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Friday, March 30, 2018

Review & Swatch of Mary Kay Gel Semi Shine Lipstick

I was sent a couple of new Mary Kay Gel Semi Shine Lipstick range to try. As a lipstick hoarder, I am definitely excited because I have been trying out a couple of their products in the past and so far they are to my liking!

Mary Kay Gel Semi Shine Lipstick comes in black sturdy luxury looking packing.

I like the clear top window on the lipstick case making my life easier by looking at the shades at a snap rather than opening one by one to pick the colour, whether it’s in a cluttered handbag or makeup drawer. 

Although this is a gel semi shine lipstick, this product promises to deliver full-coverage to your lips by having gel microsphere technology which can offer rich, stay-true colour that delivers long-lasting wear – without leaving lips looking or feeling dry. 

What so unique about this Ultrafine silica microspheres technology is that it will lock in the lipstick colour on the lips making it more long lasting. Yet it’s in lightweight gel formula that glides on smoothly and cushions lips, leaving them feeling soft and supple with ingredients such as sunflower seed oil and jojoba butter, to help condition lips while. In essence this Mary Kay Gel Semi Shine Lipstick delivers long-lasting wear without drying lips.
I was given 3 different Mary Kay Gel Semi Shine Lipstick shades to try

Here are how the swatches look like with just 1 swipe, the colour payoff is highly pigmented. Here I will try out one by one the colour to show how it appear on my lip.

Mary Kay Gel Semi Shine Lipstick in Luminous Lilac shade is a very shimmery lilac pink purplish that leaves my lips pop with luminous shine. The lightweight gel formula lipstick glides on smoothly and cushions lips, leaving my lips feeling soft and supple.

And this shade is a sweet shade to brighten up my look!

Mary Kay Gel Semi Shine Lipstick in Mod Pink shade although the name has the word pink but the shade is more towards coral-ish pink colour.

This is a great subtle shade for everyday look and this is the shade that will suits for all skin tone for all occasions.

Mary Kay Gel Semi Shine Lipstick in Scarlet Red is my favourite shade of all. Although the red shade looks darker on tube, upon application this shade reveals a beautiful bloody red shade. What I like about this lipstick is that it gives a really intense colour payoff, the full coverage finishing has a long lasting effect that don’t dry up my lips.

Red is love! Red is bold!
This is the perfect must haves lip colour to steal the limelight at the event you are attending.

And I would highly recommend you to try Mary Kay Gel Semi Shine Lipstick if you are:-

  • craving for an intense, long-lasting lip color. 
  • prefer full coverage lipstick that won’t leave your lips looking or feeling dry

Mary Kay Gel Semi Shine Lipstick is sold at RM 55 each and for more details contact Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant today 03-77117500. 

Alternatively to find out more, you can visit 

Monday, August 22, 2016

Review of Mary Kay Upbeat For Her Eau de Toilette - flirty, festival-inspired scent created to capture THIS feeling

I'm a fragrance collectors, I lose count how many I own actually. Different fragrance gives me different feeling... some makes me feel girly, confident, calm and sexy! The latest one that added to my collection is Mary Upbeat for Her EDT! The fragrance name Upbeat actually caught my attention because it literally meant full of hope, happiness, and good feelings ...and that's actually the reason why I shower myself with fragrance every morning... to feel good , find hope & happiness the rest of my day!

Mary Upbeat for Her EDT is flirty, festival-inspired scent created to capture THIS feeling. Be you, be free! Upbeat, celebrates people’s love for music. There’s something almost electric that happens when a crowd gathers because of a shared obsession with music, united by their style and attitude about the world. It’s in this spirit that Upbeat, the new fragrance from Mary Kay was created.

The first sniff , I like the citrus scent as the top notes... so refreshing! However once the scent settle down it became a little bit of musky + floral scent. Although this fragrance is an EDP (Eau de Toilette interestingly the scent is quite strong at the first sniff however it went off after a while...  The bottle itself does gives a summer vibrant feel because it is in orange colour and that represent positive energy!

And according to the scent description ; here are the details for top, middle and bottom notes for this fragrance in case you are interested to know.

