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Thursday, January 29, 2015

The Sky, One City Mall - the biggest rooftop dining experience in Malaysia

I started seeing this kinda of pictures in July last year where a lot of my friends was posting their feet on transparent glass floor... looks kinda cool & scary at the same time! Later I found out this place is The Sky at One City Mall, in USJ

Oh well I finally managed to check it out recently and took a picture of my own (#followtrendlah) :P

NOTE : Please do not wear skirts or dress when you want to come to this The Sky at One City to take picture cos it's transparent glass and you are "free viewing"to the shopper below..

The Sky at One City is established on the 10th floor (rooftop) of the 16-level mall, inevitably an urban dining oasis in the Subang vicinity. This is the biggest rooftop food and beverage area in Malaysia, offering international cuisine that includes Thai, Korean and western delights, not forgetting a sports bar with darts game, pool table facilities and a chill-out lounge with live band, a new remarkable place for dining, chill-out, events, music and gathering.

What I really like about this place is each restaurant has their own outdoor sky dining area and that totally fits the name of the place! 

The Sky at One City had their official opening last week. 

At a star studded gala night, more than 1000 guests were treated to a spectacular showcase by a great line-up of artists that included Henley Hii, Baki Zainal, Dina Nadzir, Shawn Lee and international illusionist, Zlwin Chew.

Besides the night’s performances, guests were also entertained by various games and activities at the grand opening. All invited guests for the happening night were able to win prizes totaling RM16, 000 from the lucky draw, as well as use Facebook posts to ‘buy’ themselves some exclusive merchandise from The Sky’s “Facebook Shop”, in an innovative new social media concept. In high spirits, guests continued to party at The Sky till the wee hours of the morning.

The highlight of the night was food tasting from The Sky’s six restaurants. And here I will introduced each restaurants in The Sky at One City and their signature dishes.

Master Room serves unique fusion dishes. It's a family-oriented restaurant and sports bar wants to cater to all walks of life.
Petite Nasi Lemak (RM9) is a mini version of the local favourite, creatively served in baskets of pai tee. Each serving of the bite-sized morsels comes complete with anchovies, peanuts, sambal, egg and cucumber, while the pai tee’s crunchy texture is similar to keropok.

Reminds me of the proverb kecil kecil cili padi which means although it's small but really spicy!

So cute that I decided to take selfie it!

Chocolate Cake with Vanilla Ice Cream 

It was so delicious that I finished every single bite. *enough said*

Master Room Restaurant
Operation hours: Mon-Sun, 11 am-11 pm 
Contact number: 019-213 0189

de House Restaurant offers a wide selection of western food & cakes 

Mediterranean Caesar Salad with Quail Eggs 

I would think this is a very unique combination of Caesar salad & quail eggs. Unfortunately I'm not a fan of quail eggs. 

Spaghetti Aglio e Olio Vongoli (Clam) - very generous portion of clams! 

de House Restaurant
Operation hours: Mon-Sun, 11 am-11 pm 
Contact number : 03-5115 0119

Khrua Thai Restaurant offers authentic northern Thai cuisine from Chiang Rai. The word "Khrua" means kitchen in Thai symbolising Chef Waraphorn's traditional home cooked recipes 

The tomyam is not only aromatic and savoury but also spicy... hence not for someone who has faint heart!

 Prawn and Fish Cake Combo. It was homemade and the ingredients that they used are really fresh. I can taste the sweetness of fish & prawn and the chilly dip sauce complement this very well.

Khrua Thai Restaurant
Operation hours: Mon-Sun, 11 am-11 pm 
Contact number : 013-289 0139

Inaho Sushi offers casual dine Japanese cuisine. They also have another branch in The Curve, Mutiara Damansara. I really like how they decorate the restaurant with bamboo and it gives zen feeling! 

 Momiji Sashimi - those who enjoy raw food would definitely love this! 

Yakitori Moriawase - grilled marinated chicken, tomatoes and lady fingers!

Inaho Sushi Restaurant
Operation hours: Mon-Sun, 11 am-11 pm 
Contact number : 019-660 0169 

Hongdae-Mun Restaurant offers authentic Korean food. The name Hongdae originated from a place in South Korea and in fact I been there cos that area are famous of clubs, cafes and fashion.

 Korean Fried Chicken - this is too sweet for my taste bud, I still prefer KFC :P

 Charcoal Barbecue Lamb 

 The Voice Restaurant is a restaurant that offers fusion food & chill-out lounge with live band.

