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Monday, August 22, 2016

Review of Mary Kay Upbeat For Her Eau de Toilette - flirty, festival-inspired scent created to capture THIS feeling

I'm a fragrance collectors, I lose count how many I own actually. Different fragrance gives me different feeling... some makes me feel girly, confident, calm and sexy! The latest one that added to my collection is Mary Upbeat for Her EDT! The fragrance name Upbeat actually caught my attention because it literally meant full of hope, happiness, and good feelings ...and that's actually the reason why I shower myself with fragrance every morning... to feel good , find hope & happiness the rest of my day!

Mary Upbeat for Her EDT is flirty, festival-inspired scent created to capture THIS feeling. Be you, be free! Upbeat, celebrates people’s love for music. There’s something almost electric that happens when a crowd gathers because of a shared obsession with music, united by their style and attitude about the world. It’s in this spirit that Upbeat, the new fragrance from Mary Kay was created.

The first sniff , I like the citrus scent as the top notes... so refreshing! However once the scent settle down it became a little bit of musky + floral scent. Although this fragrance is an EDP (Eau de Toilette interestingly the scent is quite strong at the first sniff however it went off after a while...  The bottle itself does gives a summer vibrant feel because it is in orange colour and that represent positive energy!

And according to the scent description ; here are the details for top, middle and bottom notes for this fragrance in case you are interested to know.

Top Notes
This unique fragrance opens with a captivating burst of red berries, sweet nectarine and sparkling apple. The delicious surge creates a boost of energy and a sense of excitement to last through the festival experience.

Middle Notes
Jasmine rose, muguet and wild honeysuckle add a sweet flirty nuance to this energetic fragrance. It exudes femininity, sensuality and the spirit of moving to the beat.

Bottom Notes
 Patchouli, skin musk, amber and agarwood unite to create the perfect mood for partying into the night.

Love how this Mary Kay Upbeat for Her EDT  has flirty, fruity, energetic scent with a sparkling open and a warm finish. 

Mary Kay Upbeat For Her Eau de Toilette is selling at RM89 (60ml). 

Kindly contact your nearest Mary Kay Independent Consultant at 03-7711 7500 or visit or Facebook Page for more information. 

Friday, April 11, 2014

CK One Red Edition for Him and For Her

the red-hot tension unfolds. 
doused with seduction, 
quenching their desires. 
introducing ck one RED EDITION.

The launch was held last month in Providence, The Intermark. I remembered clearly that the guests are treated to an exclusive crafted Belvedere cocktails featuring ck One Red Edition's top note.

Jessica Cheah the Senior Product Manager gave a short introduction of the ck one RED edition fragrance. 

Watch the official video of ck One Red Edition

ck One Red Edition – for her
stimulating – provocative – seductive

fragrance: addictive fruity floral

top note: juicy watermelon
mid note : invigorating florals
base note: velvety musks

ck one RED EDITION for women offers a new expression of freshness: uniquely energizing, yet daring and intense. As the fragrance opens, the bold vibrant freshness of juicy watermelon and violet leaves fuse with a burst of succulent fruits for a mélange of forbidden exploration. the notes are feminine and addictive, composed of warm white amber, sensual patchouli and intimate skin musk, to create a powerful blend of undeniable magnetism and seduction.

ck One Red Edition – for him
bold – vibrant – stimulating

fragrance: aromatic tonic woody

top note: invigorating red pear
mid note: rich suede
base note: sensual vetiver

ck one RED EDITION for men opens with a burst of the succulent juiciness of asian pear for a luscious top spiked with the energetic aldehydes. the heart comes alive with the irresistible sexiness of wet suede, while it blends with the fresh intensity of black pepper and ginger. a sexy dry down wraps the fragrance in sensuality, as vetiver haiti, creamy tonka bean, and captive musks collide.

Bottle & Packaging of ck One Red Edition
A new interpretation of the iconic ck one signature flask, the bottle is emblazoned with the ck one logo in a red, powerful, industrial typeface, faded at one side for a hint of edge. the women's bottle is clear glass with a red metallic cap and a glossy red outer carton, contrasted with the men's version in smoke-tinted glass with a jet black carton.