Top Notes
This unique fragrance opens with a captivating burst of red berries, sweet nectarine and sparkling apple. The delicious surge creates a boost of energy and a sense of excitement to last through the festival experience.

Middle Notes
Jasmine rose, muguet and wild honeysuckle add a sweet flirty nuance to this energetic fragrance. It exudes femininity, sensuality and the spirit of moving to the beat.

Bottom Notes
 Patchouli, skin musk, amber and agarwood unite to create the perfect mood for partying into the night.

Love how this Mary Kay Upbeat for Her EDT  has flirty, fruity, energetic scent with a sparkling open and a warm finish. 

Mary Kay Upbeat For Her Eau de Toilette is selling at RM89 (60ml). 

Kindly contact your nearest Mary Kay Independent Consultant at 03-7711 7500 or visit or Facebook Page for more information. 

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Review & Tutorial : Mary Kay Into the Garden Colour Compact transform Day to Night Spring Makeup Look

Not sure if you realised two days ago was the first day of spring for 2016. Besides winter, I love to travel during spring because there is something undeniably inspiring about warm sunshine and fresh flowers, beautiful blooms and lush greens.

And I just received this pretty palette from Mary Kay at my doorstep which is just in time for spring! Mary Kay launched their limited edition Into the Garden Collection this spring with assortment of garden-inspired beauty must-haves developed in collaboration with Brazilian born fashion designer Patricia Bonaldi which perfectly captures fashion’s current fascination with florals. 

Mary Kay Into the Garden Colour Compact is the all-in-one mirrored compact features four garden-inspired eye shadows and three ultrasheer lip glosses for endless color possibilities.

A close up look at the colour. So beautiful right?

My first thought when I saw the colour is I love the colour combination of the eye shadow which is easily suits all colour skin tone to create day to night makeup. And the lip colour combination is pretty has three very wearable colours to suits the eye shadow makeup.

Not forgetting the pretty season’s garden print on the casing which was made from hard cardboard material which would be great for travelling because it will be lighter than my usual metal casing.

As mentioned eye colours has a good combination of lighter & darker shade tone for me to blend to create day makeup to night makeup look easily.

Swatch of Mary Kay Into the Garden Colour Compact. 

Colours are really pigmented, smooth and easy to pick up really well with one swipe. And out of the four colours, three of them (namely Natural Taupe, Pink and Violet) has a little bit shimmering effect. 

I know some people are not into shimmering eye colour because they felt it's not easy to blend and looks a little bit too much. I think they key in using shimmer eye colour is the blending and always remember less is more! I actually put on shimmering eye colour daily because I felt it enhance my eyes and gives that extra "oomph" focus on my eyes!

Tutorial how to transform from day makeup to night makeup look using Mary Kay Into the Garden Colour Compact to create my spring makeup look this season! 

Day look : I applied Natural Taupe colour lightly all over my eyelid  to brighten up the eyes. Next I took a little bit of Pink colour and apply from the centre eyelid towards the inner corners of the eyes. After I'm done, I put on Violet colour and blend from outer corner of my eyes to the inner corner of my eyes,  carefully blending in the color to obscure the borders between the shades. Don't forget to take a little bit of Natural Taupe colour and apply at the browbone as a highlighter.

Night look : Using the Day Look I have created, I top up darker shade Plum Brown and apply along the upper lash lines, again applying more color at the outer corners and slowly blend towards the centre of the eyes to create the smokey eyes look.

After putting on eye colour, I line the upper lash lines with black eyeliner before finishing it up with my favourite mascara. 

Honestly I think this eye colours in this palette are great for everyday use because colours are really sweet and easy to play around and would be great benefit to beginners and to bring for travelling (because it's really light!).

And pink and violet are actually my sort of colours combination I wear quite often actually ... but in my case I have to match different palette to get this colour combination before having this palette colour combination in one palette. I personally think Pink and Violet are really a nice colour combination to give the sweet and romantic eyes makeup look, ah perfect to go for a date with this to mesmerize your sweetheart!

Next move to lip colour in Mary Kay Into the Garden Colour Compact ; Nude, Pink & Coral lip gloss.