Wild Mint Temptation - a very refreshing drink that will be perfect to cool us down on a warn day

The Voice Restaurant 
Operation hours: Mon-Sun, 11 am-11 pm 
Contact number : 019-336 0179

Are you afraid of height... I'm but die die want to take picture lah..  

This is a memorable evening at The Sky, One City Mall as I managed to visit & taste some of the food from the 6 restaurants. I am planning to go back for Khrua Thai Restaurant for Thai dinner and then going to chill out at The Voice to enjoy the music performance & panoramic view of the night skyline.

The Sky at One City is located at 10th floor (rooftop).

For more info, visit

In case you do not know where is One City Mall located, here is the location map. 

Address of One City Mall : One City Jln USJ 25/1A, 47650 Subang Jaya Selangor

Thursday, September 26, 2013

KL Restaurant Week: Opus Bistro @ Bangkung, Bangsar

Earlier this week I went to food tasting in Opus Bistro which is located in Bangsar, I was told this is one of the best Italian restaurant in town where spaghetti alla Opus, homemade ravioli and roasted cod are some of their best dishes. They are pork-free.

Was quite suprised to see it was quite crowded even on weekdays.

The place has simple decoration but yet cosy.

The reason we are here for food tasting is because Opus Bistro is one of the participating restaurants in Kuala Lumpur Restaurant Week.

The concept of Restaurant Week was first launch back in 1992, when the late restaurateur Joe Baum and Tim Zagat first dreamt up Restaurant Week in New York City, they had no idea that it would become a national and international success. The original four-day event was created as a goodwill gesture to the 15,000 reporters coming to cover that year's Democratic National Convention. Both creators had thought it would be a short-term money loser but with long-term PR benefit for New York and its restaurant industry. Today, almost 20 years later, restaurant weeks have become a tradition in city after city for their appeal to customers and restaurants. In short: they are a win-win.

In a nutshell, participating restaurants in Restaurant Week create a fixed menu at a special price to attract customers to come try the restaurant. Customers love the concept of Restaurant Week because they offer a chance to experience many of their city's best restaurants for a modest price. In exchange, the restaurants gain by attracting thousands of new diners who might hesitate to try such restaurants without the assurance of an affordable bill.

KL Restaurant Week will begin on 4th October 2013, armed with a bonanza of 45 participating restaurants from casual to fine-dining categories, that offer a plethora of exquisite cuisines set amidst dynamic dining scenes for patrons to experience at a modest price.Menu prices start from RM20 nett for lunch and RM50 nett for dinner. Participating restaurants will set aside limited seats offering the KL Restaurant Week menus. And reservation must be made online with a reservation fee of RM 2.00 per seat will be charged, strictly non-refundable.

Let's look what Opus Bistro has to offer for their 3 course meal  lunch set at RM38 nett person. Lunch hour are from 12pm to 3pm and Sunday is off for lunch.

As for starter, one can choose whether to have caesar salad or asparagus soup. And I highly recommended in having the later as the soup is really delicious. It's creamy but not overwhelming.

As for main course, you can see there are 3 types of dishes to pick. My favourite would be Linguine Zucchini Prawn; those prawns are really big and fresh... oh yummy!

As for dinner set which is also a 3 course meal is offered at RM78 nett per person. Their dinner time starts from 6pm to 12am.

 As for dinner set, one can choose between Mushroom Soup and Salmon Roll with Rocket Salad (which setting looked like carrot like... so cute!)

As for the main course for dinner, I would prefer Grilled Seabass with salsa verde over the others as it was well seasoned and taste really nice.

Strawberry Pannacotta is arguably one of my favourite Italian dessert, yummy and sinful at the same time. The portion of the this dessert is suprisingly really big as it comes in a big glass but I like it... so its good la....ohlalala!

Oh notice the dessert that they are serving for lunch and dinner set is the same.

The man who made us all the delicious food that night! Chef Ariff bin Mohd Nor has more than 15 years of experience with cooking Italian food, and as one of the pioneers at Opus has been heading their kitchen for the past 10 years. 

Opus Bistro Bangsar is located at Jalan Bangkung, Bukit Bandaraya, 59100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Contact number : 03-2092 4288. Click here to check the menu pricing.

It’s not everyday that you can eat these awesome set lunches and dinners within the range of RM20 - RM98! So click here and read those reviews! 

