Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Freebies from April Magazines

I redeemed using a voucher from Cleo Magazine, a MNG tote bag few weeks ago in The Curve outlet when I went for movie. Heard some of the other other outlets haven't got stocks yet. Better called before you go to redeem it

Canvas type material, not bad !

Latest Salvatore Ferragamo perfume - The Incanto Bloom from Female Magazine


  1. Yeah i also redeemn alrdy. Hv u redemn the Clinique mask from Cleo?

  2. what? u get to redeem the perfume from Female magazine? really? why izit when i didnt buy it.. there r so many freebies? :(
    do u think these r still available?

  3. heron : No i havent yet, got phobia walk into Clinique counter. Haha

    Shayna Jo : perfume is from female mag.. got leh .. its the one the page with ribbon 1 , very obvious in front 10-20 pages, need cut out the coupon n bring to counter to redeem., i got it from MV jusco when I went for lancome makeover. Hehe


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