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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Spend smartly with Shell easiGo American Express Prepaid Card

The recent best news in the country is our petrol price has dropped slightly and yay to motorists and motorcyclists! Unfortunately the price of our goods in country has not dropped yet hence we still need to spend  our money wisely to maximize our Ringgit value! 

I bet you know I love shopping very much... ahem  oh ya I'm the shopping queen that helps Malaysia economy growing yo!And there time that I overspend without knowing when I just swipe only my credit card...without tracking what did I use.. and you know by the time you receive your credit card bill... it's too late to change anything... so eating bread to pay off the bill! 

Speaking on experience, honestly if you are not a person who knows self control then having credit card may not be a good thing though it's nice to go cashless. 

Hence when I was introduced Shell easiGo American Express Prepaid Card by Maybank I was glad that not only it allows me to go cashless but it also sort of help me spend within limits . I don't need to worry the risk of overspending because I only spend the amount of money I load in the card! It works in the same way as any credit card or debit card, acceptable in all AMEX merchants and enjoy privileges at selected

You know how convenient nowadays you want to go cashless and go and sign up a credit card. While it' fun to swipe swipe swipe the bills all along the way, hey still got to pay the bills okay? And if you don't pay the credit card bill on time you will be charged interest, late payment fee etc... and then run the chances of being blacklisted for future loans!

Ahem my new flats - nice or not? 

Hence with this Shell easiGo American Express (Amex) Prepaid Card I am able to spend smartly by prioritising my expenditure, spend within means (only spend the credit that I pre-loaded in the card) and hunt for the best deals in town lah!

Also in case you ran low in cash, you can also withdraw the money from the card at any Maybank ATM machines near you as long as you apply for the the PIN for Shell easiGO Prepaid Card from selected Maybank branches.

Personally I think this card would be great for college students because instead of giving them sub credit card (which they might overspend it), parents can now opt for this Shell easiGo American Express Prepaid Card where they can top up certain amounts for  their kids to spend every month. Not only their kids can have a secure, smart and convenient cashless way to refuel their car and to shop, their parents can keep track of their children spending habits. Hehe... very good way to practice good spending habits!

Although this is prepaid card, Shell easiGo American Express Prepaid Card also allows user to collect AMEX treats points which can be accumulated ... 1 x TREATS Points for every RM3 spent using the Shell easiGO Prepaid Card!!! And you can use the points to redeems products at Maybank online or their annual Maybank Treaty Fair too!

So whenever you pump in your car with of Shell V Power or Shell FuelSave 95, not only you can refuel your petrol cashless using this Shell easiGo American Express Prepaid Card but it is also efficient and time saving too! Not forgetting that you are also collecting but  you collect treats points at the same time too!

Not only that, you also get to enjoy up to 10% exclusive discount from Shell on Shell lubricant products at Shell Select stations and each card holder entitle to enjoy complimentary 1 year Personal Accident Insurance (Total and Permanent Disablement benefit only) up to RM15,000!

So how to apply Shell easiGo American Express Prepaid Card?

Very very very EASY! 

No need your salary slip or EPF statement! Just buy Shell easiGo American Express Prepaid Card starter pack at any Shell stations today as long you are 18 years and above with a valid address in Malaysia. And the annual fee is only RM6.00 ( with RM0.50 will be charged to the Shell easiGO Prepaid Card on monthly basis). 

Just buy Shell easiGo American Express Prepaid Card starter pack at any Shell fuel stations today, complete the form and submit the enclosed application form to Maybank together with a copy of your NRIC! An sms would be sent to you once your card is activated. 

You can start using the card by reloading your card at any Shell stations, any 3,000 Maybank's ATM & CDM machine nationwide or even do it online at . 

And either you can login to your Maybank2u to check your balance in the card if you have linked it with your Maybank account, you also can sms to check the balance by typing in

PCBAL (space) first 6 digit of card number <#> last 4 digit of card number <#> customer ID. Send to 66628. 

And if you apply Shell easiGO Prepaid Card today, you might be in the running to be one of the 1,500 winners each month to win RM100 cash prize.

So now, I'm going to go reload my Shell easiGo Prepaid Card and to continue shopping for my Chinese New Year's clothing! 

Let's GO and HUNT for the best deals in town! 

More information on  Shell easiGo American Express Prepaid Card, 
please visit

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Review & Giveaway : weBoost Drive 3G-S Mobile Booster in Malaysia worth RM389

How often you have dropped call problem and that caused you frustration and argument with your friends? 

Worry not because now Malaysian can enjoy better phone coverage with weBoost a mobile phone coverage boosters which exists to improve lives via superior mobile/cellular communication experiences. The mobile booster will help to enhance cellphone carriers in Malaysia (both voice and data) and ensures that you’ll always stay connected. 

