Friday, April 9, 2010

NOTD : Oh Mario!

Who is a Mario lover here ?

I am a self-confessed Mario lover since I am 7 years old ! Now I miss playing Super Mario Bros video game which was created by Nintendo and I even have Super Mario ring tone in my phone now!

If you have no idea what is Mario all about , click here !

Well why am I talking about Mario suddenly, ah now I remember... I am going to do Nail of The Day inspired by Super Mario Bros game!

My tools
Nailtek - Base & Top Coat
M.A.C Nailpolish in Rougemarie
Etude House Nailpolish in White
Etude House Quick dry for Nails

Tadaa my end result! My red base with white polka dote nailpolish !

I apply the white dots using normal white nail polish as I do not have any nail art pens. Which also explain the imperfection.

My darling said this looked more like yummy strawberry.

I think he wants to eat my hands -.-
But I think this look like the Super Mushroom in Super Mario Bros video game !!! Where mario will eat the Super Mushroom and grow larger and he can then kill the enemy by jumping and stomping on the heads of enemies.

I want to eat my nails now, then I grow larger and then I can go stomp on all the bad people head in the world and become Superwoman.... LOL

p/s: I love this nail polish design a lot, its easy and looks cute ! And I cannot resist myself from buying more nail polish from Etude House yesterday because so cheap .. how vain!


  1. Aww what a super cute and original NOTD! I love Mario too, but I prefer Link LOL =P

  2. haha..mushroom nail !
    I love super mario game too ! Enjoy it so much with my nintendo in my childhood ^^ and my nintendo is colourless one at the time ! haha.. so memorable ^^

  3. nice polka dot manicure. will try it on wkend. hopefully my left hand dont shake when i do the polka dot. if not end up 1 big dot...

  4. This a lovely polka dot nail. U did it very nicely despite not using nail art pen.

  5. Gaby : Haha maybe next time i do pink one ! thanks for leaving comment.

  6. Anna : Yeh my favourite game of all time... I think nowadays those game cannot beat Mario.. Hehe !! Thanks for the comment ..muacks !!

  7. kelly.2988 : thanks for the comment , i also shake2x when using left hand but do slowlly.. i'm still in learning process.. hehe if got 1 big dot then u turn into whole white nail polish then dot with red nail polish instead.. :D

  8. lavendar : still learning, need learn from you !!! nail art really not easy hopefully next time can start to learn to draw .. way to come ! thanks for the comment.

  9. cute!!
    Lol..i like how uniform it is, i mean the white polka dots. They look like they've been done using nail art pen. Very nice Jess! :)

  10. joany : thank you for your compliment! my first time doing this.. hehe :D i should practice more and try to become more creative


Let me know what you think! Thank you :)

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