drink and snack!

Now I am going to tell my friends and families to fill up petrol at Shell Malayia today! And hopefully either of us win the cash prizes! 

And IF I win this RM40,000, I'm going to go clear all my debts (to live as a debt free person!), buy a holiday package for my family and then go backpacking around the world! Or win consolation prize to pay my shopping bills also not bad lah! Please pray for me yo!

Go pump your petrol now at Shell station in nationwide (min of RM30) to join #ShellEasyWin to win the attractive cash prizes! Contest ends 14th Sept 2014.

For more info, visit

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

My photos entry for Shizens #StandFirmStayFirm Contest

 Remembered earlier of this month, I blogged about Shizens "Stand Firm, Stay Firm" photography contest here ? Have you submitted or not ?? Still got 15 days before closing eh.. as it ends this 30 April 2014!

In case you don't remember the prizes! So attractive where the best photos will receive amazing prizes worth up to RM18000, proudly sponsored by Shizens, Flissco and Samsung.! 

Even pictures taken using your mobile is accepted under Mobile Photography category! Just make sure your pictures is in line with the theme: Strong emotions, Human & Feminine

Since the prizes so attractive, I also want to win lah ! So after going through all my albums ... I finally submitted a few pictures .. #fingerscrossed

I submitted this picture under Photography Enthusiastic category. 

I took this picture in Tonle Sap, Siam Reap Cambodia 2 years ago. Saw this mother ferrying her children with snakes around their neck looking for tourist to take pictures at the lake. I remembered clearly that I could see sorrow in the mother's eyes while she was rowing the boat while shouting  "Picture! Picture, USD1! USD1! It's not easy to make a living in and the mother's is the pillar of support to her children. Future? The mother only knows that she needs to fill up her children's tummy. 

If you like my photo you can vote it at

I picked this laughing photo to submit under Mobile Enthusiastic category. Took this photo few years back when I am still having my long hair! There's a quote from Marilyn Monroe ..

If you can make a woman laugh, you can make her do anything 

For mobile enthusiastic category, you can either submit your pictures via instagram with the hashtag #standfirmstayfirm or submit via their website here

A friend took of me while I'm learning how to surf back in Rip Curl Pro Terengganu. It's very very  very challenging but I'm proud to tell you all that I overcome my fear and did it!

“Woman must not accept; she must challenge. She must not be awed by that which has been built up around her; she must reverence that woman in her which struggles for expression.” – Margaret Sanger. 

So guys which pictures of mine do you like ?

It's really simple to join with not much effort! 

Join today and hope that we all are the winners to bag home all the prizes! Contest close 30 April 2014!

For more info visit

p/s: I'm going to dig more photos and submit :) May the best photos win!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

International Beauty Contest : Lady Forex Stars

Recently I found out an international online beauty contest where the prize fund is more than USD10,000 (which is more than RM 32,000!!!). Basically this International Beauty Contest - Lady Forex Stars contest is a project for attractive girls and women who are self-confident, like to pose in front of the lens, and make new friends! The main peculiarity of this Internet-contest is the possibility of live communication with the participants of the contest. Contestants may keep blogs, share personal beauty advices, tell about their lives, and communicate with their adorers to gains votes!
The Lady Forex Stars runs from 1st March to 1st October 2014 is opened to anyone.

It's pretty simple to join, register and upload your photo and video presentation to the Lady ForexStars website here. Load your photos and video-presentation. . 

Contest is conducted in two stages:-
1st stage : elimination round – 30 participants pass to the final; 
2 stage : final round – 3 prize winning places. 

The winners will get their prize for the trading account in 5 days course after the finish of the contest. The prize fund may be withdrawn without limitations, or the part of the sum may be used for participation in ForexStars tournaments.

