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Friday, March 29, 2013

NOTD: Etude House Sweet Recipe Ice Cream Nail Polish in Mint

 Etude House just launched Secret Recipe Collection yesterday in Bangsar! And one particular product caught my attention, which is the Ice Cream Nail Polish in Mint. And when I got home, found the nail polish in my doorgift... I was so happy and quickly put on my nails!
 Love the coverage, I only applied 2 layers here only.

Love it , it is so pretty in mint colour! The bottle design is so cute & look so yummylicious!

Love how it is easy to apply & dry up pretty fast!

Comes in 4 beautiful pastel colours; such as yellow, pink, beige & mint.. and I love all the colours!!! *thinking to buy all...hmmmm*

So do you like my new nail polish colour?

Each Etude House Sweet Recipe Ice Cream Nail Polish is selling at RM25.90/each

Check out their facebook at here or visit their website at

p/s: Will update the rest of the collection later! 

Friday, September 7, 2012

Review : Pretty Japanese Gel Manicure at Shige Hair Salon

I love my pretty Japanese Gel Manicure which I had during my Raya holiday break! 

Ah well pampering myself on public holiday is the best thing to do!

I did my Japanese Gel Manicure at Shige Hair Salon in Plaza Damas, Sri Hartamas. You will be asking me why doing nail services at a nail salon right? Well the owner of the hair salon just introduced the nail services located a floor above the salon.

Biju greeted me with her smile when I arrived. She is a Korean but she speaks fluent Japanese (and Korean of course) and a little bit of English :) She told me that she lived in Tokyo for a few years and she learnt her skills as manicurist back in Japan. And now she works in Malaysia because she love the warm weather here and I on the other hand love Japanese winter weather! How irony is it right?

Akiyo the Japanese owner of Shige Hair Salon was there too to meet me & shared with me that their products & machine used in hair salon & nail salon are from Japan & they also use Japanese technique to maximise the effect.

 Well I always undecided when comes to colour, after having a consultation session with Akiyo & Biju, I decided to go for Japanese manicure with beige as my nail colour as I wanted something simple & classy.

They also showed me some of the pretty designs which Biju did. Love how Japanese nails design are always full of bling & cute details!  

 Bio Sculpture Gel

Bio Sculpture Colour range

 Even all this bling & nails accessories are brought in from Japan!

 Biju is very detailed and talent manicurist as each nail design is patiently created by her, step by step.

After 2 hour, my nails have a super pretty makeover! 

Very pretty & classy just like how I wanted!

Do you like my nails design?

I like how Biju gave her full attention and very skillful for the design she created for me. I really like the long lasting effect as the glitter shine & accessorries still remains even after 3 weeks unlike our normal one which can last less than a week! My true story, I was really impressive on how durable of my gel nail polish is pretty impressive considering the colour & accessories still nicely attached on my nail even even after I spring clean my kitchen I had a lot of wiping and brushing! The only donwside is that I woud need to go back there to remove the gel polish! 

 Services available
Oh I checked my Japanese Gel Manicure is RM350, it is not cheap but this is definitely a personalised design :)

Shige Hair Salon 
C-0-6 & C-1-6 Plaza Damas, 
 60, Jalan Sri Hartamas 1, 
Sri Hartamas, 50480 K.L
Tel: 03-6201 7368

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Try RMK Brow Rehab services for Free !

Do you think restoring botched brows can be a major pain in the arch?

RMK is inviting you all to wipe away that worried look & drop by RMK counters today for a complimentary brow shaping service!

Terms & Conditions
1) Prior booking required
2) Limited to 5 customers a day
3) Valid from 10-19 August 2012

Isetan KLCC : 03-2164 7392 , Isetan The Gardens 03-2287 4931 , Parkson Pavilion 03-2148 3119

No purchase necessary to enjoy such service below.

More information , visit

Monday, February 13, 2012

NOTD : My Valentine Peach Cocktail polish set from Japan

I bought this pretty nail polish set last year in a mall in Shinsaibashi, Osaka and totally forgotten about it until recently I found it inside my drawer! I always fancy Japanese nail design and I remembered there are so many pretty nail polish set and I just simply pick up this one because it was the cheapest among all :P It was 609 yen around Rm23 or less (when I bought that time because exchange rate was lower)

So I took out and try it for my first time!

