Monday, September 7, 2009

10 Days No Shopping Challenge

10 Days No Shopping Challenge starts officially today , organised by Tammy the Queen of Shopaholic from and it literally means no shopping (only allowed consumption of food less than RM100) allowed for the next 10 days. And she is giving her precious Anna Sui products worth RM200 to the winner ! So each day she will give us a task to complete to be in the running to be the winner. In this contest , one has to be completely honest to his/her self as this is a voluntary challenge that one wants to take up to live without shopping ( YES NO SHOPPING, even injured wan buy plaster also cannot!)

My Pledge for the 10-DAY No SHOPPING Challenge!

1) Keep looking for freebies like a freak!
2) Start using my pile of samples or else they might get expired!
3) Reading those review of some of the products I am eye-ing to make sure I am smart&prudent shopaholic
4) Do all my overdue blog post which I should have post about it ages ago!

So ladies&gentleman, okay I got some good news to share,

1)Click here to redeem the latest Cellinique's B'liv range , you can choose 1 of the 3 samples from below and BEST of all they going to deliver it to your doorstep !!! So save petrol, time, effort and worry less that you will end up buying after redeeming which often happenned!!

Samples that you can choose to redeem to send to your home doorstep!!!

p/s:Also for more information on the latest B'liv range , click here , they also running a tagline contest and promotion voucher which you not supposed to know! Dont blame me Special thanks to Robb for the freebies information!

2) I read from Skindeco that Inouvi is giving away free gift worth of RM60 and Tammy went to redeem it today's lunch ! It's a browncake (Compact eyeshadow colour)!!! Wow , I am waiting to redeem it however todaymight not able to make it as I am going for The Ugly Truth's premier screening in Tropicana Mall tonight , and definitely this is free ! See you girls tonight !

Click here to print out or visit here to print out!

Simply by filling it up and redeem at any participating outlets stated in the voucher!

I heard they are giving out browcake, a compact eyebrow colour!!

In KL, can only be redeemed in Sunway Pyramid & 1 Utama!

p/s: So sad now cos 1u and Sunway pyramid so far , anyone wan redeem for me !!!!

Updated : Thanks Janice sweetie, yesterday she beg softly asked her bf Gary to bring her to 1u to redeem for herself and myself !!! Its browncake , compact for eyebrow colour in powder form worth RM60, and you need a brush to apply it. Muacks to Gary Janice


  1. Looking forward to read the reviews of your freebies!!

  2. Mind if I ask for review of Kiehl's samples?

    I have not used Kiehls' b4 so want to see what others have to to say about their products.

  3. I m joing it also :)

    let work it out !!!

  4. hi hi thanks girls for pledging for the 10day no shopping!

    let's all be freebioholic and save some money!


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