Join Lady ForexStars contest now at

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Shizens "Stand Firm Stay Firm” Photography Contest

Since ancient times, women inner strength can only be seen through their roles of giving birth to new life, taking care and protecting their family. But as time passed, women began demonstrating their capabilities in undertaking more responsibilities, raising a family as well as being part of the workforce and contributing to social welfare. As evolution enhanced the confidence level of every woman allowing them to showcase their inner strength, they still recognized the importance of physical beauty and strived to maintain their outer beauty through various means.

As a means of acknowledging and recognizing the efforts of all women, Shizens will be launching a “STAND FIRM STAY FIRM” photo contest from 2 to 30 April, 2014

Contest is classified into 2 categories, Photography Enthusiasts and Mobile Photography. Participants can submit their best shoots that is strong emotions, human and feminine at or #standfirmstayfirm at Instagram to win prizes worth more than RM18,000

I believe in strong women. I believe in the woman who is able to stand up for herself. I believe in the woman who doesn't need to hide behind her husband's back. I believe that if you have problems, as a woman you deal with them, you don't play victim, you don't make yourself look pitiful, you don't point fingers. You stand and you deal. You face the world with a head held high and you carry the universe in your heart.” ― C. JoyBell C

The prizes are really good too, check out the prizes for both categories below

Are you a strong woman too? 

 Find out more here:

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Kanebo Lunasol 15th anniversary celebration : Revealing Kanebo Lunasol 15th Anniversary Makeup Palette and Kanebo Lunasol Modeling Beige Skin

This year marks Kanebo Lunasol 15th anniversary and in Malaysia we have a celebration in  Kampachi a Japanese restaurant. I love how the dancer moves gracefully as she paints the backdrop.

We are entertained by Japanese Koto Music Performance

Beautiful Nadia Heng as the emcee

Do you know the meaning of LUNASOL?

Lunasol – which means Moon (Luna) and Sun (Sol) in Latin– plays on the concept of light and shadow, response and motion. It expresses the many faces and inner mysteries a woman possesses. Applying makeup is a ritual that lets a woman awaken her beauty within. With innovative formulas, Lunasol breathes life into skin as the makeup melts to accentuate a flawless complexion, draping your face in light and shadow for a brilliant radiance and perfect dimension.

CEO of Kanebo Cosmetics Malaysia Mr. Masahiro Yamasaki said that “Fifteen years is truly a landmark for a brand. We are delighted to celebrate this, but also to celebrate the many years we’ve worked closely with all our friends today in bringing the brand to where it is now.”

Highlight of the event was The Kanebo Lunasol 15th Anniversary Makeup Palette was officially launched.

Kanebo Lunasol 15th Anniversary Makeup Palette consists of a special eye shadow set commemorating Kanebo Lunasol's 15th anniversary, in which six beige colours have been collected, including reproduced colours and existing popular colours.

This Kanebo Lunasol 15th Anniversary Makeup Palette consists :- 
6 Full size beige colour eyeshadows
- 1 Full size duo 15th Anniversary Cheeks in Pink Beige
- 1 Full size Micro Finish Pressed Powder N in Sheer Beige SPF15-PA+ (Includes a puff )
- 1 travel size 15th Anniversary Liquid Lips in EX01 Pink Beige
- 1 travel size of High Stylized Mascara SV in Clear Black
- 1 original gold pouch

A close up picture of Kanebo Lunasol 15th Anniversary Makeup Palette

The first sight, I spotted the famous Lunasol Eye Shadow Skin Modeling Eyes 01 Beige Beige eyeshadow colour similarity in the makeup palette. Upon asking, it's true that Beige Beige has been incorporated into the eyes makeup collection. 

Note : The pic does not justify the product as the sunlight when I was taking pic.

Personally I have tried to swatch the eyeshadow and the texture is amazing. Very fine, smooth and pigmented . And this actually reminds me why I do like Lunasol eyeshadow very much.

Tutorial on how to use Kanebo Lunasol 15th Anniversary Makeup Palette

I was told that the palette could be deported and  the golden pouch can be reused.

