Sunday, August 21, 2011

Annoucement of the 7 winners of Skinz UV White Skin Whitening Starter Kit

A while ago I organised 5 sets of Skinz UV White Skin Whitening Starter Kit giveaway which is sponsored by generous Wipro Unza to my beloved readers here. But good news is they have agreed to sponsored another 2 extra sets as the respond for this giveaway is very good which is a total of 35 entries have been received.

Drum roll

Congratulation to the 7 lucky winners

kaseh suchi
نور افيره puterimawarmerahku

Enjoy trying out with the Skinz UV White starter kit!

p/s: The representative from Wipro Unza will contact you nd send the product to you directly.

Thank you all for reading my blog and joining the giveaway :)

To those who do not win, don't give up!

Stay tune for more giveaway!

To read more about Skinz UV White Blogger Workshop, click here

To know more about Skinz products, visit


  1. thanks (!) ^^
    wakil tu akan contact through email ke? ;)

  2. thanks jessy...

    i'll wait for the repsentative to contact me..getting umpatient to try this new n believeable product =)

  3. wah..tq so much sis!

    congrates to other winners too!

  4. tq n3 4 u sis..=)


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