Wednesday, November 24, 2010

NOTD : Lunasol Natural Beige

How often I go Beige, almost never because I never look good in beige eyeshadow or beige clothing which explains that I did not get the latest Lunasol Christmas Holiday 2010 collection...although it was so damn worth... and I'm love with the pouch instead..!!!

So a while ago whem I got this Lunasol Natural Beige nail polish from an online contest I wasn't too keen to try. But this is Lunasol... so I gotta try this out!! Turned out the color actually look quite good on my nail. Very clean look!

My comment : The nail polish is quite quick drying compare to some of my nail polish. However I do need to apply 3 layers of nail polish here because the coverage is a bit sheer.

Lunasol Nail finish - RM52/each


  1. I love beige (nude) nail polishes a lot, but finding the perfect one for oneself's skintone can be challenging!

    This Lunasol one looks gorgeous! Is it the Sheer Gold Beige one from the Sheer Gold Collection 2010? Because I'm totally eyeing that one! ;)

  2. Lisa: yaya this is beautiful thank you!

    Jess : this is from Lunasol Christmas Holiday 2009 collection not to Sheer Gold Collection 2010.. You are eyeing on d eyeshadow collection??

  3. I love the colour!! Have been looking for a similar colour for a while now


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