Thursday, September 26, 2013

KL Restaurant Week: Opus Bistro @ Bangkung, Bangsar

Earlier this week I went to food tasting in Opus Bistro which is located in Bangsar, I was told this is one of the best Italian restaurant in town where spaghetti alla Opus, homemade ravioli and roasted cod are some of their best dishes. They are pork-free.

Was quite suprised to see it was quite crowded even on weekdays.

The place has simple decoration but yet cosy.

The reason we are here for food tasting is because Opus Bistro is one of the participating restaurants in Kuala Lumpur Restaurant Week.

The concept of Restaurant Week was first launch back in 1992, when the late restaurateur Joe Baum and Tim Zagat first dreamt up Restaurant Week in New York City, they had no idea that it would become a national and international success. The original four-day event was created as a goodwill gesture to the 15,000 reporters coming to cover that year's Democratic National Convention. Both creators had thought it would be a short-term money loser but with long-term PR benefit for New York and its restaurant industry. Today, almost 20 years later, restaurant weeks have become a tradition in city after city for their appeal to customers and restaurants. In short: they are a win-win.

In a nutshell, participating restaurants in Restaurant Week create a fixed menu at a special price to attract customers to come try the restaurant. Customers love the concept of Restaurant Week because they offer a chance to experience many of their city's best restaurants for a modest price. In exchange, the restaurants gain by attracting thousands of new diners who might hesitate to try such restaurants without the assurance of an affordable bill.

KL Restaurant Week will begin on 4th October 2013, armed with a bonanza of 45 participating restaurants from casual to fine-dining categories, that offer a plethora of exquisite cuisines set amidst dynamic dining scenes for patrons to experience at a modest price.Menu prices start from RM20 nett for lunch and RM50 nett for dinner. Participating restaurants will set aside limited seats offering the KL Restaurant Week menus. And reservation must be made online with a reservation fee of RM 2.00 per seat will be charged, strictly non-refundable.

Let's look what Opus Bistro has to offer for their 3 course meal  lunch set at RM38 nett person. Lunch hour are from 12pm to 3pm and Sunday is off for lunch.

As for starter, one can choose whether to have caesar salad or asparagus soup. And I highly recommended in having the later as the soup is really delicious. It's creamy but not overwhelming.

As for main course, you can see there are 3 types of dishes to pick. My favourite would be Linguine Zucchini Prawn; those prawns are really big and fresh... oh yummy!

As for dinner set which is also a 3 course meal is offered at RM78 nett per person. Their dinner time starts from 6pm to 12am.

 As for dinner set, one can choose between Mushroom Soup and Salmon Roll with Rocket Salad (which setting looked like carrot like... so cute!)

As for the main course for dinner, I would prefer Grilled Seabass with salsa verde over the others as it was well seasoned and taste really nice.

Strawberry Pannacotta is arguably one of my favourite Italian dessert, yummy and sinful at the same time. The portion of the this dessert is suprisingly really big as it comes in a big glass but I like it... so its good la....ohlalala!

Oh notice the dessert that they are serving for lunch and dinner set is the same.

The man who made us all the delicious food that night! Chef Ariff bin Mohd Nor has more than 15 years of experience with cooking Italian food, and as one of the pioneers at Opus has been heading their kitchen for the past 10 years. 

Opus Bistro Bangsar is located at Jalan Bangkung, Bukit Bandaraya, 59100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Contact number : 03-2092 4288. Click here to check the menu pricing.

It’s not everyday that you can eat these awesome set lunches and dinners within the range of RM20 - RM98! So click here and read those reviews! 

 Book your restaurant now on ! Online reservation closes on 29th September  2013 and dining period start from 4 October 2013 onwards.


  1. The steak and linguine look awesome! Wonder when they are having Penang restaurant week haha :p

  2. That looks absolutely delicious! Especially the fish, I cud do that everyday! :D


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