This mini gradient nail polish manicure kit comes in 3 colours.

Each nail polish is labelled with A,B and C and I just followed the steps stated behind the nail polish packaging.

Can't read Japanese so I am just following my instict while looking at the picture tutorial

After 10 mins I'm done because the nail polish dried up pretty fast !!

Was so happy because my nails result is per the picture illustration in the box ! #happy

Can't stop admiring at my nails now!

I think I will to buy some polish when I am in Japan this coming Friday because it is so simple to use & the results are so pretty!

And my nails are perfect for Valentine's Day tomorrow !!!

To those in love, Happy Valentine's Day !
If you're single do enjoy yourself because you still have plenty of choices!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Super awesome Shiseido Makeup Stimulator - trying makeup without needing to put them on!

A while ago, I visited Shiseido roadshow in KLCC as I was told by the PR that there will be a makeup Simulator machine that is flown all the way from Japan to be here in Malaysia for just a few days. And I gotta blog about this because this is something really awesome that I tried !!

Keep reading to find out.....

Well first of all, there is quite a queue to try this makeup stimulator machine , so lucky for me PR has made an appointment for me to try out this machine. I was extremly curious what is this machine is all about.

I was asked to sit on the chair facing this monitor which is so called Makeup stimulator. I was strictly told that I shall not move my head around in order for it to work properly.

Basically Makeup Simulator machine will automatically detect and identify my facial features and capture using it's camera.

Once the image is captured on the screen, the I can then select what colour or texture I want from the variety of shades ....from foundation, eyeshadow, blusher, lipstick to lipgloss. All is up to my liking, so I mix and match...and I really wanted to see if smokey eyes can carry red lipstick on my face...

After I picked my colours the makeup stimulator machine will then lay the chosen colour accordingly on the my facial features.

I literally WOW a moment when I saw my face on the monitor has colours of the eyeshadow, blusher and lipstick I chose. Everything looked so real on the monitor, it is unbeliveable!

This machine is so damn because I could actually try ANY colors and textures (all shades) to find my perfect match without having to waste time applying on actual skin to try one by one! I can always click the "BACK" key to try another colours!

Well, this is my final look!

As you can see I'm quite crazy about red lipstick nowadays but finding the right red colour to match my skintone and eye makeup are not easy, so this makeup stimulator machine is really helpful!

How I wish all beauty brands will have this machine like this ! I think Shiseido should place this machine at their counter permanently and these testers at counters would not be needed anymore!

Friday, July 15, 2011

My waxing & hand paraffin experience in BMIC Nail Spa Salon

Over the last weekend, I decided to for waxing at BMIC which not only doing nail services but also offering waxing service as well. I remembered my first time oh eyebrow waxing is in Benefit counter last year. This time I am going to have a private waxing session at BMIC Starhill.

I am going to share with you girls here how they did my waxing session and hand paraffin treatment :)

Ops did I mentioned where am I going to wax? Well I am going to wax my eyebrow and above my lip area.

So I was lead into a private room and make to lie on the bed before the waxing session started. Kelly, the therapist looked at my eyebrow shape first before she proceeded to took a little bit of warm honeywax from the pot.

Quickly she applied the warm honeywax on the area that she intending to wax.

Then she put a strip on the area she put the honeywax. Pressing it hard to make sure it its properly stick.

Suddenly she pulled up the strip,at first it is a little bit painful because I did not expect that coming. Haha look at my expression! Quickly Kelly applied some kinda of gel on my skin to give soothing effect.

I was told that the action in pulling out the strip must be very fast at one go or else it would be very painful for us.

Then she gotta trim a little excess of the left over eyebrow and to shape i properly.

Hula, within 10 mins I got a pretty nice eyebrow shape already ! Yes it is a little painful but I was told this waxing could prevent the new growth of eyebrow hair for at least 3-6 weeks! So now I do not need to trim it for next few weeks !

For the lips area, there are some fine tiny hair on my upper lip. The method of applying and peeling of the honeywax is the same. However this time around it is not so painful compare to my eyebrow waxing because our eyes are the most sensitive/fragile area on our face.

