Sunday, April 11, 2010

Review : Nars Orgasm Blusher

After reading numerous reviews from so many beauty blogs that this is a must have item, I bought this during my crazy shopping in my Bangkok's trip last year from Siam Paragon at a very good bargain! It was sold as a promotion pack, 2 blusher (Orgasm & Super Orgasm for RM170, normal price RM115 for each). And I remember seeing in Bangkok's airport duty free shop for RM99.

I don't really like the packaging , especially the outer layer.. its kinda plastic with rubber.. and easy to get dirty.

In case some of you do not know, Nars is under the brand Shiseido. This Nars Orgasm has won numerous awards as one of makeup consumers' and beauty editors' favourite blush and its all time best seller in cosmetic store!

The ingredients

A touch of peachy pink with little gold dust

p/s: Inside got a mirror...yipee!

Swatch of the Orgasm blusher


I am going to have an orgasm.

So stay out if you think you are not ready
(With 1-2 swipe of blusher)

Well I mean I Nars Orgasm blusher on my cheek (cheeky smile)

See the colours , I am falling in love with it every single time I put on it..

It gives you a natural healthy glow (peachy pink shade with some shimmer)

To sum up, Nars Orgasm gives you the natural blush without looking like a Chinese Opera! Those blushing effect is to die for, looks absolutely gorgeous in reality and in pictures too! 

This is my holygrail blusher and I'm having "Orgasm" when I put on this !

p/s: Also I cant help to say that I put on this picture because I think my lips are so sexy with my Holygrail Laneige Snow Crystal Melting Glossy Lipstick in Hot Pink

(I put on 2-3 swipe of the blusher, depending on the intensity of the colour you want to achieve)

I am loving this and I think this is a must have item for all!

Seriously until you try it , you will never know how great to have Nars Orgasm as your blusher.
So do you want to have Orgasm ?

Now you know what to get !

p/s: Note the nearest country that is selling Nars is Thailand, Philippines and Hong Kong.

Latest updates as for Nov 2013, Shiseido Malaysia recently brought in Nars to Malaysia by opening their 1st flagship store in Pavilion KL Level, next to Topshop!


  1. OMG! u got NARS Orgasm!
    I so wanna try it out.. will get it during my HK trip.. but still long to wait...>.<

  2. Oooohh.. I have this one too! Wear it everyday, haha.. :D
    I think it's one of the best blusher of all time.. My fave! ^^

  3. lol! ure funny! i loooove me some nars orgasm. isnst it amazing that u get so much color even with just 1 or 2 swipes? the pigments on this blush is freakin amazing!

    great review love!

  4. oh that's so CHEAP!! u always know where to get the best deals!! envy envy**
    and it looks great on u too :D


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