Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Prizes & Haul of the Month !

A few months back, I received a letter from Cosmopolitan announcing me that I am one of the 5 Winner for the Lancome Amazing Makeover contest selected among the 80 participants who joined! The prize is worth Rm500!! I was so thrilled and honored!

The prize consist of
1 bottle of Lancome Genifique 30ml
1 tube of Lancome Juice Tubes
1 palette of Lancome Ombre Absolu Duo Palette

Ah and I gave my Hot Mama the Lancome Genifique , hopefully she will be as hardworking as me in applying skincare ! I am going to spot-check her !

N0t long after that, I received an email from Cleo that I won their online contest and got myself a bottle of latest Lancome Maqnifique!

And I cant believe it that I also won some others contest from Facebook as well . Simple Skincare, IDI-Italy 1858 Skin Care , Talika Cosmetics and a number of movie tickets.

Honestly speaking I never thought of winning when I joined all these contest! It is the fun in participating with friends. Never thought that I am going to be so lucky. I am so blessed !

Thank you those that have voted me in some of the contests!!

While shopping for present for my friend last week, spotted this lovely package in Crabtree & Evelyn in KLCC . And the SA told me they are having promotion which is RM100 off my bill for purchase more than RM280! And the promo pack above is exactly RM180 after discount!! And on top of that was given a set of Crabtree & Evelyn travel size hand cream as GWP.

Actually I was resistance in purchasing this promo set even though I like the smell of this Rosewater range because I haven't fully recover from my recent Hong Kong & Shenzhen trip. But my boyfriend said this is good promotion eh, get it if you like.. and you dont usually buy products for body ! Buy lah ! I sponsored you half..Quickly I said YES ^.^ !

So I consider this as a prize also !!

I believe in "What comes around, goes around"

So I lost a number of things which are precious to me, but in return I got all the luck around me :) I am so thankful ~

p/s: And you guys should start joining those contest, because you never know if you going to be the lucky one !!! I am going to blow my kiss and spread the luck around ~catch it ! Ah finally, tomorrow I'm flying off to Guangzhou !!


  1. Congrats Jess... I wan Lancome Genifique!!! Do we need any voucher for Crabtree & Evelyn promotion?

  2. cia wei : blow lucky kiss to you~~ (inside maybe got saliva some more~hehe)

    juli1202: the Crabtree & Evelyn one no need voucher, just walked in. SA said all set above RM280 straight deduce RM100.

    Sherry : Thanks darling !!!

  3. Congratulations to you Jess, u r really lucky :)

  4. Jess congrats congrats. Blow lucky kiss to me too. Muacks! Muacks! Hug! Hug!

    Have a nice trip to GZ. See u when u get back. There are a lot of things to buy n eat in GZ. Have fun n enjoy...

  5. Offer apply to individual items ~ Crabtree & Evelyn?

  6. juli : applicable to all items !!! no matter individuals or set !!!

  7. Rane : Thanks ! I wish you luck too!!

    Kelly : yes yes, going slurp on you already !! I wish you health, beauty and luck okay! OMG eat eat, come back in double size.. lol

  8. thanks Jess u so sweet... always :D
    Enjoy, Eat & Shop first. Come back then diet n save lor... No choice lah, holiday is like that one. Eh missy u finish your packing dy kah??? Cepat lah. Btw, u prefer German Sausage or Spain Tapas. Apalah WC pula. U watch Final in China syiok leh. Take more pictures k... Miracles coming
    Pray that miracle happens.

  9. "what comes around , goes around " ! what a great words ! I believe in it too ^^

  10. ya, i also won a few stuff last month...fb lasenza...body shop freebies...etc.

    ur so lucky u won those stuff!

  11. Kelly : Thanks ah !!!

    Anna : Yes, I strongly believe in that :)

    Harim : Congratulation.. hehehe !! Let's keep prayinggg...


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