Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Bought my first ever Crocs shoes!

(This 2 pairs are pretty simple and pretty)

I am not really into Crocs for many years . For some reasons, I think its too expensive and its ugly. (used to be!). Well so when I walked into the Crocs Warehouse last Sunday evening without any queue(the 2nd last day of their warehouse sale), I wasn't expecting to get anything knowing that the sale started on Thursday. I was in fact accompanying my boy to look for sandals. However me being me, cant resist sale and was lucky to be in size 4 shoes ( which is the only size left for women shoes) tried a few and then decided to grab the two above. RM40 for each pair. While my poor boy didn't even get a pair simply because no size shoe left for him and those available are expensive and ugly looking (sorry if I have offended any of you here..)

However when I wear to work today I realised size 4 size a bit tight for me, however still bearable, hopefully it will get a bit loosen up after wearing for some time.


  1. if too tight, nv mind... give it to me.... im size 4 also.... :P

  2. Haha, my sis also size 4, she also in the queue!


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