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Review : Clarins Power to Try Workshop

Last last last few weeks ago , Clarins is extremely kind to hold an Exclusive Power To Try workshop for Miu's readers who are NOT Clarins user at Amoda Building, Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur. Well it is a golden opportunity to me as this is my first time get to know Clarins better. I think no matter how many good reviews we read from magazines, blogs and friends nothing is better than you experience it yourself. I think to call it Power to Try is not suffice, I would say it is Power to Experience !!!! Human are always curious to experience new things and here I am curious to experiment play Clarins products!

Welcome to Clarins



Often we paid ridiculous money to pay to try & experiment the products that might not even suitable for us. And when we walked to the counter, we are either too shy to asked for samples or the Sales Assistant reluctant / refused to give us samples to try. Boo....

Clarins believes that everyone deserve to try their product until they satisfy with the result before buying. This is because Clarins is confident with their products and that it will definitely bring satisfaction to all of us... Bravo !

The workshop is held in Clarins Training centre with good lighting and set up.

p/s: Though I love classroom style, but this is not too bad as well. Because the Beauty Assistants can easily walked around to assist us.

Yeh the Beauty Assistant (BA) are getting ready with our goodies bag

Free workshop and well packed goodies bag!!!!!

I am feeling so good with Clarins!

Everything is ready!

The table is organized with lots of skincare for us to MESS try around.

Do you know your skin ?

This is Face & Body Program which help us to identify which skincare is suitable for us. And we tick on the column so that we don't forget.

This is Erinn , the trainer and the teacher of the day

Everyone looks so serious and paying attention to the class!

"Clarins' Respect - We don't want to pretend that because we are expensive we are good"

by Clarins Chairman, Mr Christian Courtin

According to their slide, our eye contour is a particularly fragile area and therefore we must take EXTRA good care of them. Because our aging starts to show with fine lines at our eye areas first!

See so many products for us to try play and mess around !!!!!

Like usual we always thought going for workshop , we only manage to try the product on skins like the picture above...

But WOW, Clarins first let us try the products on hand to make sure that you try the right skincare for your skin that it does not cause sensitivity and that you are comfortable with it before allowing us to try on our face !!!!

Clarins empahised on massaging our own face, meaning the skincare are massage onto our skin rather than rub into our skin. The massaging is so relaxing and calming And I really like their massaging technique, unfortunately did not able to record and write down the method.

This Wing , model of the day !

So we all follow step by step until the Erinn told us we going to put mask on our face ! Wow , so now we going to put their latest range of Hydraquench mask. Though some of us opt for Pure & Radiant Mask and Purifying Mask.

I am so in love with this range after trying them at the workshop

p/s: I am waiting to purchase their trial set to try first to try to see the differences

As you can see, all the girls enjoy the "mask-ing" sessions !!

Thought we cant talk with our mask on, we cam-whore!

Beauty in the Mask- All the beauty is hidden under the mask !!!!!

Everyone enjoying every moments of the workshop!

I was told by the SA to apply a very thich layer of mask (Pure& Radiant range) ! So that the mask goodness will be absorb into the skin~ Well what's the result ?

The result of that , can be seen on my face instantly !!!

I feel so hydrate and brigthen instantly!

p/s: In fact I was quite sick that time , I was coughing quite badly but I dont want to miss the workshop. eventhough many asked me not to go because of H1N1 prevention. So that explain my tired look in my before picture. So I hope I did not miss up the important points that Clarins try to educate us.


Our goodies bag !! Very generous of Clarins ... ops how many times I repeat myself the word generous and kind ?

p/s: I have done my 50% off facial treatment at Isetan KLCC, I must say its very relaxing and nice !!! But too expensive for me to afford! Clarins please kindly wait me to kena lottery !

So nicely packed!!!!

But wait girls, did I tell you that we have additional goodies on top of these. At the end of workshop , we were told to fill up a form of what two samples that we would want to try and to collect it later from selected Clarins counter. I choose Hydraqyench Cream-Mask and Pure and Radiant Mask with Pink Clay.

Wow 2 travel size of the masks !!!!

Overall comment : 9/10

The workshop itself 9/10
I think although the workshop is generally successful as everyone is pretty happy with the knowledge and technique they gained here, I believe there is still room of improvement. Would love to attend future Clarins workshop because basically they have educate us on their products and I always believe "We don't stop learning because we grow old; we grow old because we stop learning". Hopeful Clarins product will keep make us look young even though we are aging every single day.

The Location 8/10
I could not asked for more, the office is located at the golden triangle area. Easily accessible with public transport. And the classroom was well organised with all the tools and materials for the workshop. Lighting is good. And I believe everyone feel comfortable, because I am. The only one thing I am going to comment is that I would still prefer classroom style for the obivious reasons that everyone face the teacher and that we do not twist and turn our back to look at the teacher.

The Food 10/10
Although I did not manage to take any pictures, this is because I am busy indulging with the yummlicious food. If I remember correctly , the food are ordered from Delifrance.

Goodie Bag 10/10
Clarins not only give door gift for the participants but on top of that they give us another 2 travel size of our selected products that we would want to try. Thanks Clarins

p/s: Also , I will be getting the Hydraquench Mask soon !!!! Now I am collecting donation. Anyone want to donate ? Haha....

Exclusion clause : All above pictures, review, rating and comments are of my personal opinion observed from the workshop and do not mean to defame anyone or whoever are concerned. I do not hold malice against any product/person and only meant for personal sharing of experience to my fellow readers.

My Rating

p/s : GOOD NEWS!!! Clarins is organising another round of workshop this coming 31 October. Pls kindly visit Miu's blog to register yourself ! Awww.... I want to go , because I want to learn the Clarins Magic to make myself magical!!!! Anyway details as follow...

Clarins Power To Try Workshop
Venue: Clarins training Centre, Amoda Building, KL.
(opposite Berjaya Times Square, behind Lowyat)
Date: 31st Oct, 09 (Saturday)

Morning: 10.30am - 1.30pm 15 pax
AfterNoon: 2.00pm - 5.00pm 15 pax

Workshop Fee: FOC & only by invitation to Plusizekitten followers
F & B : not included
Doorgifts: Yes + Complimentary makeover/Eyebrow Trimming + 50% discount on 1st Time Trial Facial Treament (only at KLCC Isetan Clarins).
Learning: Skincare + Easy Make Up Touch Up "Clarin's Magic"


  1. Ooo..very nice. So excited to attend now. Can't wait!

    Thanks for the review! The mask looked good on you! The outcome i mean.

  2. thanks for finally putting up the review!!! :) nice... u got a lot of our masque faces too, that's fun to look at.

    thanks for spreading the word too on the workshop :)

  3. wow...so jealous...i found i missed a lot good stuff!!
    Estee Lauder Staff Sales...
    The body shop 70% off sales..
    Clarins workshop..
    Origins....blar blar blar..any upcoming nice sales or workshop..or anything will do...
    i'm hunting a lots stuff, need to spend $$ for the sample pack..:(


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