Monday, October 10, 2011

Review : Clarins HydraQuench Intensive Serum Bi-Phase

Clarins HydraQuench Intensive Serum Bi-Phase

This new range serum also have the same ingredients like the HydraQuench Cream-Melt and according to description it restores vitality and youthfulness to the most dehydrated skin. An effective booster . A unique, bi-phase texture, unrivalled for its lightness, comfort and excellent skin tolerance. It promises to improve hydration action at 4 levels i.e: -

Dermal level : replenish the skin’s main water reservoir

Epidermal level : reactivates the production of natural moisturization factors (NMF) and protects epidermal cell hydration.

Corneal layer level : restores the hyrolipidic film and intercellular cement to limit water loss and reinforce skin’s defences

Skin surface : forms a non-occlusive film that reinforces skin protection against the excessive loss of water

And I was given a 15ml serum to try, which is equivalent to a half bottle of the full size serum. And I found that in this new formula serum the scent is much more lighter compare to their previous serum and HydraQuench Cream-Melt which is too strong for me.

Packaging : Comes in a pump dispenser bottle comes in frosted blue colour and has a gold cap to replaced the old white cap.

Scent : Very light Floral- Fruity

Texture : Consist of 1/5 oil phase (floating on top) with the 4/5 of water phase (on lower part) and the serum is named bi-phase for this reason. Need to shake well for the two phases to combine before using it. It will looked like clear liquid water.

Price : RM200/30ml

My review : Remember to shake well the serum before applying it! Although I feel my skin is a little bit oily when I first apply it however within minutes it quickly absorb into my skin and I barely can feel it anymore after that. I can feel my skin is immediately soft and smooth. And I would think this new serum formula works better on me compare to the old ones as it absorb faster and the effect stay longer on my skin. And I think people with combination skin would be able to use for this reason too. Overall, the serum has a good improvement from the previous formula as the serum does not give the "floating effect" anymore and now I feel everything is being absorb into my skin.

Pros : Absorb quickly into the skin, lighter scent

Cons : None

Clarins HydraQuench range will be available at all Clarins Skin Spa and counters starting from 1st September 2011 onwards and will be priced at

HydraQuench Intensive Serum Bi-Phase - RM 200
HydraQuench Cream-Gel (50m) - RM 180
HydraQuench Cream-Melt (50ml) - RM 180

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  1. sounds like a great serum. thanks for the review.

  2. love it. best guna clarins hydration ni. rs soft je.

  3. Maybe I can consider this serum when I finish my hydration serum. But I still don't like the oil layer.

  4. Pen merah : yes when our face is hydrated it is soft!


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