Formerly Wilson Electronics, weBoost is leader in the wireless communications industry for more than 40 years, designs and manufactures the industry’s broadest product portfolio of cellular signal boosters, antennas and related components that significantly improve fixed and mobile cellular communication for use in consumer, enterprise and industrial applications worldwide.

Robert Van Burskirk, President and CEO of weBoost said that "Based on our research, Malaysians desire cellular signals and seamless connectivity for their work and personal lives. We’re excited to bring our products and technology to Malaysian consumers as we enter this new chapter in our global expansion into Asia, with Malaysia being our first destination outside North america for weBoost.” 

In Malaysia weBoost has launched two cellular signal booster: The Connect 3G and the Drive 3G-S.

The weBoost Connect 3G is a office or home solution device, which is designed to be installed in buildings like an office block or in a home. The signal booster will then pull all available signals from all telecommunication providers in the area to itself, thus boosting the strength of all the lines for the mobile phone users within its radius.
The second product which was launched in Malaysia and attracted my attention is weBoost Drive 3G-S which is the first mobile booster available in Malaysia and I was lucky to be given a set to try! Knowing that I'm always on-the-go , I always need a strong and stable voice & data network!

weBoost Drive 3G-S specification

Benefits of weBoost Drive 3G-S - Stronger mobile signal in your vehicle
-Fewer dropped calls and lost connections
-Faster data downloads
-Longer battery life for cellular devices
  What's in weBoost Drive 3G-S box- Mini Magnet Mount Antenna
- DC Plug-In Power Supply & USB cable
- Vehicle Dash Adhesive Mounting Bracket
- Adjustable Arms ( there are few pairs to match your mobile phone sizes)

Features of weBoost Drive 3G-S
-Boosts voice & data signals
-Works with all mobile carriers
-Works with nearly all smartphones and mobile hotspots
- All needed components included in the box
-Simple installation

It's really to install, no need to do any modification on the car!

1) Stick the holder handler on a flat surface

2) Plug in to your DC Plug-In Power Supply

3) Place the mini magnet mount antenna on the car roof

It was glad that it does not look weird and obvious from far! 

The whole set up looking good ya! You know WAZE is the must have apps in my mobile phone cos I really hate to stuck in the jam and this is my savior to help me to find faster alternative way to my destination! 

Very often while I was navigating to some unfamiliar places, my mobile network will sometimes lost connection and that's the worst thing can happened! Half way in some unfamiliar area like housing/industrial area, Waze cannot find data connection to continue to navigate and to add salt to your wound my call network also no line and I can't call to ask for help! And seriously this is really dangerous for us as female single driver! 

But now with weBoost Drive 3G-S, my mobile call & data network will be boost up and will never suddenly got disconnected because of low connectivity! Rejoice to all of us!

Looks how my network bar was boost in less than a minute from 3 bar to maximum 5 bar i.e full network!!!

Not only that I also found out weBoost Drive 3G-S help to boost up my can watch MTV or korean soap drama smooooothly in my car (however not recommended to watch if you are driving!).

I'm really glad to have weBoost in my car now since my mobile phone have better battery life (no need to waste battery to scan for better network signal in the background), obviously better GPS signal to help me in navigation and most importantly, fewer dropped calls! Seriously I think those who always on-the-go like myself, would really need this!

weBoost is currently available for purchase at selected locations throughout the country retailing at RM389 (USD $119.99) for Drive 3G-S and RM1145 (USD $349.99) for Connect 3G. For more information, visit 

GOOD NEWS to my readers who is reading now! Thanks to weBoost for sponsoring one unit of weBoost Drive 3G-S mobile booster (worth RM389) to one of our lucky reader here! 

To join please follow a few simple step to submit your entry at Rafflecopter below. Contest runs from 26 Nov to 3 Dec 2014 11.59pm and ONE random lucky winner would be picked to win this awesome prize! 

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Win up to RM40,000 weekly with #ShellEasyWin

With the rising cost of living in Malaysia, we need to be a smart spender. While there are are a lot of expenses such as food, electricity consumption that can be reduced, my petrol consumption for my car could not be reduced simply because I need my car to travel too work and event daily. And  it's more convenient and accessible than our public transports!

Shell Malaysia understands the importance of making smart choices on the road and in life. In line with Shell’s commitment to promote fuel efficiency and smart mobility, Shell Malaysia is encouraging Malaysian drivers to be more conscious about their spending, so they can save on more than just fuels and can enjoy a better overall lifestyle.

Hence Shell Malaysia is giving back to its loyal customers with “Shell Easy Win”, an 10-week campaign beginning from 7 July, 2014 that aims to reward Malaysian drivers who make the smarter choice of spending with Shell.

Simply need to spend RM30 at Shell stations nationwide to be eligible to win cash prizes!