 Book your restaurant now on ! Online reservation closes on 29th September  2013 and dining period start from 4 October 2013 onwards.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Let's try Meet Fresh Taiwanese Dessert

This pic is credited to Elizabeth.
Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri to my Muslim readers! What are you guys in this long weekends breaks!  Well I had a pretty good time indulging in dessert! Ah.. I love dessert and you know how warm our Malaysia weather can be so warm and cool dessert is really perfect to chill us out!

The first time I came across Meet Fresh was in Times Square and I was really glad when they opened their branch in Pavilion last year cause this is my favourite hang out mall!

A little background of Meet Fresh
Meet Fresh is established in 2007 with millions invested to create a six-star comfortable dining experience for its patrons, “Meet Fresh” is a Taiwanese dessert chain that prides itself on preserving the authentic taste of yesteryears when food was handmade by the sellers and ingredients were of the highest quality and fresh. The taro dessert is one of its notable bestsellers.
Well last Sunday I was invited to Meet Fresh High Tea press conference at their Pavilion branch to sample the different types of "Meet Fresh" desserts .

This is a part of Taiwan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs’ (MOEA) effort in reaching out to neighboring countries, its Bureau of Foreign Trade jointly with “Meet Fresh” invited members of the media and bloggers. This high tea session enabled us to have an authentic taste of Taiwan’s delicacies and other wholesome treats.

These are 4 Meet Fresh best sellers; namely Taro Balls No.4, Meet Fresh Signature Herbal Jelly, Tofu Pudding with Peanut and Little Taro Balls in White Ground Tea.

If you are first time visiting "Meet Fresh" these are the 4 must have, let me tell you why and share with you which is my favourite!

 Meet Fresh Signature Herbal Jelly - RM6.90
The word Signature is not there for nothing because it is a must have and I do really like this! This is one of my favourite and I tell you why!

This is a combination of herbal jelly blended ice together with herbal jelly, taro balls and cream. And if you are not much of a cream (milk person) you can always opt it out! In case you don't want a cold dessert, this has a hot version too.
I really like how the herbal jelly ice is finely shaved & the taro balls (made from yam) are really chewy! The cream milk just add more sweetness in this. This is a sweet & refreshing dessert for me! Highly recommended!

p/s: I want to have this now by just looking at the picture, yum yum...

 Taro Balls No.4 - RM6.50

I think it is called No 4 because it has 4 ingredients inside; i.e taro balls, red bean, sago pearl & taro (aka yam) on shaved ice.

I like the yam here, it was cooked to perfection! Well if you are yam lover, this is the one you should order!
 Tofu Pudding with Peanuts - RM5

This is the tofu pudding aka taufu-fah with peanuts & syrup on top of shaved ice. Overall this dessert is not too sweet & tofu pudding texture is smooth.

This is definitely one of the healthier dessert as it is not too sweet & the tofu which is made from soya bean is known to help in skin whitening!

Honestly not one of my favorite here because personally I prefer my dessert to be sweet & shaved ice to be a little bit finer....I have sweet tooth  >.<

Little Taro Balls in White Ground Tea - RM5.90

Oh I really love this. The drink is really refreshing and the little taro ball is really nice to chew! Best drink to quench your thirst on sunny day!

Oh just before we left, the manager dropped by and offered us to try Mango Supreme (RM17.90). A dessert that available exclusively in Pavilion !

Generous amount of mango spread on top of sweetened ice & cream. And it is crowned with a scoop of yam ice-cream. 
The portion is really quite big & good be shared between 2-3 persons! Well if I am going to order this again, I want to ask for additional taro balls topping on this for only Rm1.50... ah I just can't get enough of the taro balls... you can tell that by now... how addictive is that!

This pic is credited to Elizabeth.
Meet Fresh located in 6th in Pavilion at the centre court, next to Bosphorus Turkish Fine Dining Restaurant or just exactly opposite Tonkatsu! This is place is nice to hang out after a tiring shopping trip! Sofa is comfortable, there is ample walking area and best of all there is WIFI. I would personally choose to sit next to glass partition as I enjoy looking down what is happening down there.

Currently Meet Fresh has 6 outlets at:
Pavilion KL
 Berjaya Times Square
 Laman Rimbunan Kepong
 Bandar Mahkota Cheras
Penang - Gurney Paragon Mall
Negeri Sembilan-  Uptown Avenue Seremban 2

 For more information, kindly visit their 

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