Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Free Makeover @ Petite Touch

Day 3 : 10 days No Shopping Callenge

Since I can't spend any money on cosmetic under the Challenge, I have to find way to make myself pretty and sexy . Thank god Miss Anggun is giving FREE makeover at her blog at these time and this make me forget to shop for a while !

Few simple steps

1. Visit her website Makeup Touch by Petite

2.Take her button link and add to your blog.

3. Blog an entry about this free makeover thing on your blog by using this title


4. Leave your name, location and blog URL (URL for your posting about free makeover@ petite touch) on this post comment

5. Done! congratulation! now you are qualify to redeem a FREE MAKEOVER from petite touch! They will contact you for further discussion and appointment :)

Terms& Conditions apply !

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