Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Review : Maybelline Lip Smooth Colour Bloom

Maybelline Lip Smooth Colour Bloom promises to give a colour that enchances your lips' natural hue. It is said to not only leave your lips feeling and looking renewed, with a hydrating effect that lasts through the day with its protective formula of jojoba oil, Pro-Vitamin E and natural antioxidant. Also it comes with sun protection SPH 16 protection. It comes only in 2 colours; i.e Pink Blossom and Peach Blossom.

This is Maybelline Lip Smooth Colour Bloom in Peach Blossom colour

Texture : Balmy and wax feel-alike-feeling
Scent : Smell sweet

I did a swatch on my hands and at first it shows no colour and within seconds the colour showed. However it is not too strong, just very light peach colour.

My review : My lips has an uneven colour tone and after applying Maybelline Lip Smooth Colour Bloom it gave me a even,healthy and slight shine lip colour without looking too intense. However there is one thing that I do not fancy about this product is that the waxy feeling after applying this.

Maybelline Lip Smooth Colour Bloom is selling at major retailers and pharmacies for RM14.90

For more information, visit http://www.maybelline.com

Note: Pauline my beauty buddy also reviewed something similar that can gives the Lips natural colours, check out her review of the Shills Instant Pink Lips Pack here

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