Friday, August 19, 2011

Review : Maybelline Hypersharp Liner

A while ago I blogged about the launched of this Maybelline Hypersharp Liner and I have been having using it for a while before writing this a while.

The eyeliner came in a form of pencil and it like it that way as it is easy to hold and control, like here I can use it and used it to write it like a penci.

The color of the eyeliner is black and as mentioned in the earlier post, this eyeliner brush diameter is at 0.05mm. And when I swatched the eyeliner, easily I can draw a thin line

It is stated that the eyeliner gives you long lasting effect for 24 hours, 100% percent water, sweat and sebum proof as it has this unique hyper-coating polymers that set a strong film on lashes upon application. Hence it protected your lashes against the elements leaving you with the just-applied effect.

My review : I tried it on my eyes, and I love the fact it is easy to draw a very thin precise line that is as close as to my eyelashes and how it came in a form of pencil which is easy to control and easy to carry around.

However the one swipe of color black is not that intense as I would like it to be and I need to re-apply it to get the intensity of the color that I want, which is fine with me.

Lucky for me I do not have oily eyelid and the eyeliner seems to stay on me quite well throughout the day. However I discovered that the eyeliner is not that smudge proof, especially. I discovered that few weeks ago when my eyes was sensitive with the contact lens and keep blinking and there is a bit of tears and when I carefully dabbed away my tears... to my horror, the eyeliner smudged a little..

If only the formula could improved a bit better, I could be glad to have this eyeliner pencil both in my makeup pouch & handbag as the price is affordable.

This Maybelline Hypersharp Liner is priced at RM23.90 exclusively at all Watsons, Guardians, Sasa & Caring pharmacies.

Note : The above product was provided by Loreal Malaysia to me for review purposes in this blog.


  1. It DOES look Hyper Sharp!

    I'm going to look for this in the UK.

  2. oo, a 0.05mm eye liner, sounds pretty cool. Like my mechanical pencil. :) Nice writeup Jess

  3. I just bought the eye liner, however the color is not coming out after drawing a small line. Any idea how can i make the color out?

  4. Annoymous : Did you try shaking it with cap on before trying it ? If still cannot means it already dries off. Try bring back to the place you buy with your receipt and ask for exchange.


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