Friday, December 23, 2011

Super awesome Shiseido Makeup Stimulator - trying makeup without needing to put them on!

A while ago, I visited Shiseido roadshow in KLCC as I was told by the PR that there will be a makeup Simulator machine that is flown all the way from Japan to be here in Malaysia for just a few days. And I gotta blog about this because this is something really awesome that I tried !!

Keep reading to find out.....

Well first of all, there is quite a queue to try this makeup stimulator machine , so lucky for me PR has made an appointment for me to try out this machine. I was extremly curious what is this machine is all about.

I was asked to sit on the chair facing this monitor which is so called Makeup stimulator. I was strictly told that I shall not move my head around in order for it to work properly.

Basically Makeup Simulator machine will automatically detect and identify my facial features and capture using it's camera.

Once the image is captured on the screen, the I can then select what colour or texture I want from the variety of shades ....from foundation, eyeshadow, blusher, lipstick to lipgloss. All is up to my liking, so I mix and match...and I really wanted to see if smokey eyes can carry red lipstick on my face...

After I picked my colours the makeup stimulator machine will then lay the chosen colour accordingly on the my facial features.

I literally WOW a moment when I saw my face on the monitor has colours of the eyeshadow, blusher and lipstick I chose. Everything looked so real on the monitor, it is unbeliveable!

This machine is so damn because I could actually try ANY colors and textures (all shades) to find my perfect match without having to waste time applying on actual skin to try one by one! I can always click the "BACK" key to try another colours!

Well, this is my final look!

As you can see I'm quite crazy about red lipstick nowadays but finding the right red colour to match my skintone and eye makeup are not easy, so this makeup stimulator machine is really helpful!

How I wish all beauty brands will have this machine like this ! I think Shiseido should place this machine at their counter permanently and these testers at counters would not be needed anymore!


  1. that is some amazing invention!
    Its not possible that one day a gadget that can help you makeup. Maybe put you face like above and you face is makeup done.
    But... That wouldn't be fun....

  2. WOW The machine is awesome!! I wish there would be one in my city so I could try too!
    Nice sharing!

  3. Awesomeness! I second your suggestion to have a permanent machine LOL!


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