Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Review : Clinique SuperFit Foundation

2 weeks ago, I collected few foundation from Clinique to try. The kind SA gave me 4 types of foundation all together to try to see which is more suitable for my skin.

So today I am going to try Clinique Superfit foundation as many of my friends including Sasa claimed that this done magic to them.

So let me start my journey in finding out.

Before that I put on RMK Creamy Makeup Base on my "nude" clean face with skincare to ensure that my face is well protected and ready for the foundation.

I was given Clinique Superfit Foundation No 63 - Fresh Beige

Due to limited stocks, the SA gave me a little bit to try.

So I used a sponge to apply it. It glides down my face quite easily without any problem. It like the fact it is very smooth and maybe due to the watery texture of the foundation. And after going out for whole day for 8 hours at least , my face did not become oily because this is an oil free foundation. However I do feel that the foundation that been given to me is a bit fairer to my skin tone.

As you can see in the pics, the coverage is low to medium as I does not cover my pigmentation and blemish on my face. So I am kinda disappointed about the result. And I'm someone so lazy in applying concealer.

However according to Sasa : She feel very refreshing , and super happy when using it . And she has the natural glow after using it.....

Pros : Smooth, Oil free , lasting , skin feel very comfortable & light

Cons : Expensive, low/medium coverage, more suitable for people with flawless skin like Sasa!

p/s: I will try out & review others Clinique foundation range as well ...and meantime I stick to my Paul&Joe Liquid Foundation.

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  1. i have been using Super fit for since high school, never turn down.

  2. nice, I think need apply concelaer on dark eyes bags

  3. TH : Yes ... haha I just hate to put concealer 1 oh, cos need blending , hate get the fingers dirty.. -_-!


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