Friday, September 3, 2010

Redeem complimentary Bobbi Brown Hydrating skincare sample and win RM5,000 slogan contest

Bobbi Brown just introduced their latest hydrating range. The hydrating cream claimed that they had light texture that will melt on our skin keeping our skin hydrated and glowing all day long.

Well good new is they are offering sample for us to try!

Click here to redeem the sample

Note : An sms would be sent your hp once you completed registration. Show your hp msg to the outlet you selected to redeem the sample.

Also don't forget to join their simple slogan contest and you might be in the running to win Bobbi Brown products worth RM5,000!

Happy weekends people !

Lots of love ~


  1. hi, i done evithing...but never receive sms. any idea?

  2. tutu : no problem

    Annoymous : I did the same step and receive the sms. Did you put in the hp number correctly ? You need follow the eg there.. and then must key in the slogan before your submission is considered done

  3. j3nny9irL

    hmm did you girls enter the right digits or not? The phone number there already has 01- then u fill in example 2 for maxis, 9 for celcom then followed by 7 digits lo. Once I click submit I got the sms already. very fast leh


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