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Review : Cres Wellness Body Regenerist Fruitti Spa treatment and 1st trial promo!

How often you give yourself a good treat to your body?

I know going for facial treatment is common and important to most woman BUT what about body treatment ?

I do know that our faces are more important but so do our body !

DEFINTELY we do not want to receive unfavorable comments when skimpy dresses, short pants, bikini or even elegant bare-back and high-split gowns are cladded on right ?

These exclamations in aghast are usually due to these unsightly views:

1. Blackhead and acne covered back body
2. Dark and uneven skin tone of the arm pits, inner thighs and lower buttock lines
3. New and old scars of insect bites and tears
4. Thick and dull dead skin cells clamouring all over the feets, heels, knees and elbows
5. Dry, flaky, wrinkled and cracked skin especially on the limbs

Cres Wellness introduced Body Regenerist Fruitti Spa specially for women who clamour for perfection, top to toe, inside out. It is designed for those courageous women who refuse to hide anymore, who resolve to face it, repair it and change it! It is meant for those sophisticated women who want to flaunt proudly and confidently.

And I was glad to be invited to try out this latest Body Regenerist Fruitti Spa!

Formulated using botanical ingredients such as fruits and flowers, coupled with natural sea salt and yoghurt. The Body Regenerist Fruitti Spa serves to provide both a relaxing pampering session and result showing body skin regeneration therapy at the same time. The dead skin cells are scrubbed off using fruits and flower enriched natural marine sea salt. The aromatic fruit extract and flower scents are de-stressing in nature and nourish the skin with vitamins and nutrients. The luxurious fruitti body masque and the lavish fruitti bubble bath ensure an effective infiltration of essence to the inner skin.

Promise Immediate result:
1. Skin is visibly whiter
2. Flaws and bites mark are lighter
3. Dark skin tone is fairer
4. Skin is new , young and elastic
5. Skin is incredibly smooth and radiant

Let's see what happened!

I was visited Cres Wellness last month at their Gardens outlet to try out this treatment. I love the location of this place, it's quiet and exclusive!

After I filled up the necessary forms , I was lead to my room.

Love the beautiful painting on the walls while walking to my room.

This is the room where I will be having my Body Regenerist Fruitti Spa treatment.

On the bed, I was given a set of stuff to use. I gotta change and put on disposable panties and shower cap before wrapping myself in towel. FYI this is a body treatment, one is expected to take off all their clothes and jewellery so that the theraphist could perform her job.

I am lying on the bed, waiting for my theraphist.

My theraphist walked in and explained what she is going to do and then start to work her way.

Content of the Treatment (Ingredient & Benefit)

Anti Stress Back Massage
Using vitamin riched aromatic botanical essential oil, total relaxation of mind and body, stimulate detoxification through lymph nodes, increase blood circulation and de-stress the tensed muscle.

Frutti Scrub
Contains natural marine sea salt, luscious rose petals and pineapple puree. Rich in vitamin B, C and E, exfoliate to remove dead skin cells of the body, expose a layer of young skin cell for a better absoption of vitamins, moisture and essence, leaving skin young, rejuvenated and baby-smooth.

Fruitti Yoghurt Masque
Contains natural fruits extracts from pineapple, lemon, rose and orange. Rich in Vitamin C and fruit enzymes that make skin incredibly elastic and hydrated. The lactic acid in the yoghurt is effective in reducing acne and tightens pores. Enriched with pure essential oil from jojoba for a more moisturized and smooth complexion.

Themal Blanket Heat Infusion
Promote a high infiltration of essence and nutrients into the epidermis layer by stimulating the lymphatic and blood circulation through heat.

Fruitti Bubble Bath
A lavish, long soak in a tub of warm creamy bubble bath rich in vitamin B, C and E to unleash all your tensed musles and stressed mind. Contains fruits moisture, almond and lactic acid, effective in combating skin irritation, eczema and acne problems. Leaving skin ultra smooth, white, young and hydrated.

She started massaging my body and it was the right pressure. I can feel that she was very experience. A few minutes of the relaxing massage, I went into sleeping mode...

Then I was awaked by the smell of the fruity scrub. The scrub contains natural marine sea salt, luscious rose petals and pineapple puree... (no wonder smell so good!). I was told this scrub will remove dead skin cells of my body & leaving my body baby-smooth.

Shortly after that , the theraphist applied Fruitti Yoghurt Masque which contains natural fruits extracts from pineapple, lemon, rose and orange. The masque is rich in Vitamin C and fruit enzymes that will make skin incredibly elastic and hydrated. For better absorption, I was wrapped in Thermal Blanket Heat Infusion.

Then I was lead to spa room, here my theraphist has prepared something special for me. I was about to enjoy Fruitti Bubble Bath.

I was suprise when I saw a hot cup of milo and biscuit and put it beside my bath tub for me to enjoy.

Ah.. feeling so heavenly at this moment!

Nom nom nom.... true enough, I was feeling quite hungry after the massage!

After massage, makan and minum... time to soak in a tub of warm creamy bubble bath rich ... this is so relaxing ....Spent around 20 minutes here before I had a good shower.

I did notice my skin was smoother and glowing after the treatment. Most importantly, I feel very relax and feeling good after the 2 hours treatment!

Cres Wellness Body Regenerist Fruitti Spa treatment is priced at RM300/session

And good news to all Jessying's followers, Cres Wellness are offering 1st Trial Body Regenerist Fruitti Spa @ RM78 and FREE 2pcs of RM20 Product Voucher to 1st 50 followers.

To get this voucher, just follow the steps below

1) Just click the link HERE to go my shout out at Cres Wellness's facebook

2) Leave a comment at the below of my shoutout to state your interest to try out the spa! Pls do not disclose your e-mail address or hp number when you leave comment due to privacy issues.

3) Check your Facebook's private message, Cres Wellness will contact you for your full name, contact number, email add and prefered outlet to visit)

4) An e-voucher will be sent to your email for you to print and utilise after you make the booking!

Terms & Conditions for the e-voucher:
• Open for all aged 21 years old and above.
• Validity: One (1) month from the date of issue.
• Valid for 1st trial customer only.
• One (1) voucher is valid for one (1) redemption only.
• Only one (1 )redemption of discount voucher per person is allowed.
• This voucher is non-refundable and non-redeemable for cash or other products, services or promotions.
• Please present voucher upon redemption.
• RM20 product voucher must be redeeming on the same day of visit. Valid for one (1) item per voucher.
• CRES Wellness Sdn Bhd reserves the right to omit, amend and change the above terms & conditions without prior notice.

For more information visit or

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  1. I always make sure to go to a spa every week end to pamper myself after a very stressful weekday works. I always love the decorations and the scent of the spa. Staying in a spa for almost half a day really makes my day beautiful and rejuvenated. By the way, I have tried body regenerist and I can really say that it's the best.


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