Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Day 2 : 10 Day No Shopping Challenge

Review : Eyeko Face Off Wipes

Last weekend Genting Pajamas Party was a blast! Anyway out of so many thousands things I brought along , I forgotten the most important my make up remover! Luckily Janice sweetie my bedmate, offered me a piece of Eyeko Face Off Wipes. At first was hesitant to use it as previously I have bought some others brand of wipes before and try and its not effective and dry out easily before even I finished wiping off my make up.

So yesterday night I take out to try and review to commit to my pledge for Miu's 10 days No shopping challenge!

Some basic info for Eyeko Face Off Wipes from their website

Individually wrapped for beauty care on the go. Each sachet contains a pre-moistened soft towelette with an ultra cleansing formula featuring Coco Glucoside (a gentle natural cleanser derived from... you guessed it ...coconuts) and antioxidant Vitamin E. Keep a couple in your pocket, handbag, desk or car - it's the perfect clean up for dirty stop outs!

General Comment
Generally the wipes are wet and gentle, after 3 wipes even my stubborn Stila's mascara and MAC pigments are gone! Will definitely buy it to try it, what I meant is this can be buy list after 10 days!

1) Feeling gentle and nice, do not have those tingling sensational feeling !
2) Few wipes the make up came off easily...
3) Smell alright , I do not like something weird2 or oil2x smell..
4) Easy use for lazy people like me especially sometimes very tired and sleepy when reach home
5) Very suitable for traveling , can lessen my baggage by 1kg!

1)Too small a piece, 1 piece not enough for whole face...especially we have foundation on.
2) I am not sure how clean/efficient is this wipes as I always double cleanse and felt the wipes are too small to clean my whole faces!

Worth a try especially for those people who have sensitive skins and are lazy to use makeup remover or hate the cleansing oil.. i will buy definitely buy after 9 days, since I always lazy to remove makeup until drag2x myself off the bed to clean off...

Star rating !


  1. whoa... now got rating star somemore neh... geng!!!!!

  2. sounds good, esp the non-tingling part.

    I too have used pre-moistened cleanser towelletes b4 and the one thing i really wasnt used to was the 'tingling' feeling.

    The coconut oil ingredient also makes it sound as if it will do a good job cleaning off the oil frm my face.

    This Janice got a lot of hidden gems to tempt ppl with !

    N i agree w Janice, love the star rating system.

  3. janice : i use stars because dont know how draw love2 only .,

    pigita : u should try out once a while, if im ordering then let u know ya :D that will be 10 days later..

  4. another thing i didnt like of the previous brand(s) i tried is the smell is like the handtowelettes u get in chinese restaurants. YUKS

    This kinda reminds me of the Clarins' workshop mittens - those i liked a lot.

    dearie, lusting after products during NSC is breaking the spirit of the NSC leh. :-P

  5. so nice to genting :) hehe.. long time no go.


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