Me & Jessica posing with the huge bottles of ck One Red Edition! Both wore black with a touch of red as that's the dress code of the launch!

ck One Red Edition is already available since Feb 2014 in their counter in major shopping malls & sephora. The price of ck One Red Edition range are as follows :

ck One Red Edition - For Her  
EDT 100ml : RM215
Body Wash 200ml : RM75

ck One Red Edition - For Him
EDT 100ml : RM215
Body Wash 200ml : RM75

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Review : MARC JACOBS HONEY EDP comes in a cute packaging that many girls can't resist!

I always have a thing for perfume that has cute packaging and Marc Jacobs perfumes definitely have the cutest one around and they always somehow stand out amongst the rest.

Honey by Marc Jacobs is no different from its predecessors because this is also an eye candy for the eyes. The bright packaging in yellow which looked like a BEE just make me happy by looking at it! You can imagine how attractive is this fragrance bottle because mine was stolen during the 3 months renovation works at my house and I was feeling sad because I didn't realised it until the renovation works were over recently. This explains why my review is so much later even though the fragrance was launched in August as I just got myself a new bottle of this fragrance recently.

Marc Jacobs Honey has a vibrant, bold and spontaneous concept and with the height of irresistible charm, HONEY by Marc Jacobs promises to set our heart a flutter...

Bold stripes, feminine dots and a punch of color meet in a graphically clever mix that reflects Marc’s inventive play on classic lines and patterns. Playful and polished, the bottle is an elegantly crafted glass bottle that reveals the cheerful golden hue of the fragrance.

On the top, landed a butterfly in vibrant yellow and black stripes.

Shimmering pearl at the center of each butterfly add polished radiance, while the signature logo and gold coil- wrapped collar imparting a glided touch.

Honey by Marc Jacobs Eau de Parfum is a sweet fruity floral scent and although it is named Honey, it is surprisingly not as sweet as I thought it be. The first sniff I can smell the refreshing citrus zing from the pear and juicy mandarin and the fragrance scent settle, I can smell the sweetness from the honey and vanilla. And I love how the sweetness of the fragrance is not overwhelming.

Top Note : Pear, Fruity Punch, Juicy Mandarin

Middle Note : Orange Blossom, Peach Nectar, Honeysuckle

Base Note : Honey, Golden Vanilla, Smooth Woods.

This fragrance is developed by Firmenich, the fragrance energizes with the freshness of green pear brightened with a splash of fruity punch and juicy mandarin. At the heart of the fragrance is orange blosson, a note of sparkling femininity that mingles with nectars of honeysuckle and peach, honey, vanilla and smooth woods dry down to a warm, golden base.

If you like a floral scent with a hint of sweetness from honey, you definitely need to try out this. With such a cute packaging, I'm sure many girls want this to be on their vanity table! With Christmas just around the corner, this would be a great Christmas gift!

Besides fragrance, it also offers Radiant Body Lotion ( 50ml for RM167) and Fresh Shower Gel (150ml for RM160) to compliment the fragrance. 

Honey by Marc Jacobs EDP is now available in counters
30ml for RM228
50ml for RM290
100ml for RM360

Friday, November 22, 2013

Kate Perry Killer Queen Fragrance

Kate Perry recently launched her third fragrance and it's called Killer Queen. She said
“When I was creating Killer Queen, I was really inspired by the idea of a strong, confident woman in power and that is exactly what I hoped to put into this fragrance, something that brings out the power inside of you.” 

Watch the video of Katy Perry - Killer Queen. Her last word in the video is OWN THE THRONE

Introducing Killer Queen by Katy Perry which is the new, strikingly gorgeous fragrance that captures Katy Perry’s rebellious spirit throwing convention to the wind. 

The Fragrance is created by Laurent Le Guernec of IFF, Killer Queen is an addictive fragrance that bewitches, indulges and demands to be noticed.

“The Red Velvet Flower inspired this creation beginning with the richness of the burgundy red, the velvety feel reminiscent of a royal cape and its deep textured floral scent”, says Laurent Le Guernec.

Top Notes
Wild Berry
Dark Plum

Middle Notes
Red Velvet Flower
Natural Jasmine Sambac
Rainbow Plumeria

Base Notes
Natural Patchouli Heart
Liquid Praline

The Bottle
Is inspired by a queen’s scepter, the distinct jewel-shaped bottle in shades of royal red and gold portrays sexy sophistication and lawless luxury. The faceted bottle rests languorously on its side, like a loose, precious gem fit for a Queen. The regality of the bottle is enhanced with a rich gold crown showcasing a custom crest capturing Katy Perry’s playful essence - regal cats, a music clef, hearts and dagger.

