Sunday, March 6, 2011

Ajmal creates Signature Perfume for Celebrity Couple

The Ajmal Perfumes an UAE-based fragrance house is now in Pavilion, Malaysia. They opened their 135th outlet worldwide and the first one outside of Middle East and the GCC.

Ajmal has something called ‘My Inspiration’ Perfume, which allows the creator to not only capture magical memories in a bottle, but also to relive it over and over again. Simply means , the creator gets to tailor made their perfume based on their preferences.

Last month just before Valentine I was invited to their event to create a signature perfume for a celebrity couple.

Who are the celebrity loving couple here ?

It is celebrity television host and personality, Soo Kui Jien and Channel [V] VJ and his wife who is a well-known Singaporean radio DJ, Sarah Tan .

He said "best gifts anyone can get are gifts that come straight from the heart. I chose to create a special fragrance, which perfectly captures the essence of my beautiful wife, Sarah.

Jien & Executive Director of Ajmal Perfumes and renowned perfumist, Mr Abdulla Ajmal who will help him to create Jien's valentine gift for his wife Sarah.

Mr Abdulla Ajmal said the perfume need to cater based on Jien’s and Sarah’s relationship and individual personalities, Abdulla suggested a perfect blend of ingredients to make the base, middle and top notes of the perfume. He also said when selecting ingredients, it’s best to keep simple. It’s important to not complicate the smell.

Jien said he feels that his wife like fresh fragrance and this three simple ingredients - Jasmine,Musk and Citrus Fresh will suits her well. And this ingredients need to be diluted with another diluting liquid called Floral Fresh before can be used to make perfume

So Mr Abdulla Ajmal began his magic steps...

A little of this

A little of that

Done !!!

Jien said he could not have thought of a better gift than this special created perfume for his wife. He named the special tailor made perfume as ‘My Sarah" because his wife is his inspiration , a loving wife an wonderful mother

After creating the fragrance, Ajmal will record the ingredients and proportions that were used and present our customers with a special serial code for their ‘My Inspiration’ perfume. This means that customers are still able to relive the memories when the perfume runs out by presenting the serial code at any Ajmal Perfumes store simply by a phone call. Then the staff in Ajmal will then recreate the same perfume just for you. This also means that there will never be a combination of ingredients the same for anyone else. And this perfume formula is solely for the creator only.

At the event of the event, there is a lucky draw for members of the media.

Guess what I am one of the 3 lucky winners ! I got the woman Pure Perfume!

And below are some of the perfume that are displayed in the store, very pretty packaging and unique smell. And not expensive too!

Thank you Rebecca & Liza for the invitation ! Indeed an eye opening event for me to see how a perfume is made !

To reserve your spots to create your own perfect perfume, or to find out more information about Ajmal Perfumes, call 03-2144 1533 or 03-2144 3633.

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