Monday, January 25, 2010

My Lancome Amazing Makeover Contest

Last Friday I went to join Lancome Amazing Makeover Workshop in Parksons KLCC Lancome's cunters co-organised with Cosmopolitan Magazine which were advertised in the January 2010 edition. I was one of the 80 readers to go for the makeover and stands a chance to be chosen to be the top 5 to win Lancome products worth of RM500 ! So here are my pictures, what do you all think ???

I look like a prisoner here ...nude without any makeup!

p/s: I look horrible here, as I do not have a good sleep the night before.. stomach bloating after some sinful Korean food !!!

Zamri Zainol, the Lancome Make-Up Artist putting magic on my face !!!

p/s: Guess how old does he look ? He said he has been using Lancome for more than 15 years and that maintain his youthness and elascity of his skin!!

Tadaaaa........After 1 hour of makeover

I told Zamri I am the little green eyes monster he created !!! Hahaa...

To which Sasa described me as the Hulk (female version)

I like the blending of my eyes and it looks much more dramatic in reality than in photo shoot

I like the new dress that I wore that day , so greeny ~

Got it from Dorothy Perkins less than RM50 (70% discount I think)

So, Do you all think I have a amazing makeover ????


  1. amazing!! I like what your wear, and the makeup so match!^^

  2. Jean : Thank you, yes I think so the makeup & dress very matching... Heheh!

  3. You always look super cute, Jess! I like how he lined our eyes and the darker shades he used!

  4. The makeup is fabulous and as Jean says, it matches your outfit so well.

    Good luck in the contest!!

  5. The makeup is great and matches your outfit perfectly!

    Good luck in the contest!

  6. Good luck girl!!! Hope u win the contest!!

  7. Jess : Hahaa... i wish i can say Oh pretty I'm.. hehehe... yes i do like the technique how he lined my eyes and looks like babydoll..

    Pigita : Thank you, fingers cross XX

    Ciaw wei : Thank you !!! pray pray , like beauty pageant now..5 out of 80 persons.

  8. Looks stunning! Woot!
    Have you seen my blog post on the same makeover by Lancome at 1U?

    Pls feel free to drop a comment ya =] Thanks

  9. this is what i called makeover..u look pretty dear.nice.

  10. Rosajeajoong: Thanks! yes this is amazing makeover and I won a prize because of this :DD


Let me know what you think! Thank you :)

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