Monday, January 16, 2012

Review : Laneige Styling Romantic Eye Palette from Laneige’s Styling Romantic Fall/Winter Makeup Collection

Laneige Styling Romantic collection was created in conjuction with the holiday season 2011. Hence do expect the eyeshadows colour to be glittery as it's usually party party party time during year end!

It comes with 2 applicators. And I do notice one of the applicator has a bigger "head" and I thought will be great to use to apply on all over the eyelid but the sponge applicator don't really seems to pick up the powder that well.. And I'm always happy to use my fingers to apply & blend because I find it faster and the blending looks better!

The 3 colours in this Laneige Styling Romantic Eye Palette are Pearly Beige, Shimmer Cocoa and Deep Brown.

Instruction to use from Laneige's website

1. Essence Type : Creamy type shadow that can be spread over the entire eye lid to enhance the shadow colors, and reapplied on the upper eye for highlighting final pearl-touch.

2. Shimmer Type : Base color & indistinctive pearlescent shadow that allows natural color gradation.

3. Powder Type : Can draw an eye line and naturally connect to the underline.

The colours are quite sheer and need a few layers to application to build up the colours. As you can see all the colours are very glittery.

As the colours are not super pigmented, I use it to create natural makeup. Took me a little bit more time to apply because colours dont really show up.

My complete looked with the Laneige Styling Romantic Eye Palette , Laneige Styling Romatic Lip Duo in Coral Beige and Laneige Styling Romantic Blusher #2!

I guess this eyeshadow will be great for people who would wanted light & natural makeup to go for work. And to make it a night look, I guess mascara and thick eyeliner would do the trick.

Laneige Styling Romantic Eye Palette are selling at Laneige's counter for RM80


Let me know what you think! Thank you :)

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