After some waxing services, I went for the hand paraffin treatment. It is one of my favourite service because I like the feeling of my hands being soak into the warm wax just like how I like my feet to be soaked into warm water after a long tiring day.

Hand paraffin treatment helps to softening and moisturizing our hands. The warm paraffin wax helps to improve our blood circulation, reduces pain and stiffness around joints

This paraffin wax is peach flavour.

Before I dip my my hands into the warm paraffin wax (temperature over 35 °C), I opened up my fingers so that paraffin wax can wrapped around each of my fingers. I dipped around 3 times and each time each layer should harden slightly before a thick layers of paraffin wax built up on my hands.

Then I was told to wear a plastic hand gloves to lock in the moist.

And to retain the warmth of the wax, I was given a pair of mitten to to wear. I waited around 30 minutes for the paraffin to be cooled and dried before the therapist removed the paraffin wax by peeling it off from my hands.

And my hands are now soft and moist now :)

Apart from doing hand paraffin treatment, we must always apply hand lotion to keep our hands moisturize :)

BMIC Nail Spa Salon
S18, Pamper Floor Starhill Gallery Shopping Centre
181 Jalan Bukit Bintang 55100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel : 03-2148 1818
For more information check out their facebook here

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

NOTD : Lunasol Natural Beige

How often I go Beige, almost never because I never look good in beige eyeshadow or beige clothing which explains that I did not get the latest Lunasol Christmas Holiday 2010 collection...although it was so damn worth... and I'm love with the pouch instead..!!!

So a while ago whem I got this Lunasol Natural Beige nail polish from an online contest I wasn't too keen to try. But this is Lunasol... so I gotta try this out!! Turned out the color actually look quite good on my nail. Very clean look!

My comment : The nail polish is quite quick drying compare to some of my nail polish. However I do need to apply 3 layers of nail polish here because the coverage is a bit sheer.

Lunasol Nail finish - RM52/each

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

NOTD: Purple dots with M.A.C

Way to go Power of dot dot !!!

Yes I love dots! So this time around I am using two favorite purple nail polish from M.A.C

Yes I am mad of purple and dots.

I cut my nail all short because after bathing my Bebe (dog), one of my nails broken.. So I'm dotting my nails to cheer up my mood!

Nail Tek Step One
Nail Tek Foundation One
M.A.C Frost Varicose Violet
M.A.C Cream Illegal Purple
Nail Tek Quicken

Thursday, April 15, 2010

NOTD : Bling the Fuschia Pink

I added some bling to this nail polish , by using the mini nail tip nail polish I bought recently from Etude House.

Estee Lauder Nail polish in Fuschia and Etude House mini nail tip with shimmer

This is one of the best nail polish I ever used! It don't smell bad, very quick drying and the colour are so vibrant and long staying. The picture above I took is after 2 days of application (1 base, 1 layer of nail colour and 1 layer of topcoat), with me moving stuffs around the colour still stay on perfectly!

Friday, April 9, 2010

NOTD : Oh Mario!

Who is a Mario lover here ?

I am a self-confessed Mario lover since I am 7 years old ! Now I miss playing Super Mario Bros video game which was created by Nintendo and I even have Super Mario ring tone in my phone now!

If you have no idea what is Mario all about , click here !

Well why am I talking about Mario suddenly, ah now I remember... I am going to do Nail of The Day inspired by Super Mario Bros game!

My tools
Nailtek - Base & Top Coat
M.A.C Nailpolish in Rougemarie
Etude House Nailpolish in White
Etude House Quick dry for Nails

Tadaa my end result! My red base with white polka dote nailpolish !

I apply the white dots using normal white nail polish as I do not have any nail art pens. Which also explain the imperfection.

My darling said this looked more like yummy strawberry.

I think he wants to eat my hands -.-
But I think this look like the Super Mushroom in Super Mario Bros video game !!! Where mario will eat the Super Mushroom and grow larger and he can then kill the enemy by jumping and stomping on the heads of enemies.

I want to eat my nails now, then I grow larger and then I can go stomp on all the bad people head in the world and become Superwoman.... LOL

p/s: I love this nail polish design a lot, its easy and looks cute ! And I cannot resist myself from buying more nail polish from Etude House yesterday because so cheap .. how vain!

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