Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I won the Lancome Amazing Makeover from Cosmopolitan Mag!

I received a call from Cosmopolitan Magazine , Natasya just before I went Hong Kong last month that I am one of the winner of the Lancome Amazing Makeover which was conducted in late January this year! I was shocked when she told me about this because I totally forgotten about this contest and when she asked me what is my feeling/respond after I knew that I am one of the winner. I only remembered that I told her , amazing , amazing, amazing! Haha !!! Never expected that, since there are 80 lucky readers who are selected to go the makeover competition.

(Ahem my Thank you speech~~)

Drum roll~~~

Thank you Cosmopolitan for making dream comes true !

Thank you Lancome for giving this opportunity!

Thank you Zamri the National Make Up Artist for his magic hands !

Thank you my mummy for giving birth to me !

Thank you god for this luck and opportunity !

And thank you readers for reading this !

This is my first time appear in magazine !!!!

Feel so glamor !!

*Buntut kembang*

Check out the makeover in details here .

I am the third winner and I am still entitle to the same prize from Lancome Malaysia products worth RM500!!!!

Can't wait to collect the prize and see what is it !!!!!!!

Last week and this week has been a good week for me ! Very very good week indeed, been informed of winning 6 movies tickets of Bounty Hunger , IP Man, facial at 128 Faubourg, masks from Watsons and this !!!! And I am happy to buy so much stuffs back from Hong Kong (Check out my purchase here and here), no regrets!!!

I am drowning ~~~~~~~~~


  1. Congrats! U r always the luckiest one ^^ Keep this up :D

  2. Congrats Jess! I lol'ed at "Thank you my mummy for giving birth to me !" Haha...Cant wait to see what u've won! :D

  3. i am wondering what you won from 128 Faubourg? More like, what kind of contest was it?

  4. Aww that's amazing, lucky girl! Congrats =D

  5. Buntut kembang?Hahaha.Congrats babe! This month is the 1st time i bought Cosmo mag n suddenly saw u. wowww! Nice makeup. U look so georgous n deserve to win :)

  6. joanyee : of course must thanks my hot mama or else won be winning prize liao.. some more mother's day is coming soon..

  7. CY : It was given out in the facebook, random giveaway to their members by one of the mag. I didnt know when I join them . When receive email also shock juga!

  8. Gaby : Its really amazing experience, I will never forget this till the day I die !

  9. Cuna : Haha too happy until kembang lor! Thank you very much !!!! Didnt expect to win and appear in magazine!

  10. congrats to u..jess...ur makeup really nice oh this photo...pretty jess..:)


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