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Food Review : Chicago Rib House in 1 Utama

Just few days before Christmas, I was invited by the friendly people at Chicago Rib House to do a food review. And after I check out the website link in the invitation email sent to me, I can't wait to try this because it is all about porkyyyy = my favourite food in the whole wide world!!

Note : This is a non-halal post

To be honest, I did not know the existence of Chicago Rib House until I went there for the review because they just opened their 2nd branch here in 1 Utama late November (shows how long I havent been to 1 Utama) . I was told the first branch is at Penang.

As you can see from the picture and if you guess well , the restaurant is located just next to La Senza Pin-Up Store at 1st floor of 1 Utama (Rainforest section)

As I walked in the restaurant, I can see a lot of cute piggy pics on the walls! Confirm lah... a lot of porky will be served tonight!

It's a cosy yet spacious seating at this restaurant.

I like the wording at the wall - Grilld to PORK-fection!

There is a Mojito Bar at the corner of the restaurant.

Here is some drinks we ordered - fresh from the Mojito Bars!

One of it is Lychee Mojito and another one I could not remembered what is it now.

I am a milkshake person and I think I'm the only person who thinks Strawberry Milkshake is better than Mojito :P The milkshake here was not too sweet so I really like it and finish this sinful drink that night!

Before I started having my porky review, I was asked to put on the plastic napkins #likeababy

I like this napkins because I could now rib of the pork like nobody business ! As far I remembered, no restaurant in Msia I been to so far gave napkins like this & the first time I had plastic napkins like this when I was in Korea having bbq dinner.

As starter, Trio Sampler (RM32.90) was served.

Three's a company when you've got Hot Buffalo Wings, Potato Skins and Pork Chili Con Carne. It's matched with homemade Salsa dressing to really get you started.

The chicken wings is a bit salty to my liking but the spicyness makes it appetizing!

Corn chips & Pork Chili Con Carne . Onion, pepper & cheese and corn chips are the perfect match!

This potato skin covered with cheese, then topped in chives, bacon bits and served in ranch serving combination is so yummylicious. Crunchy & cheesy...

Next we are served Pork Ribs (Full Rack, Original Flavor) with 2 side dishes RM53.90

Description: Chicago's Pork Ribs are slow roasted in hickory wood to give it that tender and unique flavor that has made us world famous. Our succelent and meaty pork ribs are served with your choice of two sides of your choice.

If you like BBQ sauce then I think you will like this. But for me it is a bit sweet for my liking.

Next, we are served Pork Ribs (Full Rack, Flaming Kansas City) RM59.90 with 2 side dishes

As the named suggested, the pork ribs is was fired up with a shot of whiskey to literally let us have the ommph feel!

Below are some interesting pictures I took while the pork ribs on fire!

Pour a shot of whisky all over the pork ribs!

Staff light up the fire and the whole ribs was on FIRE!!!

It was smoking hot when it was served on us. The taste of the ribs is pretty strong with the marinated sauce and whisky. And if you are not a fan of whisky, you might prefer the original flavour.

Grilled Bourbon Chicken - RM27.90

Next we are served two grilled boneless chicken breast topped with their signature bourbon sauce and sprinkled with mixed cheese. The cheese is sinful but it is good!

The side dishes of this Grilled Bourbon Chicken can be choosen, and here the highlight of the side dish is the "western style chicken rice" as some of them claimed.

8oz. Pork Tenderloin - RM32.90

Two grilled pork tenderloin grilled till pork-fection and served with homemade Apple Cinnamon sauce.

Homemade Apple Cinnamon sauce is very refreshing taste and appetizing for my appetite. I like the way how they prepared this as I could actually taste the sweetness of the pork here :)

And I bet kids sure would love this too!

Hickory BBQ Bacon Burger - RM29.90

Description : A juicy pork burger loaded with Hickory BBQ sauce, topped with crispy bacon and cheese.

Well I must say the bacon here are so good that I can't get enough of it. It is not too fat and grilled to perfection!

A must try for all!

Besides pork , they actually served Shrimp Olio (RM32.90) for seafood lovers.

It is Fettuccine tossed with generous servings of shrimp in scampi butter. The taste of the olio is a bit tingly due to their sauce however I do appreciate the fact that they are very generous with the shrimps and the portion is big.

Finally after all the porky business, we have dessert!!!

Brownie Royale (RM12.90) was really delicious, it just feel right for me!

Caught Ah Bok aka Taufulou busy taking pictures of the food ! Haha looked at his expression, priceless!

While me, well I enjoy eating the ribs with my hands feel more delicious everytime i am ripping of the ribs!

Just before I end my review, I must show you one very interesting picture that is displayed in the restaurant. The different parts a pig that we could actually eat - but there are many parts that I don't eat.

Chicago Rib House is currently running a Christmas & New Year promotion and this would be the best time for you to try out as for RM55.90 you can choose youra main course, dessert and a mocktail!

For more information, visit

Chicago Rib House at 1 Utama
1 Utama F346, First Floor Rainforest,
1 Utama Shopping Centre (New Wing),
46150 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Eshan
Tel: 03-7727 3210
Fax: 03 7732 2346
Hours of Operation: 11am - 11pm

p/s:They have an online menu with full description for you to check out!


  1. Must check out.. Pork ribs look really great lar.. cant tahan!

  2. Ribs ribs hooray, how cute! Received the flyer from them the other day while I was in One U. All the maincourses look tempting *drools* I heard the ribs from morganfield are to die for as well (:

  3. i see tonnes of pork pictures here! luckily they still have some spaghetti for seafood lovers here :P

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  4. Lucky you. Because you were invited, I'm sure you didn't end up waiting 30 mins for your food like me - one dinner time. Which had left me no choice but to not visit them again, anytime soon.


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