Weekly Grand Prize 1 x RM20,000 
Weekly Consolation Price 250 x RM300 

Do you know you DOUBLE your winnings by fueling with Shell V-Power! Which means if you are selected as grand winner instead of RM20,000 ... you get RM40,000! Wah more power!!!!

Winners for the Shell Easy Win Contest is published in their website here

Not only that, there is also Shell Easy Win Instagram contest!

  1. Just take a photo with the Shell Easy Win polaroid imagery available at Shell Stations*
  2. Write a your most creative caption to follow,
  3. Hashtag us at #ShellEasyWin
  4. Post and share it on your Instagram account! 

Stand a chance to win 10x cash vouchers worth RM50 up for grabs each week!

*Disclaimer: Please be careful while you are take pic and be aware of your surroundings.

I just fill up RM30 Shell FuelSave 95 for my car before I picked up the contest entry form at the cashier. 

Next time going to fill up  my car with Shell V-Power to double up my winning liao!!!

Don't forget to attach to the receipt together with the form before submitting the entry form. 

Oh did I mentioned that even you shop inside Shell Select with a min of RM30 you also can submit your entry form to win the cash prizes! 

You can either buy Shell Helix engine oil for your car

or buy drink and snack!

Now I am going to tell my friends and families to fill up petrol at Shell Malayia today! And hopefully either of us win the cash prizes! 

And IF I win this RM40,000, I'm going to go clear all my debts (to live as a debt free person!), buy a holiday package for my family and then go backpacking around the world! Or win consolation prize to pay my shopping bills also not bad lah! Please pray for me yo!

Go pump your petrol now at Shell station in nationwide (min of RM30) to join #ShellEasyWin to win the attractive cash prizes! Contest ends 14th Sept 2014.

For more info, visit

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Winners of Entrepreneurs For Good 2014 were granted RM240,000 from Arthur Guinness Project in partnership with British Council

Yesterday I visited Arthur Guiness's HQ (the one you see next to Federal Highway!) to learn more about Entrepreneurs For Good 2014 organised by Arthur Guinness Project in partnership with the British Council. This global programme was set up in 2009 as part of Guinness' 250th anniversary and since it started, £7.4 million (RM28 mil) have been invested in mentoring 45 projects in 13 countries. To date more than 40,000 people in the world has benefited from the Arthur Guinness Fund. In Malaysia, this is the Project's second year.

“Entrepreneurs for Good” is a competition held by the British Council in partnership with the Arthur Guinness Fund that invites social entrepreneurs in Malaysia, both start-ups and semi established, to compete for training and networking opportunities. In 2013, they had worked successfully with six Malaysian social enterprises, providing them with seed funding and six months of 'incubation', providing them with necessary training and support to enhance their business knowledge and skills. 

From 20 semi-finalists were shortlisted from nationwide search road shows and were given mentoring and training over the last 6 months. The top 12 social ventures out of that were then selected to go into the final stages of the program. At a public pitch held in April 2014, the finalist the pitched their winning social business ideas in front of an expert panel of judges comprising of industry leaders and leading social enterprises out of which the final awardees where chosen. 

And well that's the reason why I was there so that I could find out who are the 12 finalists and the 6 lucky winners for Entrepreneurs for Good 2014 ! 

 I managed to talk to most of the finalists and find out what is the nature of business of their company, vision and what are they going to do with the grant if they win.

BYOB Green Concept 

BYOB stands for Bring Your Own Bottle, a concept detergent store that is promoting the 3R concepts (Reuse, Recycle and Reduce) basically ) bring your own bottle and they will fill it up saving you money and saving mother earth too! 

Currently they are offering :- 
  • Laundry Detergent 
  • Dish washing detergents 
  • Fabric Softener 
  • Mopping Solution 
  • Bleach
  • Pine Disinfectant 
  • Soap Powder 
  • Kitchen Degreaser

have heard so much of them before and quite like this idea and how we get to recycle our own bottles we had at home! Unfortunately could not find a branch near me.

TANOTI is dedicated to keeping alive the traditional Malaysian craft of songket weaving. By contemporizing the art of songket weaving and passing on the skills to the younger generations, Tanoti aims to reinvigorate the trade so that songket weavers can make a steady and sustainable income from this art form.

 Catama Craft works with women in rural, underprivileged communities within Sarawak to assist them in gaining economic stability through exploration of indigenous arts and crafts.

TECH Outreach Malaysia functions on the platform to transform, enhance, cultivate and harness the elements imperative to championing the SELF-SUSTAINABILITY pursuit in disadvantaged communities. TECH Outreach Malaysia believes in helping communities tap into their potential and transform themselves through entrepreneurial proactiveness, risk-taking and innovation. It is within this framework of vision that TECH Outreach has adopted the famous “Grameen Micro-Credit Financing” Model by Professor Muhammad Yunus, in transforming communities.

