Thursday, January 7, 2010

Clarins Roadshow in MidValley 4-10 Jan

During my little shopping therapy in Mid Valley yesterday, spotted Clarins roadshow yesterday just in front of Jusco in ground floor . Out of curiosity walked closer and was told by the SA that Clarins Jusco are promoting their new Multi-Active range.. and offering Gift with Purchases from 4 Jan - 10 Jan 2010. Here are the pictures which will do the talking ....

Gift with purchased offered during the promotion

With purchase of RM280 inclusive of Multi-Active products, receive a Clarins Multi-Active Tote Bag (choice of 4 colours as shown in the above pic)

Early Bird

First 20 customers per day upon RM480 purchase will be entitled to receive an additional Cleansing Milk 100ml or Toning Lotion 100ml


( But if you purchase RM480, you entitle to tier 2 GWP and will have Free makeover & A4 Digital Photography Service)

You are entitle to receive freebie receive by visiting the booth !

(Few readers leave comments telling that either the SA asked you to go and find another SA who was holding the card yourself or was told no more cards available for distribution for collection of samples??) Read more at the comments area.)

For those who are not able to get the samples card from the roadshow, click here to register and print out and redeem the 3 pcs samples from your choice counter before 31st Jan 2010, while stocks last. Terms & Conditions apply.

( Wait no more, get your samples NOW, say NO to Early Wrinkles!)

Yes, Early Wrinkles? No Thank you!

A coupun for Anti-Stress Facial Treatment at RM74 (worth RM148) which Multi-Active products will be used!

p/s: I also found out that Jusco Clarins counters have not increased their prices yet, as they will officially increased it on the 8th Jan 2010 unlike other counters which have increased their price since 1 Jan 2010 due to system error. ( SO BE THERE TODAY IF YOU WANT TO GET SOMETHING, BECAUSE BY TOMORROW THE PRICE WILL BE INCREASED BY 5% !!!)

Also, the Clarins Christmas Hippo set still available at the counters! And found out there are some different set which I have never seen before.

There is another set which I don't manage to take pic , if I remember well it has Younger longer balm, Hydraquench serum and Sunblock for RM78 ( correct me if I'm wrong!)


ALSO, La Senza still having their Semi Annual Sale until 10 January, I bought a naughty pink pajamas dress! Minimum 30% discount, up to 50% !! Go buy yourself something for CNY !!!


  1. so tempting to go...
    but my drawers are all full with face care products... lol

  2. By today??>.<
    cannot la..I not yet get my salary..sob..else I really wanna get Clarins product lerr..>.<

  3. Hi Jess. By visiting their booth can get those freebies? or need to buy their products then only can get freebies? What do u mean by incresing 4%? For their products or their facial services? Thx. - norahs zheng-

  4. kekeke... i bought the 3rd hypo set at RM78 last week, which contain the Hydraquench serum 15ml... worth RM118! Superb saving ^o^

  5. hai jessy~

    A coupun for Anti-Stress Facial Treatment at RM74 (worth RM148) which Multi-Active products will be used! <-- actually this coupun we have to get from that roadshow or just call the counter and make an appointment for that facial?



  6. Attention : By visiting the promotion booth, the SA will give you a card which u need to can redeem the 3 skincare samples and a voucher for facial. You need to have the card in order to get the samples, and NO purchase is required. And the voucher for facial (RM74) you must call for appointment and bring the voucher along on the facial day itself.

    Lilian : If you are their regular user, then better stock u first lol!!

    Jean : Yes today last day. If you regular user, better buy lor, or else tomorrow 5% increased in price.

    Norahs Zheng: Yes all their skincare/cosmetics increased 5% ( sorry earlier mentioned 45) and facial increased around 9%, minimum basic facial at isetan counters is RM148 ( used to be RM135). Also No products need to be purchased for the free samples.

    iena: Thanks for liking my blog :)

    Juli : Yes stock up and save first.. !!!

    Shida : Need get vouchers for the samples and facial coupun to be collected after consultation from the roadshow itself. Appointment needed for any facial treatment.

  7. Thx 4 Ur clear explainations! omg! Increase pula. I plain 2 get the hypo set again and hope no increase in price. Today unable to go and hope Can go tomorrow. -norahs zheng-

  8. Norah Zheng: Yes the hippo sets more worth.. this make me thinking to stock up.. but still have plenty others to use~

  9. I was there at noon today, asked abt the samples. The person who seemed to be in charge said I had to look around for the promoters who wld be gvg out the cards. I asked her where were they? She said around Centre Court. Didn't believe her, shouldn't they be around the promo area but even after my lunch break, went back there, still no promoters handing out the cards. All I got was the sachet samples. Don't feel like buying anything like that...why cdn't person who seemed to be in charge hv given me a card there and then?

  10. The SA who gave me the card is at the promoting are just outside Jusco, if you look at my 1st pic at this entry, you can see she is standing there.

    Weird ask u go and look for the SA instead ?? They wanted business but don't seems making effort for that oh ! Then what is the purpose of promoting ? Sigh!

  11. i just went there during lunch, they told me ald finish distribute the card with 3 free sample, now they just give out the product leftlet.

  12. tangzi: So fast ?? Did you asked for sachet instead ? Thanks for the updates

  13. Yes, there was a promoter at the booth who handed me a card (not the card for free samples) with info on the multi-active products but she referred me to person who seemed to be in charge when I asked whether they gvg out samples. I just find it hard to believe that person who seemed to be in charge did not even hv 1 card for the free samples but told me to go and look for the promoters handing out the cards. Who has time to look for promoters who hv those cards? Shdn't they be stationed near the promo area....that's what I find surprising!


Let me know what you think! Thank you :)

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