Friday, February 5, 2010

Prizes and Hauls of the week !!!

Been a real busy week for me especially when Chinese New Year is around the corner, however still manage to steal some time to attend Wacoal Sensuala Calendar Girl Launch Party in Mist Club last week. I brought another 2 boy friends (Lam lam and Lih Lih) with us to wash eyes ... hehe !!

I enjoy the most when Serena C is MC-ing, other than that.. even the girls in lingerie does not turn me up..Simply because some girls are wearing wrong bra sizes! I am very sure because I was standing right infront of the stage and even my boy friend realized that !!!!Hmppphh!!!! I got photos to prove lor... !! And there are tons of photographers at the event ( Yes, I do mean TONS, never before I seen so many photographer at an event!) ... I guess you girls know why..

Well this my door gift
( A calendar, a small towel, a batch and recycle bag)

And this is my prize !!! I did not win the Miss Wacoal Sensuala Calendar Girl okay, I went fully dressed!! In fact, I won this prize from a catwalk ... Well was cheated to the stage when Serena C said now is lucky draw time, the first 5 persons who bring to the age anything in red cherry and a woman left shoes win a prize. So the smart me, picked up confetti on the dancefloor and my own left shoes to Serena C. In my heart so happy won a prize, then she said not so fast, you going to have a catwalk and persons with highest cheering from the crowds win the white gold pendant! At that point of time, I am thinking Oh Sh*t! Why am I in the stage? Serena C whispered to my ears and said easy one lah.. boleh lah.. Hahaha.. she must has heard me cursing myself for being too smart to be on stage! All I remembered when its my turn to walk ( since there is no way to runaway) , I put my hands on my waist, head looking straight, and walked the runaway.. and gave a flying kiss (half flying kiss, according to Lam lam!).. and I was trying to hold my laughter! And my boyfriend was coincidently outside the club to get some fresh air when I was accidently doing the runaway!

So here is my prize!!

I got the most cheer from the crowd.. I do not know how !!! Haha... and special thanks toLam Lam, Lih Lih , Jean and her friends .. and also those who cheer for me that night !!! Neverthought of wining from the moment I stood on the stage.. well it is simply unbelievable !!! Hahaha... so I am also a runaway model material lah I assumed ..(let me dream on a bit longer!!)

Okay enough of my daydreaming !

Let me share what I have bought last weeks !

This is one of the IMC/ICC Member Exclusive Promotion Coupons for Chinese New Year Bonanza 25 Jan - 18 Feb 2010 (only selected Isetan members who spent RM600 above withins 6 monthly will get this, if I am not mistaken)

1) Laneige Hydra Solution Trial Set
2) Bought Clarins Gentle Cleansing Foam
3)Clarins Toning Lotion (In case you wonder why 1/4 was gone, I pour it to my small bottle for easy travelling)
4) Shiseido White Lucent Cleansing Foam with 8 pcs gift with purchase at only RM140 (Too hard to resist!!!)

1) Won a set of Redken's Hair products worth RM116 from Female Magazines

2) Bought Babyliss Curling Iron together with styling Mousse (Babyliss was recommended by many hairstylists and was used in most of the makeover I had!)

p/s: Another review will be up soon !!! Keep an eyes on this :D


  1. where u get shishedo haul? really worth it!!

  2. Wah, great job on the catwalk to get such a wonderful prize!!

    Is it real gold or costume jewelry??

  3. I love your hauls!!! Wao, u bought the Shiseido White Lucent sets! I never used Shiseido b4, but the offer is really damm good! should I get for myself too? hihihi...

  4. I wish I was there to cheer for your runaway... woot woot!

  5. Oh my god, can you please do a review on the shiseido and laneige skin care??

    Both of them are in my wish list, can't wait to get them~~~ is the free 8 piece promotion for RM140 still on?

  6. Congrats on winning the prize, and this is such a great haul

    Can you please do a review of the laneige and shiseido skin care :)
    Those two are in my wish list,especially the shisiedo one.. :) *wink* *wink*

    Oh ya, is the free 8 piece for every RM140 still on? if its still on, I might cabut to buy later :) thanks

  7. wow! must have been a glamorous moment! <3

  8. The pendant is so pretty!
    Lucky you!
    I cheer for you cause I know you..should cheer for frens instead of strangers maa..XD

  9. Wow, so lucky Miss Catwalk Queen! Lovely haul too

  10. tangzi: From IMC/ICC Member Exclusive Promotion Coupons, which selected isetan members will get...

    Pigita : I think it is real jewelry wooo...however I want to bring to Poh Kong to check again!

    juli1202: I think this promotion is damn good, because you got to try 8 others White Lucent products as well!! You should be getting this I think!!! Shiseido products not bad one

    Lilian : Thank youuucuu... so sweet of you...*kiss kiss*

    Blogger: Thank you and Yes these items are on my review sets, but need more timeee... many items on the line! So check it out ya ! Unfortunately Isetan KLCC sold out the RM140 set already!

    Kay : INDEED !!!!!!!!! Till now cannot forget the moment I walked on stage lol!

    Jean : Thank you so much, must be you & your friends screaming makes me win !!!!! Got to give u *10x kiss kiss* for that!!!

    Lavender : Thank you.. Haha~ must thank to my routine of walking too much in shopping mall!!!


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