Friday, September 11, 2009

Clarins New Nude Inspiration Collection for Autumn

Day 5 Part 1 : 10 Day No Shopping Challenge

Saw this on Wednesday night in KLCC when I was hunting for freebies !

So check with the SA , she told me Clarins launching Nude Inspiration range next morning aand giving free makeover.Also 4 Stars ( Jojo, Chelsea, Hannah & Daphne) are coming for the opening ceremony ! Media and Bloggers are invited. So I asked is it open for public and any door gift, She said NO DOOR GIFT *even though we saw them packing there*.

However Miu told me the same night another SA told her there is Door gift. So the next morning I called Clarins and Winnie (one of the girls serving us at the Clarins' workshop) recognized me and told me she will be keeping 2 sets for me and Sasa so I rush3x finished my report around 12pm and went took a cab there with Sasa!

When I reached there , the STARS already left . Since I took the advantage of 1 hour lunch to come here, better fast2x get my door gift and run off ~ but Winnie said we must do some makeover (light or heavy) with their latest range of Nude Insipiration before entitle to the door gift.. I also called Candy on the phone to asked her to come along as Winnie the SA told me there are still door gift and I requested her to it for Candy & Marina .

The sweet Winnie which is very friendly and helpful

So "Nude" ! Can anyone see thru it ?

I was being made make up !

The "Nude" me

Some refreshments !

Current promotion

Our door gift with us in nude make up

1 travel sizeLipgloss, 2 sachets of 2 Instant Light Correction Protector and 1 sachet of Hydraquench Mask *I love their mask, next on my wishing list*

5 Stars for Winnie's service/effort and their door gift !!!

p/s: SA's attitudes in serving customers is extremely important as it affects the image of the company as well. In this case, Winnie has it all :)

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  1. the color too mude, not suit you dramatic queen ;p
    anyway i wan to steal d pix we both took together in nude but not naked . muhahaha..


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