Swatch of Mary Kay Into the Garden Colour Compact lip gloss colour.

Although the lip colour looks really pigmented on the packaging but when I swatch it it's pretty sheer... after all it does comply with its ultra sheer lip gloss formulation. 

Among the 3 lip gloss colour, I only use Coral most of the time because Nude lip colour doesn't really make much difference on my lips (because of my pinkish natural lip colour) and Pink looks too frosty on me. 

I would really love if there is a red lip colour because that's my favourite shade for lip colour!

But then again colour are really personally preference and I usually prefer darker or brighter lip colour shade because of my natural pinkish shade.

Which shade do you like the most among this 3 colours?

Although this is a lip gloss colour but it has some moisturizing effect to keep the lips hydrated and lips not feeling sticky after application, leaving the lips looking smooth and healthy. However the staying power only last me few hours with light meal in between.

This is my final spring makeup look I have created using Mary Kay Into the Garden Colour Compact. 

Ah...What do you think? Pass or not ? 

I think I'm ready for a spring picnic if I put on my cute floral hairband and dress! 

So if you are the kind who loves all in one colours in one palette, I think you can consider Mary Kay Into the Garden Colour Compact because all the colours are simply wearable!  

Mary Kay Into the Garden Colour Compact is currently selling at RM115.

And to those who are interested to purchase , you can contact Independent Beauty Consultant at 03-7711 7500 or log on to buy.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Mary Kay Cosmetics!

Here I am using (from left to right) 

Mary Kay TimeWise Liquid Foundations in Beige 3 
The Mary Kay Lash Primer 
Mary Kay Lash Love Mascara in Black 
Mary Kay Crème Lipstick in Pink Satin 
Mary Kay NouriShine Plus Lip Gloss in Possibilities 
Mary Kay palletes with 3 eyeshadows & a blusher 

I shall be doing short reviews on these stuffs I am using and some I really like!

Mary Kay TimeWise Liquid Foundations (RM70) features two finishes – Luminous-Wear and Matte-Wear and the one I am having is Matte Wear which cater to combination to oily skin. It has this special microspheres work all day to absorb oil and helps control shine. It has key ingredients that make the product an age-fighting powerhouse: 
  • Formulated with a blend of collagen-building peptides to help skin maintain its youthful look
  • Vitamin E – Neutralize environmental damage that can cause signs of premature aging
I always like foundation that comes in a tube because it is easy to carry around especially for my travelling. The texture of the foundation is watery and easy to blend. I think my pores looked smaller and face has a matte finishing which is great for people who has oily t-zone areas! The coverage of the foundation is medium and long lasting.

Mary Kay Crème Lipstick in Pink Satin and Mary Kay NouriShine Plus Lip Gloss in Possibilities

Mary Kay Crème Lipstick in Pink Satin (RM48) is really creamy and pigmented although it feels lightweight on my lips. This lipstick is fragrance-free with a hint of vanilla flavour. Most important this pink satin colour lipstick is extremely pretty in pink and it lasted for a few good hours!

Mary Kay NouriShine Plus Lip Gloss (RM48) in Possibilities is my favourite! Love how it has this beautiful fine shimmer and it’s not drying at all!

Mary Kay Lash Love Mascara (RM75) gives clean defining & the right amount of volume. The new flexible defining brush and unique quick dry long lasting formula empathize even to the tiniest lashes. 

Mary KayLash Primer (RM75) is formulated with an exclusive complex of Pro Vitamin B5 (panthenol) and phytantriol that help to condition and strengthen lashes. It comes with a specifically designed dual-action brush that offers a unique combination of cotton fibers that coat each lash from root to tip, and nylon fibers that comb and separate lashes for a clump-free application.

The Mary KayLash Primer is light in texture and in clear formula and dry up pretty fast before I could apply Mary Kay Lash Love Mascara in black which gives me lengthening effect and define my lashes properly. My mascara lasted me whole day without any smudges!

Looked how long my eyelashes are!

My full look using Mary Kay's cosmetic products! 

Mascara & Lipstick is a must in my daily makeup regime, what is yours?

 For more information, visit

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