The Carton
The imperial red carton echoes the royalty of a Killer Queen with a tufted textured pattern reminiscent of a throne framed with a fanciful ermine border. Playful gold crowns add whimsy to the carton while the signature Katy Perry crest and ornate filigree logo add prominence and distinction.

Took a picture with the model who is really gorgeous!

Kate Perry Killer Queen Fragrance is already available in all Sephora outlets

Katy Perry Killer Queen EDP 100 ml / 3.4 oz : RM 250

Katy Perry Killer Queen EDP 50 ml / 1.7 oz: RM 200

Katy Perry Killer Queen  EDP 30 ml / 1 oz: RM 150

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Scuderia Ferrari Black Limited Edition launching this July 2013

Shape, spirit, mystery, sensuality – strictly Black. This is the concept that creates the legendary BLACK fragrance for an intense and charismatic man.

On the heels of this success, Scuderia Ferrari celebrates in 2013 the legendary fragrance with a new collector bottle, totally inspired by the Ferrari racing DNA.

A collector version of the legendary bottle

This collector edition embodies a modern and refined new interpretation of the mythical BLACK matte bottle.

Directly inspired by the Formula 1 heritage, the bottle acquires strength and power through an exquisite printed glossy flag. The contrast between the matte black paint and the brilliance of the racing flag in motion awards a touch of dynamism and masculine elegance. The black velvet softness and iconic yellow racing shield pay tribute to the original bottle.

The famous scent of the original Black

This Limited Edition preserves the mythical fragrance of the original Black.

Top Accord : Releases an exciting and fusing strength: the harmony of Citrus notes, Lime and Bergamot, blended with bright-fruity touches, Apple and Plum. 

Heart Accord : diffuses a deep mystery: warm spices, Cardamom and Cinnamon rounded by a precious floral accord of Jasmine and Rose. 

Base notes : reveal an intense and masculine sensuality: elegant woody notes of Cedarwood and Amyris Wood, softened by Vanilla and intense Crystals Musk.

Scuderia Ferrari Black Limited Edition 125ml selling for RM180 and it would be available at major departmental stores in July 2013

Sunday, April 14, 2013

RED MEANS GO ! Hugo Boss launched NEW HUGO RED fragrance in Malaysia!


RED just shows my personality, which is loud, daring, brave (not all times though), determine and full of energy (oh ya I am full of smiling energy! :D). 

And I think I totally look HOT like chilly padi in RED! 

Check out my RED hair, RED lips, RED nails & RED dress! 

When Hugo Boss recently launched their latest HUGO RED fragrance, RED was chosen not incidently but because it is the most intense colors of all, associated with energy, strength, power and determination... in another word  


What Jared Leto has to say about Red color!

Scroll down to read more about the launch of Hugo Red fragrance in Malaysia!

Hugo Boss has its preview media launch for Hugo Red in Ril's @ The Warehouse which is a really unique place I must say because from outside it looks like your old Chinatown shoplot, but when you stepped inside...this is what you see!

This place is not only a restaurant, it's a gallery too!

 Spot my HOT Jared Leto on the wall holding Hugo Red!

Since this year is Hugo 20th anniversary and being a brand that always striven to challenge traditional rules and ideas, Hugo Boss took a DARING move to build around two contrasting accords, the Solid Chili accord and Liquid Heat accord which reflect the different facets of cold & hot metal.

The Solid Chili accord combines grapefruit in the top note with rhubarb in the heart note to create a bitter fresh accord with a metalic accent that stimulates the underlying strength of solid metal.

 While the Liquid Heat accord is characterized by cedarwood and hot amber that blend together in the dry-down to convey the heat and fluidity of red-hot medal.

And this HUGO RED is THE PERFUME for MEN because it captures the idea of pushing boundaries and with a contemporary blend of contrasting full of cold & hot tension whick will stimulates & energenized one to be ready to challenge himself.

