Friday, September 30, 2011

Check out my makeup inspired by Maybelline New York Fashion Week "Mystery Maven"

Recently Maybelline has created few looks which is inspired from the New York Fashion Week. There are a total of 4 looks , GI Jane, Sexy Starlet, Party Princess and Mystery Maven. Each of them has different personality and I can sort of relate myself more to Mystery Maven and hence I am going to create the look based on the color suggestion.

Here let me showed you how I achieve this look using a few Maybelline products only.

I like how the AngelLift Flawless Natural Liquid Foundation is watery yet give a decent coverage on my skin. Love how my skin feel smooth and flawless!

Angel Lift Perfect Concealer has quite a good coverage too, and matches my skin tone .

Bef0re and after I put the foundation picture , you can see my skin become more even, bright and pores are not that visible anymore.

"Mystery Maven" look is based on the deep blue mysterious seas colour. So here I used the Maybelline Hyper Diamonds in BU-1. This beautiful palette comes with a combination of blue and silver colours and it is full with sparkles and glitter! I love how the eyeshadow sparkles and glitter will fall on my cheek and gives me a sense of glam :D

The light blue was applied all over my eye lid as the base color and then I used the steel blue colour and put it at the outer corner of my eyes and blend to create the intensity of the smokey eyes I want to create. Then I put on the dark blue on my upper and lower lash lines to create the dimension that my eyes will look bigger. Lastly to highlight the bone under my brow arch I dab on on some white eyeshadow.

I use the Maybelline Hypersharp Liner to give better definition to my eyes and put on the Hyper Diamond Liquid Liner in silver at the inner corner of my eyes to make my eyes look bigger.

Here I used Maybelline the magnum Volum Express Mascara to make my eyes looked volume and awake . Pretty simple to apply, and it does not clump lashes too!

Here is my eye makeup look with the above 4 products

And since this is a heavy smokey eyes makeup, I applied this Creamy Cinnamon blusher on my cheek.

And this is how does the color of the blusher turn out on my cheek. Very natural and glowing!

This "Mystery Maven" look must pair with very strong and bold lip color. So I choose Blushing Red lipstick to get the look I want.

And top up with Maybelline Watershine Collagen Lipgloss in CP21! Love this lip gloss which is not sticky,glossy and smells so fruity!

Check out how sexy is that colour on my lips !

This is my full makeup look of "Mystery Maven" insipired from the New York Fashion Week!

So what do you think ?


  1. nais! but i think smokier would be more mysterious~ ^^

  2. Thanks Glow for your suggestion, I think the camera didnt manage to capture how smokey and dark it is :)

  3. It looks fabulous and Maybelline is such an affordable brand but gives such good results!!

    Definitely will give Maybelline a try after seeing this .

  4. wau!! gorjesssnya u!! like ur watery lips!! good luck dear!!

  5. Nice! I think the colour combination looked great...and I like your lips colour!

  6. Brocade : The concealer does help me to hide some blemishes ! Hehe :D

  7. I do use some of the products from this brand, esp the mascara and lip gloss.

  8. Sweet! I like Maybelline products too!Especially the HyperSharp Liner!


Let me know what you think! Thank you :)

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