Kanebo Lunasol 15th Anniversary Makeup Palette is priced at RM 368. Although this does not come cheap but considering that there are 6 full size eyeshadow colour, 1 full size blusher and 1 full size press powder make up for the price. The pouch and travel size mascara & lipgloss are add on value. Besides this a limited edition palette and honestly it would be a good makeup palette to own because all the colours in the palette is suitable for daily use and the quality of the eyeshadow is great. Their blusher itself also is really pretty too. And if this is the first time coming across Lunasol, well this Kanebo Lunasol 15th Anniversary Makeup Palette is definitely a good one to own as their Beige Beige eyeshadow colours definitely would not disappoint you. 

I was thinking to get this... so last weekends when I was at the mall and went to check for this. I was told it was out of stock the moment it arrived the counter as it was reserved by many regular customers, it gave me no suprise as this is a limited edition and definitely a good one to own. However I was told there are still a few scattering around. So you might want to check Kanebo Malaysia facebook to see where they are.

Besides the makeup palette, at the event Kanebo Lunasol Modeling Beige Skin SPF 30 PA++  was also launched. This is the first Lunasol base makeup product which is inspired by Beige Beige from Skin Modelling Eyes which was released in 2007. The product is thoroughly infused with the e effects of Beige Beige that naturally conditions the skin tone and texture while bringing out three-dimensionality.

The succulent light texture made from water and oil in a one-to-one ratio creates an ultra-thin film that becomes integrated with the skin, as if wearing a fine, translucent veil. This is a whole new multi-tasking base makeup that can be used alone or also be used together with your own foundation or makeup base. I have not tried the product yet because it is not yet available in store.

Kanebo Lunasol Modeling Beige Skin SPF 30 PA++  would be available in Malaysia at RM148 in all Kanebo counters (such as in Isetan, Gardens and Parkson)

I found out Kanebo Lunasol is currently running a contest in conjunction with their Kanebo Lunasol 15th Anniversary for their customers. The prize is really exciting and everyone dream - that's a fully paid trip to Japan for two! Check out the details of the prizes ..

Grand prize 
One Grand Prize Winner for Two Japan Tour

Second Prize
10 Kanebo Cash Voucher worth RM2000 per winner

Consolation Prize
10 Kanebo product hamper worth RM1000 per winner

How to win: - 

Spend RM400 and above of Kanebo products and receive ONE stamp!

You got to collect TEN stamps before you can submit your completed Kanebo Passport to the Kanebo counter near you and you'll be entitled to join the Kanebo Passport lucky draw. 

Besides that you will also earn BONUS stamp when you purchase any of the Anniversary items. Check out the Terms and conditions HERE

Did I tell you that the Grand Winner get to choose any of their dream destination to Japan from the 15 most popular tourism places in Japan. Japan is such a beautiful country with really polite people... how I miss them so much!!

That's me in Kyoto one of my favourite city. I checked that I took this picture exactly 3 years ago,  I insisted going to Japan even after tsunami just to see the sakura blooming. No regret!

I have been to at least half of the list stated above ... and I can't wait to go Japan again to complete the list! So maybe you all should try your luck too and join Kanebo Lunasol Dream Trip Japan Passport Lucky Draw contest. 

Note : Final submission for Kanebo Lunasol Passport Contest is on 30 June 2014.

Not only that, Kanebo Lunasol is giving away products daily for 15 days beginning from yesterday till 8 April 2014. Every day is a different product, so you've got to keep a look out on the Facebook tab and Page to find out what's the product of the day! ;)

Just key in your details at Lunasol Daily Win tab at to stand a chance to win their daily prizes!

Last but not least, Happy 15th Anniversary Kanebo Lunasol!

p/s: In my next few upcoming post, would be sharing a special preview of the Kanebo Lunasol Spring and Summer Collection. Stay tune :)

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