Sunday, January 15, 2012

Review : Laneige Styling Romantic Blusher in #2

Laneige Styling Romantic Blusher is something I been looking forward to try in Laneige’s Styling Romantic Fall/Winter Makeup Collection after I fell in love with their Laneige Lip Styling Duo in Coral Beige .

Let me recap about this collection. This Laneige's Fall/Winter Makeup collection boasts on pastel romantic colour and has uniquely designed packaging that combines modern art and the Baroque art.

The packaging - I like how the blusher brush is hidden nicely in the lower compartment.

I'm happy that it's a wide brush compare to the usual small blusher brush which makes it practical to carry them around and use it. The brush is so soft enough that it dont feel pokey on my face and I think I can live with this if I gotta bring this for travelling.

This is Laneige Styling Romantic Blusher #2. As you can see the top 2 colours are softer colour without shimmer and the bottom two are the shimmers. So basically can control how much shimmer you want when you pick up the powder. Also this blusher #2 can be used to accentuate my cheekbones too!

The print on the blusher is insipred by Baroque art, very beautifully done but after a few more swipe it will be gone >.<

Swatch. One swipe on my the back of my hand.

You can see the powder is very fine and it's very shimmering .

Just with one or two swipes, it can gives the even peach healthy glow that I needed. And makes it looked like my cheeks has just been sun-kissed ! Perfect to match it with my Laneige Lip Styling Duo in Coral Beige .

Laneige Styling Romantic Blusher comes in 2 colours, one is in peach (as featured above) another in pink/purple. This is selling at RM90 at all Laneige counter nationwide.

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  1. This looks like a great re-touch kit for the traveling woman or makeup artist. It's complete and portable.


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