Thursday, September 2, 2010

Are You Moist Enough?

p/s: Me in Suvarnabhumi International Airport in Bangkok

It's no secret that I love traveling , well not just love but crazy about's in my gen!

This is my life and this is what I enjoy the most!

Am living in the box, am jumping out to see the world!

Be it by the sea,where the Sun was shinning like a crystal ball on top of my head. I enjoy the feeling of the sea-breeze blowing on my face..

I climbed 1 hour plus to reach this cliff at Phromthep Cape Phuket!

It's a breathetaking view that I will never forget!

I spent 2 hours shivering on the The Peak Hong Kong just to capture the perfect picture of the Hong Kong night view!

Yes I want to see the world through windows of my eyes !

And of course I love shopping too!

And often people asked me how do you take care of skin especially when you are traveling.

I am a self-confessed beauty freak. I take care of my skin (face) carefully.

It's crazy to tell someone that I applied 7 products on my face everyday before I sleep.

p/s: Yes I have a whole table of skincare ! But in order not to scare you people.. I blurred ittttt


I must confessed I used to fail in taking care other part of my skin and that hit me hard.. and now I am more diligence in taking care the rest part of my body!

One day my boyfriend told me your hands is so soft when he was holding my hands!

Jumped in happiness because I know my effort paid off!!!

Aewwww.. I know this is awful! But this is the truth, the skin at my ankle was peeling because not enough moisture!!!!!! This is what happened when we fail to take care of our body skin!

Who do not want to be a perfect pretty woman ?

Many woman loves to be beautiful and often only see what is in the mirror right?

p/s: From cat also can turn into lion!

Even though it looks not so perfect, we have foundation and conceal to hide it.

The truth is if we do not have good skin, then we would not able to good outcome of the makeup.

But what about the skin on our body?

Can we put on foundation/concealer to hide the flaws?

(I think whole bottle of foundation not enough to apply!)

Imagine a pretty face girl with rough skin all over her body and heels cracking ?

Not so beautiful sight after all right ?

p/s: Someone once told me that a guy told her that , he likes this girl very much who was dressed beautifully with her full makeup on. When he walked her home and she was climbing the stairs back home, this guy saw her ugly side that is her ugly cracking heels. The guy ended decided not go after her. He thinks it's disgusting and no matter how well a lady dressed up and put on an inch thick of makeup, she has failed to take care herself as a whole.

So today ask yourself if your skin is moist enough ?

If you’ve been neglecting your skin lately, Vaseline is on a mission to change that. The expert skincare brand just launched its Amazing Skin campaign which seeks to empower women to love and appreciate their skin, not just the face but the entire body by giving it the care and nourishment it deserves. Along with that, Vaseline also unveiled its new body lotion range catering to different skin needs, with variants like Total Moisture, Healthy White, Intensive Rescue, and Aloe Cool and Fresh. The best part? Vaseline is having a contest especially for you Nuffnangers ( so good to be Nuffnanger right!!) so that you can all celebrate YOUR amazing skin!

So many range from Vaseline body lotion to choose with !

Suitable for all occasion !

Be it at the beach, mountain, sea or shopping malls!

p/s: Can't wait to try it !

The 75 best written blog posts will win a pair of invites to the poolside party, and that’s not the only thing you stand to win. Check out the list of goodies up for grabs:

Best Written Blog Posts
1st Prize - RM3,000 cash + Vaseline products
2nd Prize - RM2,000 cash + Vaseline products
3rd Prize - RM1,000 cash + Vaseline products
5x Consolation Prizes - RM200 cash + Vaseline products

During the party itself, there’ll be prizes for games and lucky draws too! And make sure you get some help from Vaseline moisturizers to look absolutely glowing, because the female blogger with "The Most Vibrant Skin" will win a Coach Handbag worth RM2,000!

There’s no better way we’d rather share this celebration of amazing skin with you Nuffnangers – it’ll truly be an elegant affair to remember. Picture this: A stunning view of the setting sun by the gorgeous poolside of the Luna Bar, with local jazz artiste Yuna serenading us all and a stand-up routine by the dashing comedian, Kuah Jenhan. Finally, celebrity host Jojo Struys will also be there, so mark your calendars and don’t miss out on this party!

I believe in having good skin aka keeping my skin hydrated as it will bring out the best of me , be it with or without my makeup.

I am confident I will be looking great as I will be beautiful inside out :)

p/s: Don't forget to drink water okay , applying skincare and body care 1 liter also wont be as good as drinking a cup of water now ! Keep yourself hydrated and your skin will automatically be moisture~

Let's be beautiful from head to toe ~

Note : For more information on this contest, click on Nuffnang page here to find out more.


  1. wow good post and get to know you and product.

  2. lurve this post.. hope u can win 1st Prize - RM3,000 cash + Vaseline products dear..good luck k..muahxx~

  3. This is a really nice post! All the best for the competition and do check out my entry as well? :D

    Miss Ave T


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