Guinness Anchor Berhad (GAB)'s Marketing Director Mr. Bruce Dallas said that 

"The Arthur Guinness is not all about funding. We pair financial support with business mentoring to work with people to bring their projects and ideas to the next level. We're proud to help them succeed in this work and to help in this work and to help society change for the better in communities across Malaysia".

British Council Malaysia's Country Director Mr. Gavin Anderson shared that

"The social enterprise movement around the world continues to grow. That success demonstrates how social consciousness, allied with a sustainable business model, is a profound and innovate way of finding solutions to pressing social and environmental issues, of generating sustainable economic growth and of delivering positive long term change. In Year 2 of "Entrepreneur for Good , twelve social entrepreneurs have benefited from training with UK experts to develop and enrich their business proposal"

The six awardees will receive between RM20,000 and RM40,000 each as part of this year long programme, as well as training, mentoring and other assistance to help them reach their objectives. 

And the winners of Arthur Guinness Projects - British Council, “Entrepreneurs for Good” for year 2014 are :

The MAD Experience

MAD is on a mission to empower everyday people to get involved in poverty alleviation. This is achieved by giving people the opportunities, tools and support they need so that they can raise funds and volunteer to implement high impact projects that break the cycle of poverty. 

By combining online crowd funding with responsible volunteering, MAD aims to create an online crowd fundraising platform dedicated to raising funds for poverty alleviation projects. Through this platform, passionate individuals will be able to set up a personal online fundraising campaign to raise funds for a project that they are passionate about. After successfully raising an amount, the unique offering by the MAD experience is that they offer fundraisers to travel and visit the disadvantaged communities they chose to support. The experience gained from this travel often invites other fundraisers and more people to do good for the community.


CleanBites serves delicious, healthy and balanced food with a focus on making this food easily available to the public. An innovative subscription-based delivery service makes eating healthily easily achievable and affordable to people living busy lives. 

General food are often high in salt, sugar and other processed seasoning including GMF. By educating the public about eating healthily and introducing them to great tasting and easily accessible healthy food, CleanBites aims to improve the health and well being of Malaysians.

p/s: Picture credited to Jason from Walauwei

 Catama Craft Enterprise

By creating high-end products for the international market, Catama Crafts seeks to encourage the preservation of traditional knowledge and empower communities with pride in their craft and cultural identity and autonomy to change and adapt. Crafts created will be marketed and sold to local and international consumers. Profits will be shared amongst the rural communities, providing economic stability to the women and community at large. In addition to that, it also ensures the preservation of traditional skills and knowledge.

 BYOB Green Concept

BYOB seeks to educate society about the dangers of plastic pollution and to stop them from treating plastic bottles as rubbish. Offering communities a chance to help protect the environment by reusing their plastic bottles instead of throwing them away. BYOB allows the public to bring their empty plastic bottles to the store and refill them with a variety of cleaning products. This comes from a study that recycling doesn't really work as it creates a carbon footprint whilst in the recycling process. Furthermore, it is costly as well.

 Shuttle Go Bus

Busco is a short distance, low density private shuttle service helping people in urban environments to make use of the public transport in a sustainable way.

Focusing on the "First Mile Problem" - the difficulty people face in accessing public transport from their homes. Busco provides communities with the opportunity to become mobile and live more fulfilling lives. Busco also seeks out unemployed and underemployed youths, and trains them to drive and manage the operations.

 Ecocentric Transitions 

Ecocentric Transitions is committed to cultivate an environmentally empathetic and sustainable society. Through workshops and consultations, Ecocentric Transitions aims to build environmental awareness in communities. 

Ecocentric Transitions educates and gives practical advice on how to become more eco-responsible through interactive activities relating to topics such as Food Security, Waste and Resources - Environmental Education and Sustainable Living.

 The People's Choice Award - Tanoti 

Tanoti is dedicated to keeping alive the traditional Malaysian craft of songket weaving. By contemporizing the art of songket weaving and passing on the skills to the younger generations, Tanoti aims to reinvigorate the trade so that songket weavers can make a steady and sustainable income from this art form. 

In order to achieve this goal, Tanoti intends to work with songket weavers to establish supply chain from the bottom up, building a viable and fair business which can sustain both the community and the craft.

 Group pic of the all the winners for Arthur Guinness Projects Entrepreneurs For Good 2014 

After the event we are treated with freshly brewed Guinness bear!

 Guinness anyone ?

 To Arthur and all the Entrepreneurs For Good 2014 winners.... CHEERS!

For more details, visit

Note : All pictures are taken with HTC ONE M8 (unless mentioned otherwise) without editing (except resizing and watermarking).  
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