Jared Leto is the right man and he fits to be the face of HUGO RED as he is the HOT LOOKING modern icon of originality, he is renowned for his extraordinary creativity and unique talent.  In Jared own words, I think creativity and pushing boundaries go hand in hand, and originality comes from individuals who are willing to take chances, to bet on themselves”.

And when we always making predictable choices or reverting to well-trodden patterns of behavior, that totally stifles our creativity. So it’s when you challenge yourself that the most original ideas and performances happen.

And just like how my blog title sound.. " I'm living in the box, I'm jumping out to see the world" . I am always ready to take the challenge to venture into the world..just like Hugo Red concept!
 I don't want to learn how places looks like through tv channels and magazines,
I don't want to live & die not knowing how does the world looks like,
Not only I want to see, I want to feel those places!
So with my determination, strength & power,
I will go... you will know,
I am ready to go and meet the world!

During the launch, we are asked to draw to use their creativity to design Hugo RED bottle using invisible ink pen.

Here we are tested to use our creativity and pushing boundaries using only our imagination to come up with our masterpiece!

After the challenge, we are served lunch on Ril's Steakhouse 1st floor. Clockwise - Appetizer Bread, Charred Tomato Soup, Ril's Red Velvet Cake and Red Tuna Steak

After lunch, we were ushered to SOGO KL for the official launch of HUGO Red.

Welcome & Introduction speech by Ms. Lau Sook Ping, Country Manager of P&G Prestige Malaysia and Singapore and Ms. Teh Sin Mei, PR Manager of P&G Prestige Malaysia.

After the speech, I took the opportunity to join the 2nd challenge, Pushing Boundaries Under Pressure. Looked how stress I am trying to push myself to complete the jingjaw puzzle!

At the first round, we are given 30 seconds to complete this jingjaw puzzle! 

Do you think this is possible? 


Nevertheless members of the media are always Ready with Courage to GO to take the challenge because there are attractive prizes for those who completed the challenge! However most of them managed to complete the challeged within 40 seconds!

Members of the media together with bloggers Ready to Smile for the Camera!
The P&G Prestige Team and SOGO KL Team 

I'm passing this Hugo Red fragrance to my boyfriend! I just how the scent changes from a citrus to a woody smell...very sexy! ^.^

Oh did I mentioned that RED also represent ONG (luck in Chinese) and LOVE (think of roses!)?

  Watch how Jared Leto in Hugo Red commercial!

RED means GO!

 GO GO GO with Hugo RED!

Except when traffic lights are RED okay!

This is definitely one of the must have fragrance for the men out there!

And there is one very unique thing about the Hugo Red bottle is that the bottle itself possess heat sensitive properties. And if you touch it with warm fingers, it’ll turn the bottle into a lighter shade of red leaving it with your fingers print. That is so COOL right!

Get ready and GO and get one HUGO RED for yourself or father, brother, husband, boyfriend or male colleague today!

Hugo Boss has a collaboration with Sogo KL, and this is the attractive promotions available exclusively in SOGO KL only!

HUGO Red pricing in Malaysia
Eau de Toilette 75 ml - RM202
Eau de Toilette 150 ml - RM291
 Shower Gel 200 ml - RM85
Deodorant Stick 75 ml - RM85
 Deodorant Spray 150 ml - RM85

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Dress & Win at Salvatore Ferragamao Signorina EDT BFF Event in Isetan Suria KLCC


The first 10 groups of 5 BFF’s to come in pale pink dresses  at 11am on 29 March 2013 will WIN hamper prizes* up to RM25,000 at Salvatore Ferragamao Signorina promotion at Isetan Suria KLCC Centre Cour, Concourse Level! 

*Each group will be eligible to win 1 hamper     

Bonus: Those who purchase the April issue of Female or EH! magazine will be able to redeem a complimentary mini spray**  ** Limited quantities are available  

Anyone going ?

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Free Issey Miyake L'Eau d'Issey Absolue EDP sampling!

Received an email this morning as a member of Issey Miyake, they are launching the new L'Eau d'Issey Absolue EDP ,and I think night blooming jasmine flower will be the key note of this fragrance!

So I am sharing out this invitation, just print out & bring to Issey Miyake roadshow in Mid Valley ( East Entrance Lobby, Ground Floor) from 6-10 March 2013 and get a complimentary sample of the perfume! While stocks last!
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