Thursday, October 8, 2009

Review: My FREE Anna Sui's Rock Me! Mini Perfume

Girls out there, hungry for freebies ?

Print out above mailer in COLOUR before bringing to Anna Sui's counter to redeem (KLCC, Pavillion, Gurney Plaza Penang and Parkson 1 Utama) from 8 Oct - 7 Nov 2009.

p/s: The SA have told us that the mailer must be print in colour as it is their company's requirement.

Rock Me Babe!!!

~Come shake shake shake your butt~

This is 1.2ml mini perfume..The smell sweet, nice nice !!!!

Lucky its not their signature rose smell!!!!

More information

ROCKIN' OUT AND HAVING FUN! ANNA SUI rocks your world with a daring , wild new fragrance. A little bit glamrock, a whole lot of fun. It's on the sweet side of dangerous, mysterious, rebellious. But deeply romantic an……d charming at heart. Wear it to express your own sense of style. Be cute, be sexy and be free with the launch of ANNA SUI's new and daring fragrance Rock Me!

Visit us at Parkson @ KLCC from 8 - 14 Oct '09 and Parkson @ Sunway Pyramid from 15 - 21 Oct '09.

Exclusive Rockin' Accessories
With any RM300 purchase, including any Rock Me! fragrance:

1) Rock Me! Signature Guitar Bag

2) Rock ME! Miniature Perfume

3)Lomographic Camera (stock available only on this Saturday)


4) Mini Protective Powder Foundation

Top up to RM380 and receive:

1)Rock Me! Charm Bracelet
2)Mini Eye Makeup Remover
3)Mini Super Mascara DX Waterproof

AND Receive a Rocker Chic makeover with any purchase of Anna Sui products from 8 - 14 Oct '09 Rocker Chic Makeover !!! So cool !! Glittering in purple

However if you are not interested with the perfume, however you are still entitle to other Gift of Purchase promotion!

Purchase any RM300 and above and get the below

Mini Oil Control Lotion, Mini Mascara , Mini Pore Gel, Mini Protective Powder Foundation, Rock Me! Miniature and a shoulder canvas bag like below. (was told by SA)

p/s : Tomorrow also Isetan Anniversary Sale!!! While their promotion is RM300 received 5 gift set & door mat (1st 20 IMC members will receive additional fragrance miniature with purchase RM380 and above) Not valid with value buy/best buy.


  1. I must go n get that mini perfume! Plan to go today but here am I sick n just lying on bed. Hope Anna Sui can wait for me until next week. Don't habisss yet!!My Moschino already habis. sob sob. spoil my mood saja

  2. canvas beg?cant see the pattern cleary = =
    i planning to get the 30ml,hehe...

  3. wah.. cuci mata. see again! nice leh. spend lot get lot if budget then cannot buy that much.


    get the over the top award at!!

  4. forgot to ask the perfume how much is it must buy big size or all same size? I not sure.. so ask.. hehe..

  5. Cuna : have you got the miniature yet ?? Hehe, i think the taste quite nice :)) get well soon okay!!! must be good girl eat medicine and drink water and sleep okay ?

    baby : i re-upload the anna sui canvas bag for you again :P

    Sherry : hehe ya the gwp not bad leh, rm300 get quite a lot.. and top up a bit more wah, get so much.. the GWP includes small/big of the perfume.. as long its one of the item and its rm300 so u entitle to the gift. are u getting ?

  6. hi jess, not yet buy was intrested to buy but at pyramid SA told me not there but only at KLCC and 1 utama. :(

  7. oh??

    u have the lomo camera?? how much is that?? i'm thinking to get it... or its free with purchase?

  8. oh??

    u have the lomo camera?? how much is that?? i'm thinking to get it... or its free with purchase?

  9. Sherry : Yes lor... new launching ma..

    Emily : That lomo camera last time we got for free when they 1st launch their Fall 2009 collection , 1st 50 Isetan who called in for free makeover are given lomo camera and some other samples :) However now if you buy their latest perfume with any others item u to RM300 entitles to the free gift (incl lomo camera) as stated in my blog.

  10. hi jess, I kena tipu la.. I went 1 utama and they say dont have only at KLCC coz problem with warehouse and them.

  11. not sure if this weekend able to go klcc..

  12. last weekend went to pyramid as before I call there they said got when there say dont have only at klcc and 1 utama, so yesterday to 1 utama.. then say dont have.. :(

    so tired..

  13. Sherry : you got the perfume yet ? let me check for u in parkson / isetan tomoro.

  14. wahaha... nice to see nice to hold once broken consider sold.

    jess I bring my sister in law and son to 1 utama and son there only sicked :( wah.... then... SA tell me dont have.. sample oso as not reach.

    son fever already 2 days.. alamak he refuse go kindy.. I must call up ask coz he now say dont want teacher. :( must be kena bully.

  15. TH: Next time maybe advisable for you to call before you go to take samples as to avoid any disappointment. Anyway must be careful when your son got fever, if still not recover better bring him see doctor or blood test. I am just paranoid if *touch wood* if its dengue and others things like that. Better be safe than to be sorry . I think he scare of the teacher in kindy liao :P

  16. hi jess, thanks I ask friend help me. So mad already... go here and there but end up nothing.

    how many AS perfume you using now? its my first.

  17. i'm gonna buy their loose powder (3 tub) 2 luxurious powder and 1 normal powder tomorrow... sigh..

  18. Well, choosing the right perfume can be difficult because we need to considered intimate buying the wrong perfume because everyone interprets odors in their own way.



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